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About Hi Everyone! So, here is my story. Everyone in my family has fine, thin hair. When I was about 5 years old I had an accident when my older brother accidentally slammed his truck lid onto my head - a few years later the hair on the area that was hit started to lose it's pigment. By the time I was 18 I had a white streak of hair in the front of my head - think Jay Leno when he was a little younger. Anyway, it was really cool looking in the 1980's but as time went on the streak turned into a large white spot that you could see my scalp through. A few years ago I started to develop a cowlick in the back of my head... at least that is what my hairstylist calls it - I call it my bald spot. My husband is very sweet and combs and sprays the back of my head for me, I really can't do anything about the front. Even dying my hair only lasts about 2 weeks as the hair that lost the pigment is EXTREMELY difficult to keep colored. Last May I finally bought a topper and a few weeks later bought my first wig. I now have 5 wigs and I love them. My only problem is that my husband hates them. He says I just don't look like me in them. He is embarrassed when I wear them in public. But they make me feel so good. I love having pretty hair, finally, at 60 years of age.
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