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About Hi, my name is Crystal and I'm 42. I've always had baby fine hair and it's always been on the thinner side. Over 10 years ago, I saw a dermatologist and was told that I have hereditary hair loss. Well recently, my hair started to shed pretty heavily and I noticed that I had noticable thinning right behind my bangs. In bright light, I can see through the hair on top of my head.
As y'all know, that really does a number on your self esteem . I have 4 Ellen Wille wigs, but I'm not confident enough to wear them out in public. My daughter keeps telling me that I don't need wigs, but it's not her hair that is falling out. My hubby doesn't know that I have any wigs. It kinda feels like my dirty little secret.
My nephew is a hairdresser and he told me to use Nioxin. I do have some new baby hairs, but I'm loosing faster than I'm gaining.
So, that's my story. I'm wearing Ellen Wille You in sandy multi rooted in my picture.
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