• Reginald Derpington III
    Just want to let people know to avoid this company. In a rare moment of laziness, I ordered a $200 wig without checking them out, which was based on an image they provide on their website and received something that looked like a wig, haha. Anyway, even though they indicate a refund policy, they refused to refund my money. Their shady reputation is pretty well documented online.
  • xiola
    Thanks for the heads up.
  • Diana

    I have also ordered from the company about 5 years ago and what a rip off. I tried to order another Iman Wig I had purchased from a shopping network 2 years before. I really liked this wig and when I researched whom else carried her wigs, this name sisterwigs showed up with the exact picture of the wig I had purchased 2 years earlier. What I got was a horrible cheap Halloween looking wig. When I wrote to them they said that the wig was non refundable even though I left all of the tags on. I spent $150.00 on that wig. I told them that this was not the wig I had purchased. That should have given me a clue. The one I bought from Iman direct was $300.00. I am glad Reginald that you said something because we need to get the word out there about this horrible company. They just rip people off. I had even called after getting a phone number and they could barely speak English and just hung up on me. I even gave them a horrible rating and warned people not to do business with them.
  • Gingersnap
    Boy, it must be the season for rip-offs! My experience was identical to yours and I am kicking myself for being naive when I actually know better. I suspect these wig companies are actually the same only under different names - I was ripped off by Wigsbuy. I wanted to try a human hair wig and the picture on the website was an adorable short tousled wig for $215. I can’t even describe the mop they sent me and I’d post a picture of me in it but it’s just too god awful. When I tried to return it I got the same runaround - return it at my expense and “because the wig was made especially for me after I ordered it” (yeah, right!) they would only return $100. Trust your instincts.
  • Gingersnap
    I have experienced the same ripoff but the company was Wigsbuy although I suspect it’s the same company in China with various names. I ordered a tousled short human hair wig for $215. What I received looked like they swept the floor and stuck the hair on a huge cap that covered my eyes when I put it on. I’d post a photo but it’s just too dreadful! After many emails in an attempt to get my money back their final offer was return the wig via DSL at my expense and they’d return $100 because they “made the wig especially for me “. - yeah, right.
  • Lolls
    I always check websites out before buying which has been beneficial. To verify the website is safe and has a high rating, I use https://www.scamadviser.com/ . To check for fake reviews, I use <a href="https://www.fakespot.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.fakespot.com/</a> . Hope this is helpful.
  • linda
    Thanks Lolls, good information to check out "safe" web-sites.
    I have a question for you and others who may have had a similar experience.
    Most of us who have worn wigs for awhile experience buying the same (for a back up) wig brand, color etc, only to have each wig differ in one way or another. I recently purchased on sale a 3rd back up wig on sale from a the same "reputable" company. The third came and it was so different in every aspect including the inside of the cap. But, more importantly, it was so small I literally could not get it on. So I sent it back. I explained my problem. The reply was the standard operating reason=excuse. Each piece is different, blah, blah, blah. And adding insult to injury I had to pay extra , because the wig was not packaged as it was when shipped.
    I will not use this company again. However, how can we reasonably insure that this doesn't happen again. I still want a back up, but Im at a loss as how to do so. It all leads to a frustrating and expensive experience. That I am reluctant to repeat.
    Thanks for any input.
  • Jayne
    never seen this help tool. I order from companies based on reviews, BBB, business license page, Google map to see the location & personal experience. I ordered a wig from a very visible & popular wig retailer online. When my order kept being delayed I checked her business license, location, etc. She's actually a "drop-ship" company with 1 employee and works out of her duplex in a different location than her online description says. Fortunately she cancelled my order & was honest enough to refund my $ without pressure. Many order from her without issues, but I would feel anxious so....
  • Lolls
    I only order from those companies that I've had a good experience with and whose return/exchange policies are acceptable to me. However, one company that I had dealt with for years suddenly changed the manufacturer for the same wig I had always purchased. When it came, it was nothing like the others. The style, cap and fibers were awful and looked so fake that I have never worn it. However, that particular company did inform me in advance that they had changed manufacturers and could not insure that the piece would be as I expected.
  • linda
    That is my last experience with a company which I have purchased 3-4 wigs. But I wasn't informed, at all. In addition, the company said that I had injured the fibers by not repackaging it correctly.
    It's unfortunate that "attitude" replaces customer service.
    Thanks for the input.
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