• Helmets and wigs
    I have the same problem with the glasses. I just wear a bandana and when i take of my helmet, I on my baseball hat//wig.
  • New Hair & New Color - what do you think?
    I love the cut and color! I was thinking about that one and it’s gorgeous!
  • How would you respond?
    It’s incredible to read all of these comments! It’s as though I have written each and every one in my head since I began wearing wigs years ago! I lost my hair due to a medication. I fully embrace wearing any style/color that I feel good in. That being said, there isn’t one day that goes by that a single thought will go through my head concerning my hair.
    I am going on my first cruise and am stressing about what to wear when I swim. I’m thinking about wearing one of my older wigs just for that purpose. Any suggestions there?
  • Beach hair
    Thanks so much for the advice! I’m super stoked about the trip! My husband said to get whatever I need. I think 3 wigs would be a great idea.
  • Help us improve :)
    I agree with everyone else. I would like to add that being able to put wigs that I like into a wish list for later would be enormously helpful!
  • Happy at last - discovered Ellen Wille
    I have 2 Code Monos in two colors. I love them. I think the density is perfect! You look great!
  • What do you wear if in hospital or overnight?
    Ij literally just got out of the hospital yesterday. I went in for a cardiac surgery and was wearing my wig when I got there. I just took the wig off and put the OR cap on and didn't say a word. There were complications so I had to stay in a few days. When they moved me to a room, I switched to a scarf. The nurses didn't see my head at all. The next day I decided to wear my wig. The nurse came in to see if I was feeling ok on the medication and asked if i was having any side effects., I told her the only side effect was that my hair suddenly grew back. We had a chuckle. After that, I switched back and forth between wigs and scarfs or hats. No one even batted an eyelash. I figured they have seen every dynamic in their patients that it didn't matter to them. A couple times, I just said I'm wearing a wig because the tests they had to do could have made it slip. I thinks it's better if you just tell them up front rather than be embarrassed if it slips or comes off. Even if you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable you need to exude confidence and a "no big deal" attitude.
  • Silicone
    Thanks! I’ll do that.
  • Wigs and menopause?!?!?
    My gynecologist recommended vitamin E in morning and Evening Primrose at night (all natural supplements). I stopped having hot flashes almost immediately.
  • Silicone
    Thanks Misty and MathaG!
  • Silicone
    Sounds like a great idea! I don’t have enough hair to do that so I keep my head buzzed. It hurts when I take the tape off though.
  • What Are You Cooking for the Holidays?
    I cooks sans wig as well!
  • Rec. for less dense wig lines?
    I also live in Florida. I usually wear Ellen Wille when I’m going to be outside for awhile. Otherwise, I wear my Jon Renau.
  • Dear friend's diagnosis
    Thanks! She is one of the most positive person you could ever meet. She's ready to fight this head on; no matter the outcome! I'm thinking on getting her a funky scarf for her first day of chemo. I think she'd like that.
  • Dear friend's diagnosis
    Thank you so much! That article was very educational. I'll have a talk with her about it.
  • Prayers needed
    May God send healing to your brother and family. It may be a long road ahead but God will be there with him the whole time.
  • Most of your wigs are what brand?
    Ellen Wille the. Jon Renau
  • Blue bio hair under mono top wig - any thoughts?
    I have very little hair ( buzzed pretty short); but I never noticed it. None of my family mentioned it, so the answer must be no! lol
  • Wigs with rubber cap
    It's not the whole head. Just the front and bottom on the back.
  • Basic cap vs. mono top
    I went to a wig shop to buy my first wig and the owner gave me the name of someone who cuts them. You could try asking a wig shop owner.
  • Wigs with rubber cap
    I’m not sure, but I have one and it stays on really well. I’m not constantly adjusting it.
  • Blue bio hair under mono top wig - any thoughts?
    Yep! Pink, purple, blue, red, green and combinations of pink/purple and blue/white (during foot ball season) lol
  • My story...of course, rhymed...cause, it just happened that way.
    I would love to read them. You
    sparked an idea to write a little ditty myself. It will definitely be it will be interesting,
  • My story...of course, rhymed...cause, it just happened that way.
    I absolutely loved your rhyming story. I laughed lot and treated up little. Thanks for sharing that. I’m so glad you came to the forum!
  • Wig pictures on website.
    Absolutely! I go on YouTube not just to see reviews on specific wigs, but on the colors as well. Sometimes it's the exact color I was considering.
  • What's your all time FAVORITE color?
    I love so many that I can't pick just one. The only color that I could never wear is pure blond or platinum. They make me looked washed out. I wish I could but at least I can have some blond highlights with a darker base.
  • Cutting bangs into a wig.....
    I have a wonderful stylist who has cut in wispy bangs for me several times. I would never try to do it myself.
  • If a wig has bangs, does it need really a lace front?
    I like having the lace front with bangs. I usually get whispy bangs cut in and if it gets windy, I feel more secure in my wig still looking natural.