• Love this wig !!! Do you know about alipearl hair ?
    I have not heard of Alipearl. It would be helpful if you would post a picture of yourself wearing the wig from Alipearl.
  • Love this wig !!! Do you know about alipearl hair ?
    I had the same experience with that company and will not deal with them any longer. I've learned to read each company's policies very carefully and I also check them out on and
  • fabric softener soak
    I don't measure the softener but if I had to guess, about a tablespoon to a sink of water. As for steaming, I have a small handheld steamer and a boar bristle brush. I section off a piece then as I'm pulling the strand thru the brush, I'm also applying the steam. As soon as I've pulled the hair thru and steamed then I set it in rollers.
  • fabric softener soak
    After washing my wigs, I soak them in fabric softener then rinse and air dry. Once dry, I steam set them. I've been doing this for years and most of my wigs are several years old but still in good condition.
  • Wigs like hunter
    What company makes Hunter? I found wigs named Hunter on several sites.
  • Another Dishonest Company- Wilshire Wigs
    You need to file a complaint with the Attorney General's (AG) office. That will get the company's attention as the AG will pursue it and take legal action, if necessary.
  • Beware of
    I only order from those companies that I've had a good experience with and whose return/exchange policies are acceptable to me. However, one company that I had dealt with for years suddenly changed the manufacturer for the same wig I had always purchased. When it came, it was nothing like the others. The style, cap and fibers were awful and looked so fake that I have never worn it. However, that particular company did inform me in advance that they had changed manufacturers and could not insure that the piece would be as I expected.
  • Beware of
    I always check websites out before buying which has been beneficial. To verify the website is safe and has a high rating, I use . To check for fake reviews, I use <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> . Hope this is helpful.
  • Where do you go to sell your gently or unworn wigs?
    If you are on Facebook, go to Hair Loss Sisters Buy, Sell, Trade - - and post them. Also, you could post them on Facebook Marketplace or Mercari.
  • Beautiful 100% Human Hair wig. brand is renaissance ....where to sell and how much?
    If you are on Facebook, post it on Hair Loss Sisters Buy, Sell, Trade - - or post it on Facebook Marketplace.

    Also, Renaissance Wigs are sold on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, as well as several wig sites - which may be helpful in determining your selling price.
  • Belle Tress topper
    I found these toppers listed on the Belle Tress website - . Hope this is helpful!
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    I tried Woolite but it made my synthetic wig fade from medium brown to a dull gray.
  • Do You Cut the Brand Name Tags Out?
    Yes, I remove all tags but keep them in the package/box the wig came in so I have them for future reference.
  • Short Hair Sticking Up
    I spray wig hairspray onto my fingers to smooth the short hairs. Works very well for me.
  • Dull synthetic topper
    I use Simply Stylin' Light Silk Spray and really like it. I also use it on my baby fine bio hair and it works great! You can find it on Amazon.
  • Support groups?
    If you are on Facebook, you can join "Wig Wearers Support Group". Also, I understand how you feel because I have been wearing an integration wig since 1998 and I still have such hair envy when I see someone with great hair. However, it does get easier with time and acceptance of your situation. God bless!
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    Sorry for the delay. Since we cannot list other wig websites, I would suggest you search for "integration wigs" or email me. Hope this helps!
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    An alternative to a topper or a full wig is the integration wig. An integration wig has openings to allow you to pull your bio hair through to blend with the wig. You can have it designed with the most hair where you have the most hair loss, i.e., top and crown or all over. I have plenty of hair from the temple area down so I need coverage on top and crown of my head. I've worn an integration wig for 20+ years now and prefer them because I feel it is the most natural look. Also, I take the clips out and use combs instead. The combs don't "bite" and are easier on my scalp and bio hair. Hope this is helpful!
  • First time tips?
    I wear an integration wig and found that the clips were damaging my bio hair so I replaced them with small wig combs.
  • returning wigs - any issues?????
    I ordered - once - from sister. Although they are very strict on their policies, they did accept my return. However, I was charged a hefty fee so I will not order from them again no matter how low their prices are.
  • Amber was featured in the 'Jon Renau Gets Real' Campaign!
    Love Amber's story. She is an inspiration! Thanks for sharing this video.
  • Return Policy
    Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I decided not to buy from them because of how troubling that policy is to me. Decided no matter how tempting the price, I will continue to order from my tried and true online wig e-tailers!
  • Return Policy
    The company whose return policy I cited is the Best Wig Outlet - . They have really enticing sales/promotions but their policy keeps me from ordering.
  • Return Policy
    Exactly! I sent the company an email asking for clarification and told them their return policy has prevented me from ordering from them. It's frustrating because they have some really great sales!
  • Return Policy
    Thanks, Samantha. I too live in a smoke-free home but this policy still troubles me and has prevented me from ordering from them.
  • Integration Wigs
    Thanks for your suggestion and I wish I could use a topper but I do not have enough hair on top and crown area for clips. I've worn the same integration piece from Look of Love for many years but they changed the manufacturer to an eastern country and the last ones I purchased were not of the quality I was accustomed to so now I'm looking for alternatives.