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About I'm a Canadian ex-pat living in Florida since 1990–and who is just now beginning to miss the snow! I've lived with a kind and joyful man for the last 20+ years and have also been blessed with 5 delightful grandchildren. Along with finally becoming eligible for medicare, I've apparently inherited some fiendly hormonal fluctuations that play havoc with my hair :( The resulting alopecia is patchy, though, so I can still get away with wearing boho scarves or wide yoga headbands. However, I still know what is underneath and so my confidence levels took quite a hit--until I was finally introduced to the awesome world of faux hair! Of course, shortly after building up the courage to actually wear my new tresses in public, a worldwide pandemic was sadly thrust upon us--and so this gal is now chomping at the bit to resume some semblance of a "normal" life--and of course fiercely praying for the world to finally be rid of this dangerous contagion. Nonetheless, discovering and browsing through this website has allowed me to reduce much of my remaining hair angst, so I already owe a huge debt of gratitude to all you brave and lovely ladies!
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