• RhondaG
    I am so happy to be here! I have been reading through many of the discussions and learning a lot. Thank you to all of you who share! I now feel so much less alone in this journey!

    I am 47 years old. My hair has been pretty fine and pretty thin all of my life, but over the last 10 years or so loss has set in. Two years ago I suffered a pretty significant sunburn on my scalp and the hair loss just seems to have accelerated since then. I recently got brave enough to go to a plastic surgeon and look into having a hair transplant, but he said I do not have enough of my own hair. He has me doing Hair Medica in hopes that 12-18 months from now I may have enough to reconsider. I am not hopeful. Plus I don't really want to walk around like this for another 18 months, especially since I am going to be trying to re-enter the job market after being home with my kids for many years. I decided it was time to venture into the world of faux hair. I recently bought a Top Notch Topper which I love, but the clips sit in really bad spots and I know it is not doing my bio hair any good. I have a Top Secret Topper arriving tomorrow. I am hoping the clips will sit in better spots and I am hoping I will be able to find a stylist in my area willing to trim it up to look more like the Top Notch. I know the clips are definitely not good for my bio hair so I am not wearing the topper every day and I am also researching some wig options that I can switch off with my toppers. Before I purchase more pieces I am hoping some of you might be able to share your experiences with cooking and rain.

    How do you handle cooking? Do you wear heat defiant or human hair pieces when you know you are going to be cooking for guests? What about outdoor grilling?

    I got caught in some light rain the other day with my topper on and it seemed fine but what happens when it pours rain?

    I am not very active, swimming is not my thing, I don't spend a ton of time outdoors, are there any other activities that I need to think about when deciding on my next pieces? What about sunlight when I do spend time outside? Should I be wearing a hat over my pieces to protect them from the sun?
  • Samantha
    Hi Rhonda and welcome! I’m new here, too, and have found the forum to be an absolute blessing in making me feel not so alone. I can’t really answer your specific questions, as I know nothing about toppers, wearing wigs myself, as I have no bio hair due to severe Alopecia (I have no hair at all, anywhere.) In rain I use an umbrella and with cooking, the only issue I have is with the oven, and in those situations I ask anyone who is nearby to take the stuff out of the oven for me. I don’t wear hair at home alone, so obviously it’s not an issue when I’m alone.

    You’ll find that the wonderful women, and men, on this forum are fantastic resources for information, as well as just being a great source of support. Again, welcome!
  • Deleted User
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  • Moonlitnight
    Rhonda, I'd like to add my welcome! Great to have you here and those questions are such good ones. I see you have lots of great answers. I was out in a downpour two days ago, wearing my regular synthetic wig, and rejoicing in the fact I couldn't feel cold drops on my scalp! When I got in, I looked quite normal and not like a balding bedraggled rat, which is how I would have looked without the wig on.

    I have cooked with my wig on and I have stacked wall ovens which shoot out a lot of heat when I open the door at head level. I just step to the side when I do this and so far, so good!

    I hope you have a wonderful time choosing your wig/s and wearing them in complete confidence.
  • PinkEvie
    Just wanted to say hello and welcome to our lovely family, some great questions, the oven one has made me think because it just didn't cross my mind, silly me.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    Hi Rhonda and welcome!

    1. When my hair started thinning I first hid the spots with Toppik then graduated to Toppers. Some toppers I liked better than others but eventually the toppers weren't working because my loss became too great and that's why I started to wear wigs.

    2. OK. I'm a pretty blunt person. And with all due respect to your doctor, is that stuff that he gave you really going to make your hair grow back the way it used to be? I only ask because I've used a few "products" that "cough" guaranteed hair growth and never worked, But then--we all have different reasons for our loss and there are different types of hair loss. But gee-18 months is an awful long time and I'm sure a huge expense. I think you should research wigs in the meantime.

    3. With rain. I've gotten caught in rain wearing wigs and it was no big deal. Now--if I got into an absolute downpour or heavy storm, the wig would come right off my head and into my purse. I don't care!
    4. Do I need a hat to protect my wig? Nah. I'm pretty chill I wear wigs to the beach and I've even swam in the ocean wearing a topper as a top knot.

    5. Do I wear a wig when I cook? No. I cook a lot--I bake a lot and I'm not ruining my wigs with all the cooking that I do. During the Christmas Holidays when we are entertaining, I will wear a special inexpensive bob wig while I'm cooking and I won't even bother to change it when we sit down to eat. But, my husband,if need be will take stuff out of the oven for me.

    That's about it!! XOXOXOXO
  • dc21
    When you open the oven, stand to the side and let the initial blast of hot hair escape. Do the same when you lift the lid off of a steaming pot. You can then proceed to take your food in or out of the oven. I have never ruined a wig cooking and I don't wear HD. I relegate my older wigs for outdoor activities and for wearing bucket hats and sunhats too. It is nice to have a couple units to rotate. Don't be afraid to live your life because of your hair. There is nothing you can't do because you wear hair! Synthetic hair won't fade in the sun, but HH will oxidize.

    I went for hair replacement years ago and was told I wasn't a candidate either because my loss was so diffuse and all over. Androgenetic alopecia, a fancy name for female pattern baldness. I am glad they were honest with me because I was going to spend the thousands to do it. Little did I know that my hairloss was going to get much more severe and progress. So if this treatment regrows your hair, you will get the transplant and still have to take minoxidil or whatever for life because your hair loss will most likely progress due to hormones, aging, menopause, etc? I am a skeptic about regrowth products. I wasted too many years and should have turned to wigs sooner. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer and I wish you luck.
  • RhondaG
    no worries! You are not a Debbie Downer. I have zero expectations that this will work but I had never tried any of the hair regrowth systems so I figured I would give it a shot. It was $212 for a 90 day supply. I go back in September to check the progress. If there is none I think I will stop and spend the next $212 I would have spent on a new piece :)
  • Moonlitnight
    Don't be afraid to live your life because of your hair.dc21

    I did this for quite a while.

    I have used minoxidil since I was 21. Three years ago, after a very stressful year, my hair went AWOL. I wore lovely but expensive bonded in HH extensions for about 8 years and still have a few hanging in. People would compliment me all the time. Not so with wigs for whatever reason. I am trying to grow my hair back but I don't think I'll be going back to thin hair any time soon!
  • RhondaG
    [ thank you so much for the tips! As far as the regrowth I have zero expectations but since I had never ever tried any regrowth products I figured I would give it a shot. You are an inspiration, I really hope that I can be the type of person that can pop my wig into my purse and not care as well :)
  • RhondaG
    thank you for the welcome!
  • RhondaG
    now that I have accepted that I really need to do this, I am very much looking forward to having some fun with faux hair :)
  • RhondaG
    thank you for your response. I just had visions of heavy rain smooshing down the hair enough that the cap structure would show.
  • Vee1028
    Hey, and welcome to the forum!! It seems like everyone has already answered most of your questions but I will add that a couple of the topper wearers here have mentioned thinking that the clips were making the hair thinning worse. I think if I was trying to help my hair grow better then I would forget the toppers for the time being and go full fledged wig.
    If you haven't already bought a wig you should probably start with one in a similar length and color as your bio hair. This will make you feel more comfortable and there is always time to experiment and have fun later.
    As far as cooking in my wig I never have had a problem. I grill out often and that worries me a bit more because it's harder to step out of the way of the heat. I haven't harmed one yet but I do try to wear something older when doing it. The wig will pick up the smell of smoke too. Something to be aware of as you won't want to wear a smokey smelling wig to work or anywhere else!
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