• Katooshie
    I think the thing i may like most about wigs is how fast i can diva myself into middle age acceptability. It used to take me an hour to get ready to face the world. Even with toppers i had to wash dry and style the bio fluff to blend it with the topper. I cut more time off wearing wigs when i saw a video that showed a wig wearer who didnt dry her bio fluff after showering before putting on her wig. So i tried that and cut out my daily blow dryer. Now i slick back my shower damp hair
    ..put on wig stocking and got2b glued and let the glue get tacky while i dress..put wig on and poof it up then apply my faux face aka makeup and go. It takes me only about 15 minutes now to get ready and go! How about you all??
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  • PinkEvie
    Putting a wig stocking on wet hair and then your wig, does it not make your head itch later as it started to dry???
  • Katooshie
    no not at all. Since i started putting on the stocking and got2b glued there is very little itch...only in the places where i dont glue it so i can wear my glasses!
  • Katooshie
    geez 545 am...i remember those days. Love me some retirement here!!! :)
  • buckeyegal1963
    I agree it's soooo much faster, but I either wash my hair at night, or let it dry while I"m putting on the face and finish with a quick blow dry on low heat. It doesn't take long since my hair is fine and thin. I've read that putting a wig on over damp hair can cause bacteria growth and mildew, so I haven't wanted to risk it since it doesn't take that much time to dry my hair.
  • BeatA
    Yep definitely a time saver. This is what I call my glass half full side about not having any biohair. Shower, makeup hair plopped on and presto ready to go!
  • BeautyWithin
    i blow dry whats left of my bio hair first. Most days i shower before bed so it's not an issue. I don't like the feeling of damp hair under my wig.
  • Shar W
    Yep! I take my showers the evening after I workout and I have my clothes out for the next day. I can be ready in 15 mins...LOL
  • Vee1028
    time management is exactly why I started wearing wigs on a daily basis. After I retired my daughter would call in the mornings several times a week asking me to meet her for lunch or shopping or just whatever. She would often call at the last moment and it was so much easier for me to throw my hair and run out the door. I went from taking at least an hour to get dressed 2 it taking me 20 minutes top!
  • amyonwigs
    I always shower at night...I like to get into my sheets CLEAN!
  • Katooshie
    i like it dirty ;) lol
  • Moonlitnight
    Fifteen minutes? Well, I am embarrassing myself to even admit that I spend over an hour and most of that time is putting on makeup. I have about 40 brushes and think I use them all. I don't wear heavy makeup but I love to play with colours - mostly soft and subtle ones but I have a couple of HUDA palettes and that Natasha Denona Lila palette has my name on it. Before all this makeup application, I spend at least 10 minutes doing my teeth and my morning skincare routine takes another 15. I find all this very relaxing. At the weekend, it takes longer as I like to practise with my fake eyelashes. I want to start wearing them again but seem to have lost my application technique. I get up at 5:30 to do all this. Makeup is an art form for me I think.
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