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About HI! I'm Professional Concert Vocalist with two nationally released CD's. I sing the Great American Songbook (show tunes and standards) and give concerts throughout the midwest and United States. One of my CD"s was pre-nominted for a Grammy Award in Traditional Pop Vocal category alongside Harry Connic JR. I'm a Business Woman, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Hip Cool Aunt, & friend. I followed my passion for singing, I'm longtime married to a musician and educator, and I love my four legged fur baby Nick the Doberman.
I have genetically thinning hair and tried toppers about a year ago & a half ago, and then graduated to wigs. I love wigs. I used to spend so much time on my thin hair - trying to hide the balding/thinning spots - trying to back comb the top to get some volume, only to step outside or onto the stage and have it looking flat, ratty & unattractive. Now I just put on one of the girls and I am ready to go! So grateful for wigs and also for the brave women who put their reviews out there on youtube so we can benefit from their experience & kindness.
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