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About I am an entertainer, author, educator, mother, wife - in short, like most women, I wear many hats...er....wigs, in my case. My 'roles' are diverse and I often need to change my appearance to match an image I need to project. For instance, to address a corporate training seminar, (See www.cjmorgantraining.com) I wouldn't want to look the same way I do as a Dolly Parton Tribute Artist! (See www.almostdolly.com) In the past, I lived in Utah for 10 years and in Wisconsin for 20-something years but am currently happy in the hills of Tennessee, where my father is from. I have an undergraduate degree in Communication and a Masters in Ed. Psych, a memoir published in 2009 (see www.tnroselady.com) and my husband and I just published another book; 'Daily Doubles; Celebrity Impersonators' - all available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc..and my husband and I currently own a novelty tourist attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN.(www.cuzzineddiestoors.com)
Location Sevierville, TN
Website www.almostdolly.com, www.cjmorgantraining.com, www.tnroselady.com, www.cuzzineddiestoors.com
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