• Being Different
    I love your take on things, Tav! I won't let any barber or stylist use thinning shears on my hair. In the past, every time someone used thinning shears on my hair, within a week my new hair cut would look awful because my hair grows so fast. The top hair would not lie down properly because of the thinned hair underneath growing out!

    As for all the well-known men who wear hairpieces, I have a list of over 200 names of men from various walks of life, mostly Hollywood, but also politics and religion. Many of them are secret heroes to me. Of course, there are a few who are not regardless of fake hair.

    I am still considering finding a hair replacement stylist who could fit me for a hairpiece, despite it being thoroughly unnecessary.

    Thanks for listening and helping.

  • Being Different
    Thank you, Tav, for responding. I totally understand what you have related. I will share my experience as best as I can. Here is one interesting fact. Count yourself extra special. I have never had this discussion with a woman. I tried to broach the subject with my mom a few months ago. I'm 52, and I have just now gotten around to even asking my mom what she would think IF I had to get a toupee. She said she would not care as long as it looked fantastic, but that I didn't need one at all, so don't worry about it.

    So, here is the odd saga. I have thick, coarse hair. There is some movement to it, but it is not fun to deal with. Everyone is always complimenting me on my hair or commenting on it. When I had a job, before the pandemic killed it, I even had group of Girl Scouts want to run their hands through my hair. I worked at a museum; lots of tour groups of all ages; lots of adults standing around watching, etc. Anyway, back to the saga. For most of my life, I have been fascinated with men who wear toupees. Nothing sexual. I don't sleep with men. It's just that I have always afforded some sort of awe or deference onto men who wear a toupee. Where others would laugh, poke fun, humiliate, etc., I would be more interested in who he was and why he wore. If it was obvious, regardless of how much (they are all somewhat obvious no matter how pricey), I would be even more interested in why they wore apart from the biological need. I even started having dreams of being fitted for and having to wear a toupee when I was 17. It was a recurring dream, every night, that went on for six years. It stopped when I finally found someone I trusted enough to tell. Since 1992, I have had those dreams maybe a dozen times.

    Now, at this point you might ask the big 'why'! Why would you want something that you don't need, to replace something that everyone envies, only to have people possible ridicule you for it because it will be marginally obvious? I don't know. I have never understood the why behind it. Why haven't I gone and done it? First- explaining it to family. That's the biggest thing. Others in my life, I'm not concerned with trying to explain it. Second - finding a barber who would not have a problem getting rid of perfectly good hair and replacing it with a facsimile. Then there is the logistics of daily wear. I've lived with the idea of a toupee for so long, that in a twisted way, I have romanticized it. I know there is nothing romantic about a man wearing a rug. He is bald and wants to hide it. Still, I find it so interesting wanting to be that man.

    Again, none of this is about wanting have sex with a man who wears a toupee or wig. I'm straight. If anything, I'd like to know a woman who would find a man in a toupee sexy, and not have a problem with him wearing one every day.

    Does any of this make sense to you? I was serious when I said that you are the first female I have ever had the nerve to tell. Maybe I'm getting brave in my old age.

    Thank you for listening to me ramble on about an odd topic.

    God bless,
  • Being Different
    Hi, Larry. Thanks for responding. I understand the various definitions. I am just old enough to remember seeing women getting falls and toppers at the beauty shop when I would go with my mom. She never wore them. She always got her hair teased. It was a lot easier for her.

    Anyway, when it comes to wigs or toupees for men, I am not completely sure the 'why' behind the desire to wear one. I have a full head of thick, coarse hair that is now salt and pepper. I get compliments and comments on it all the time. I'm not sure why I want to get rid of part of it for a toupee that fairly matches, or all of it for a full wig. I guess I have always been fascinated by the idea of having to wear a toupee every day. No matter how great they might be, you still know that it is a toupee, or even a wig.

    A person told me several years ago that the desire might be some form of negative attention. I can understand that. I have also read some on body dysmorphic disorder. BDS has to do with a laser-focus hatred of a part of your body, to the point that you feel you cannot be happy unless you remove it. For example, some people have removed a finger or even a limb. That is extreme and really requires psychological counseling. I'm not at that stage.

    The idea of wearing a toupee everyday has been in the back of mind and in my dreams since high school. It is totally unnecessary, of course. It is also difficult for anyone to comprehend because it is unnecessary. No one questions someone wearing a wig, especially if they are dealing with cancer-related treatments, or if they are bald for any other reason. My biggest hurdle has been trying to come up with an explanation to give to those closest to me. Getting a toupee or wig when there is no biological reason is not something easily explained. Forget the general populace. This is about those family members you care about. We are all told as we grow up to not care what others think. Well, we do care, especially when it comes to family.

    I don't know if I am explaining myself well, or just rambling. I'm not sure if I have even answered your question. This notion of getting a toupee is really silly in one respect, and yet, for some goofy reason it has dominated my thinking. To restate from an earlier exchange, this is not about sex. Yet, somewhere along the way as a kid, I got it in my mind that there was something unique and special about a man who wore a toupee. Again, not sexual, but an admiration of some sort.

    Thank you for at least tolerating my ramblings, and thank you for caring even if you might not fully understand.

    God bless,
  • Dating a man with a toupée - now I've heard it all
    I have not had a date since GHWB was in office. I am over 50. I refuse to use an online dating service for several reasons. I've basically given up on the dating front. As for the woman dumping a man because he wore a toupee, I think that is shallow and hurtful. In Western society, a man is supposed to overlook all the many ways a woman goes about improving her looks, but a man who cares one wit about his appearance is deemed vain, shallow, or gay. I'm in a very odd position. I don't really like my bio hair. I dyed it for 30 years, but stopped when I turned 45. Here is the odd part. I would really like to swap my own hair for either a toupee (preferred) or a full wig. Don't even ask why. I gave up trying to find an answer for that years ago. Every once in a while, especially after I would get a short haircut, I would wear a full wig and go shopping, etc. where I wasn't known. It was nice to have that freedom. I also didn't mind a few glances at my fake hair.

    Anyway, I don't know if this fully relates to the topic, or if I even belong in this group at all. I just wanted to reach out and share. Thanks.

  • Male attracted to women who wear wigs .
    There are so many things that make a woman beautiful besides physical appearance. If a woman wants to wear a wig, or even needs to wear a wig, that is okay. A woman wearing a wig, regardless of the reason, can be beautiful and sexy and mysterious and fun (or any combination!). I wish society was more open in their acceptance of men wearing wigs or toupees, again, regardless of the reasons why.

  • My (Male) Wig Journey...
    Wow! Great wigs, John, and a great story/journey. Men aren't allowed in Western culture to care about how they look, much less talk about. Good for you for being one of the rare ones.

  • Being Different

    Western society is set up for women to have other women friends, but men are not allowed without certain connotations. A woman can do pretty much anything to improve her appearance, but a man is viewed as vain or gay if he cares anything about his appearance.

    You and I have have communicated a few times. I'd like to re-establish that, if you would like.

  • I Need Some Encouragement and Support
    Hi Larry,

    I think you are quite brave following your desire to wear hair. I wish I was that brave. People are going to do and say what they want regardless of their age or health issues. At the end of the day, you still have to "wake up with yourself," as the song says. Still, I wish I had that extra degree of bravery you have.
  • Extra large wigs for men
    Larry, you try the men's wigs at Baron Unlimited. I have purchased a few over the years. They cost about $50 + shipping.
  • WELCOME to our guy members!
    Hi. I am new to this site. I still have not made the plunge to get a wig or hairpiece. Read my profile and you might begin to understand. If not, ask me any questions. I will do my best to answer them, though the one question I have never been able to answer is 'why?'. Why do have have such an obsession with getting fitted for a toupee. (I'm old school with terminology.) I am straight, but I like the look of a hairpiece or a full wig on a man. I have never had a problem with women wearing wigs, regardless of the reasoning - medical or just for funzies. The idea of putting one on in the morning and then removing it at night has appealed to me for at least 40 years. Again, no clue to the why. I would love to chat with anyone regarding insights into this unique world.