• xiola
    Has anyone purchased this wig? What are your thoughts? I really like the look of it on the model but I read sometimes what you see is not what you get.
  • Nikilet
    I'm curious too. I just looked at the wig and I really like it online but have read that Wille's wigs run small and I have a problem with that.
  • xiola
    I bit the bullet! I bought the tabu wig this morning with the sale. The one review isn't all that positive but someone else on FB told me that they really like it. It wasn't very expensive so I figured for my first wig I would give it a go.
  • xiola
    So this wig did NOT work for me. The cap was too small, the texture of the hair was awful, the color wasn't right. It looked so FAKE. So this was my first try but I am feeling discouraged. I see photos of people wearing wigs that look so natural on them. Maybe it's me?
  • Jnc
    I bought my first wig from a wig store where you could try them on and when you found one you love, they could trim it if needed. I love ordering online, but especially with the first, trying them on is key. I've ordered 2 online now - 1 I didn't like, but wear and the other just like the first one I bought at the store and I love it. The one I don't like is just a longer version of the one I love. I need to go have it trimmed, but never had. So my advise - if possible go to a wig store and try them on. Then you will know what looks good and feels good. When you find the right one, it won't look fake.
  • animallover
    Good advice! I have never personally found the nerve to go into a wig store yet but would love to some day just to check it out. I buy my wigs all online.
    Sorry it didn't work out for you, I have had a few not work out for me too. I finally have found a few styles that I love. I remember that for the first almost year of wearing wigs, even when I found what I liked, I always felt fake. It is a hard feeling to shake but it does get better as time goes by and your "wig hair" becomes YOUR hair! I sincerely wish you the best in your hair journey....and remember, you are NOT alone,.there are so many of us.
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