• Larry
    Conflicting Feelings. That’s what I have when I’m wearing a wig lately, and would like to know if any of you have similar experiences. I sometimes feel guilty when I wear a wig that’s radically different from my natural color. It’s always bothered me that society seems to value blonde women more than women with other colored hair. In my case it’s not color, it’s liking myself bald. I’m kind of tired of people asking me why I’m not wearing one of my wigs, and that I ought to wear one all the time. I just wondered if any of you have felt what I’m talking about.

    I’m looking at myself in the mirror – myself with nice light auburn red hair. I then gently pull and the attractive auburn locks are gone from my head and they lay in my hands. I look in the mirror again and am reassured by what I see. The real me looks back at me – hair free, I’m my true, real self again. It is good.

    I look down at the wig in my hands, and remember how the light auburn hair brought out the blue-gray of my eyes and meshed so good with my skin tone . . . I remembered how nice it looked on me and remember the kind things women said about how I looked with it on.

    Then the anger was back. I resented the intimation that a head covered with auburn hair was more attractive and desirable than to my smooth and nude bald head. My anger rose, but it gave way to something else . . . fear. What if it’s true? I love my bald head. I wear wigs because I want to, not because I need to. I like to wear them for fun, variety, and helping others feel good about all kinds of self-esteem issues. Now, for the first time, I’m being made to feel that I need to be wearing one all the time, and I don’t like that. I’m not going to, it’s just this is the first time I’ve ever questioned my life style choice.

    I take a deep breath, and let it out slowly as I think about what God has told me about how I look in His eyes . . . and suddenly I’m reassured that it’s alright to be different, that He has used me to help other people to feel good about themselves, and (because I’m in the mood), I place my auburn wig back on my head, brush, comb, and style it to perfection. I notice I’m smiling– which turns into a grin because I’m going to spend an evening with good friends. I’m going to enjoy it as a red head and love any compliments I get without feeling the least bit guilty.

  • Ann S
    I love the thought progression! I would love to change color and length frequently, but feel weird about doing that as people that I don't know well, (as in a country club) judge me as weird. Oh well!!
  • Larry
    Sorry to hear that, Ann. There are still ways of getting around your concerns. The first one, obviously, is in the privacy of your home -- just you and your guy. And maybe intimate dinner parties where only close friends that you trust can be let in on your"secret." Don't forget vacations and trips where no one knows you.

    Also I think you'll find that your friends and family will be a lot more impressed and encouraging once they're let in on your "secret." They are called "flatter wigs" for a reason; here's hoping you will stop worrying about what others think -- and go get flattered!

    God bless,

  • Larry
    Ann, have you thought about wearing them only on vacations or get togethers with your girl friends? I wish you could feel the joy I have in wearing different wigs.

    God bless,

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