• btrflygal7
    Hi Everyone,

    Tried to search the forum for info on this and searched for videos but wondering how you ladies who own Noriko Reese care for her. In the instructions it says to hang it upside down and mentions drying on a stand will stretch the cap. So wondering if you had any advice. I have this bar in my bedroom and hung it by the tag with a clip hanger after blotting out all the excess water and shaking it. But I'm concerned this can damage the cap. I'm a little skittish with because im a relatively new wig owner :) Thanks for all you advice.
  • animallover
    I don't have Reese but I dry all my wigs inside out hanging upside down clipped to the shower curtain overnight.Don't know for sure is this is the right thing to do but haven't damaged any yet!
  • btrflygal7
    Okay, thanks, i never really dried my wigs that way but i noticed the reese gave these specific instructions. It seemed to keep the style of the hair, it looked nice. Thanks for your advice :)
  • Jnc
    I use one of the portable wig heads - the one that folds up for travel. Mine look great and if the cap stretches good - I have a big head. Haha! Sometimes my wigs feel like vices early on. Maybe next wig I get I'll read the instructions and see what it says to do about washing. :)
  • Vee1028
    I have always dried my wigs upside down but do not turn them inside out. I just clip them to pants hangers or place the hooked part of any regular hanger through one of the lowest wafts. I don't own Reese but have dried all my Noriko Coco wigs like this.
  • btrflygal7
    thanks Vee, I also used a pant hanger. I have a couple of textured bobs and did it upside down and inside out. They came out nice.
  • btrflygal7
    yeah I have a couple of those stands you can fold and use them with my straight wigs but happened to noticed the instructions on Reese said to hang it to dry and if you put it on a stand it will stretch the cap, but I think not sure about that I always thought it was safe to put a wet wig on a stand after you blot it.
  • Jnc
    For a couple of my wigs - it would be ok if they stretched a bit. ;)
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