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About I do not know if this is the correct forum for me. So far, in trying to find a place to discuss my hair issues, people have become confused. I am a heterosexual male. I do not crossdress, nor do I want to have sex reassignment surgery. I do not want to wear female wigs. I like men's wigs and toupees, and would very much like to wear one (particularly a toupee). My issue comes in the fact that it is not a biological need, meaning, I am not in any way experiencing hair loss of any type. See my dilemma? I have wrestled with this since high school, including having a recurring dream for over six years regarding having to wear a hairpiece. The dreams ended when I told someone I trusted about them. Anyway, I hope that this is a place where I can meet others who might have similar issues as mine, or at the least can listen and possibly help. An odd question: are there women who find a man who wears a toupee or wig attractive?

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