• Kami090
    Hello Everyone

    I am new to wearing wigs and could use some assistance. I previously purchased Drew by Jon Renau which I loved but because it was HD it got really frizzy and matted within a week so for me it was a waste of money although I did like the style. I’m looking for something with lower maintenance and a very simple style as I travel a lot. I’ve already tried Courtney and Elle by Jon Renau and wasn’t happy with that so I’m hope you can give me advice so I can possibly prevent having to send another wig back. I plan on having 2 wigs, one shorter and one longer. I am happy with the shorter one I got which is Cameron by Jon Renau but now I need the longer one.

    I’m thinking I would like to try another brand and I’m torn between these two because of what some of the reviews say but I love the way they both look in the videos. Does anyone have any experience with these 2 wigs below? I'd love to hear some personal stories on the quality and style of these wigs and which one would be the lowest maintenance and last the longest? I appreciate any help!

  • xiola
    I don’t have personal experience but from the photos I like the style of the second one better.
  • PennyC
    All I can tell you is that long synthetic wigs will tangle! From reviews I've read, the blend won't be as static-y.
  • alicexm
    I have Ava in medium grey. I have other Envyhair (blends) and love them but the cut / style of Ava just isn’t me. Can’t decide whether to restyle or sell. From experience longer wigs do tangle, but I use a bamboo oil conditioner (Kendi dry oil, Amazon) that seems to help.
  • Coco
    I don’t wear long wigs so I’m sorry I’m no help there. But I do have 2 Jon Renau wigs and compared to the Noriko and RENEE of Paris wigs I have I just feel like the quality of the JR is lower; strictly personal opinion. I don’t care for the texture or the feel of their synthetic wigs. After one washing of my JR Evan the permatease looks like a rat’s best! And that could simply be my inexperience! I would love to try an Ellen Wille but so many reviews caution about how small they are I won’t even try one. I personally like the look and feel of the Renee of Paris most. Try to find as many YouTube reviews as you can. I think that helps me in making a final decision.
  • linda
    In my 10 years of wearing toppers and wigs by comparison Rene of Paris is the very best.
    For color, fiber, fit and durability.
  • Debbie
    Coco, what is the name of the one on your profile picture? That is very cute
  • CJK
    HD actually requires heat (and sometimes a bit of steam) to keep it in top form. Suggest you search YouTube or some of the wig forums on Facebook on how to do this.
  • Jayne
    agree, though they don't usually have the lace fronts or monofilament top, each of my Noriko & ROPs have lasted over a year of almost daily wear. Adore Renau hair realism, but it comes with a cost! :worry: :smile:
  • Debbie
    Any suggestions on a lace front look alike of Trend Setter?
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