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About Hi! My name is Amber, and I have genetic hair loss. I was born with thin feathery hair, and have never been able to obtain that thick, long beautiful hair that I've always wanted. I am a Mom to 5 young kiddos, and through those years of pregnancy, various hormones, weight-gain/weight-loss, stress, etc, my hair has gone through excessive moments of shedding. I have always had a passion for hair and creative hair-styling. I went to beauty school while in high-school because playing with hair while getting high school and college credits was a total win/win! The only down-fall was my thinning head of hair. Through the years, I experimented with hair extensions, hair pieces, add-ons, wigs, and hair toppers. I started an instagram page called Fabricating Fringe to inspire and help others who may have been going through their own hair-loss struggles. I wanted to remove the stigma of hair wearing, and share the creative fun ways that alternative hair could be worn and styled! I want to be a voice of encouragement, support, love, help, education, friendship, advice, etc... all while continuing to grow and learn myself.
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