• linda
    Ive read a lot here on the blog regarding various opinions about heat defiant wigs vs. regular synthetics.
    And Ive learned a lot. Im new to "wigs" but I know enough not to get to close to the oven or washing machine, etc., for fear of damaging a piece. Which Ive done. Now I have a "heat defiant" wig. Should I be equally cautious with a HD?
    Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
  • marieni84
    I am curious about this as well. I do catering on the side, and wonder if a heat defiant wig would hold up to the heat from cooking/ovens etc. I have been wearing Brooklyn synthetic wig by Henry Margu, and after only 3 weeks, I feel like it is already showing some frizziness in the front on the ends. I don't know if that is from normal wear or if it is because I have gotten too close to the heat from the oven. Do people who work around kitchens/catering only wear human hair wigs?
  • linda
    Yes I would really like to know. I would think it would frizz the hair. I also try to stay clear of dryers and washers as well as steam fro cooking.
    When I think of it while cooking I'll tie a scarf on so that it looks fun, but does the job of protecting my hair.
  • Vee1028
    I am as careful around ovens and the BBQ grill with my HD fiber wigs as I am with my normal synthetics. Ovens get much hotter than the recommended temperature to use on these HD fibers.
  • Jnc
    When I open my oven, I stand back to let the blast of hot air out first. I did however frizz the bangs on one wig with steam from the oven. Made me mad. I don't know if any of my 3 wigs is HD or not. Think I will look for that the next time I buy one.
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