• Stephanie
    Hello everyone.. I have been buying hair toppers for 3 years now because my hair is baby fine & falls out a lot. I Love the way toppers look on me ,however they don't last more than 3 to 4 months, & they can be kinda pricey ($250 -$325). Has anyone bought a cheap wig and made it into a hair topper?
  • Megan Lasuzzo | Wigs.com Team
    I have watched two or three YouTube videos on doing this, but I'm too much of a chicken to actually do it! :lol:
  • KellyA
    I have. I did it from over thinning a wig. It lasts about the same if you are using a mono top wig.
  • linda
    Hello, I too use toppers. I have 3 that I rotate. However. I still have my first topper, and it's in great condition. Currently looking for a wavy topper. And I like the monofilament.
    would you mind sharing the brand you use?
  • Katooshie
    I haven't done this YET but I do plan to do it in future! :) I am fearless when it comes to customizing pieces!
  • Tiramisu
    Hi..I wear toppers everyday and mine last several months. I do rotate between 2 usually, but still they seem to last for a good amount of time. I buy synthetic like Rene of Paris, Noriko or Jon renau. I wash them maybe every 7 to 10 days. I swish them in a sink with not much wig shampoo and I don’t let them sit in the shampoo. I don’t use conditioner, either. I love my toppers...I can’t wear wigs. They just don’t feel comfortable or secure and they are way too hot for me.
  • Moonlitnight
    Hi Tiramisu! I love toppers, however, I can't wear them any more. I couldn't find a wig that worked for me, appearance-wise and so got into toppers starting with the Milan from Noriko. I loved the freer feeling and the fact I could put my glasses on without poking into an ear tab. Then, I brushed the bio-fluff the wrong way one day and noticed a 2" bald patch where the front left clip had been. The clips always got caught in my hair, no matter which way I turned them, but I was careful not to pull my hair out. So I guess the day-in, day-out stress on the hair there caused it to either break off or come out, I am not sure which. So now I have my Milan and Belle Tress toppers and can't wear them.
  • Tiramisu
    Aw..too bad. What colors are your toppers?
  • Moonlitnight
    The Milan is creamy blonde and the Long Mono is Champagne with Apple Pie. I also have a disastrous piece of nonsense from Gabor that is called Sunlit Beige but is more white and looks like a cheap Hallowe'en piece. The Milan is getting a bit mangey looking now.
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