• Dating a man with a toupée - now I've heard it all
    eh, i haven't used dating sites for so long, had no luck with them, and now that i wear a wig not sure how to go about it, so definitely wouldn't judge a man for wearing a toupee.
  • Making synthetic wigs last
    I wear a lot of shorter styles, mostly bobs and trade off a lot so have had a lot of them for up to 3 years, HD and regular synthetic and they still look good.
  • Dr. asked if he'd ever see me without wearing a wig
    Yes, he way off base, very inappropriate
  • So excited to be a new member!
    Hi there welcome. I come on here occasionally. enjoy:smile:
  • Wig Brush
    I use these anti static brushes i get from the look of love with these very gentle bristles and I also use the jon renau wide tooth combs,
  • Suggestions for bobs?
    I like Timeless Beauty from Gabor, The hair is very nice.
  • Frizzing Hair
    I learned this when I first started wearing wigs I was wearing this longer style from look of love and despite having 2 to trade off I still experienced frizzing after about 3 or 4 months. I now wear shorter styles so I think there really is no way around it with long wigs especially during the winter months with wearing sweaters depending where you live. I guess people who regularly wear long styles may have advice about keeping frizz at bay.
  • Cut by a lace front!
    I wear timeless beauty from gabor a lot and find i get irritation from the lace, I try to put some moisturizer on my head to cut down on the irritation. They do look more natural but aren't the most comfortable for me.
  • Online wig stores
    I mostly buy from but cysterwig is also good, great discounts and customer service
  • Same Wig, but Different
    Yes I noticed this with some hairdo wigs I have.
  • Changing Styles
    Personally, I try to keep the style for work but on the weekend I wear different styles and lengths. Outside of my family, I don't discuss wearing wigs.
  • Can Older Women Rock Long Hair?
    I don't agree with age dictating what length you're hair is, but do think depending on your face shape some styles look better, I have a small face so a lot of longer or voluminous styles would be overwhelming on me but do have some longer bobs but that's the fun of wigs playing with different styles and length. :smile:
  • Hair loss products
    I tried that and everything else i could. I started having thinning hair during adolescence and tried rogaine, nioxin and a bunch of other stuff. The only thing that seemed to work for a while was these supplements phyto phanere has. My hair seemed thicker and seemed to halt the thinning. My finaly thing was Hairclub which was not good for me at all. It was basically a topper glued on top of my head which was 5,000 a year and the service was horrible. It took a lot of time and it was just not good for me. I have to think that maybe some things work but it depends on the cause of your hairloss. Mine is genetic.
  • Heat Defiant Wigs
    I own a lot of hair do wigs and maybe once tried to heat style one but never really use it. If you are happy with the style it came with i don't think you have to. Sometimes i use styling products but i think they are lasting longer because I'm not using heat on them.
  • Amy Gibson WigSECURE™ - Reversible Non-Slip Grip Band
    it's for both people with or without hair. It's reversible. Silicone on one side.
  • What are online wig stores that provide fast shipping?
    Yes, I'm with Linda, this one is very good with shipping compared to other sites i shopped.
  • Amy Gibson WigSECURE™ - Reversible Non-Slip Grip Band
    I ordered it last week, It's really good. I like the design with the silicone. I don't have a lot of hair so that is good feature for me. It's adjustable to so if you have a smaller head it's still going to be okay.
  • Laser Max
    I've seen it demoed on qvc. I'm kind of skeptical. Personally I tried everything under the sun when my hair was thinning, minoxidil didn't work. Tried supplements, phyto ones showed a little improvement. I did hairclub for awhile but besides that it was very expensive, it wasn't good for my scalp.
  • natural or wiggy?
    I own a couple of the timeless beauty, i can see where you are coming from with it being basic. But i kind of like that it's not too flashy, it adds to the realism of it imo. I do realize everyone will not look good in every wig but i think this one is perfect for me. I love the feel of the hair, it's very much like real hair an it's low density. I have a small face so i can't wear anything that looks really think or a lot of permatease.
  • Does your wig have bad hair days?
    I found this thread, yeah i agree with you about the positioning, im also a eyeglass wearer so i think if you don't have it on your head just so, I find at least my arms of my glasses keep tugging on the adjusters. I do have a smaller head but can fit in most average wigs i just use the adjusters to make it snug. I had put on my gabor timeless beauty that is my work wig and somehow the adjusters must of moved and when i put my glasses on at work i kept feeling them rubbing on them. It's such an uncomfortable feeling, i wanted to take the wig off but realy had no where to do that being at work, lol. I looked okay in the mirror but yeah i knew it was off.
  • Budget Wigs? Anyone?
    I buy hairdo wigs on qvc, a lot of times they price them under $100. I think they pretty nice for the price. I get pricier wigs on here when the have sales.
  • Human hair or synthetic
    I've been wearing synthetics since I started wearing wigs around 5 years ago. They are more affordable for me and are easy to care for. I was doing hair club for awhile which is basically a wig glued on your head, it was human hair but all the styling was too much for me.
  • Milano Wigrip
    I bought another brand and it worked good for me.
  • how often do you wash your wig??
    I was told after 2 weeks of wearing you should wash them but I think it depends on different factors, if use alot of product, the season and personal preference. For my job I alternate between 2 different wigs each week, I feel I'm exposed to a lot dirt and dust and other things that I want to wash my wigs after a couple of weeks. I wear synthetic so not sure if it's different with human hair.
  • How would you respond?
    [reply="Happy to ve Retired;2

    Same here, I started losing my hair during adolescence, and was ridiculed. I understand where your coming from. I just want to blend of in and that's why I choose not to discuss it with anyone.
  • How would you respond?
    The only people that know are closed family and don't feel comfortable discussing it with anyone. I had people compliment either hair color or the cut. My sister is a hairdresser so that kind of ends any further inquiry, lol. But that is tricky if they are asking to go with you to your stylist. It does almost seem like they suspect it's a wig but can't say I understand that. I think people should respect privacy and not pry.
  • Drying Noriko Reese
    yeah I have a couple of those stands you can fold and use them with my straight wigs but happened to noticed the instructions on Reese said to hang it to dry and if you put it on a stand it will stretch the cap, but I think not sure about that I always thought it was safe to put a wet wig on a stand after you blot it.
  • Drying Noriko Reese
    thanks Vee, I also used a pant hanger. I have a couple of textured bobs and did it upside down and inside out. They came out nice.
  • Gabor Radiant Beauty wig...anyone?
    it's the same length, a Bob but straight, it's nice