• Help! Uncontrollable Flyaways
    There are several video's on YouTube about this that can help you. Here is one:
  • HH wearer—but SC (synthetic curious)! :)
    I wear HH and have collected several styles and lengths of synthetic - mostly, I thought, to experiment, wear around the house, "saving" my more expensive HH ones. I tried the higher end lace front ones, the cheaper ones, short styles and longer. I bought tape and roll on glue, powder puffs, steamer... blah blah. I'm most interested in how you said you roll and store your hair... please tell me more! I usually put mine on a mannequin. I even built a cupboard for them.
    So, I enjoy seeing myself in the different styles, but inevitably I find the hair is shiny and not as natural looking. It's nice on a hot day to put on a short wig though, yet do I want to answer the door in it? That's just me... it's fun with hubby though! The lace front ones itch and give me a rash after awhile, the cheaper mono ones are uncomfortable, itchy - so I bought caps which help a bit. I cook - lots, and can't open the oven or go near the fireplace with these things on and I've ruined new ones in a day because of it... hence the steamer.
    I always. always, go back to my HH ones, for comfort, for realism, for quality.
  • Thin skin/polyurethane cap wigs
    I just looked up Trenco Supplex. Wow! UK obviously - I'm in Canada. Looks promising though. I've been wearing wigs for over a decade now - Alopecia, and I need petite sizes as well. I hope some others respond to your thread!
  • New Arrival
    I've worn WigPro for years - "Alexandra" and it's of the human hair variety. I've never tried the synthetic ones. It's a good company though, been around forever. You'll find them online searching WigsUSA.
  • Dating and wigs
    I was 47 when I lost my hair to alopecia. I'm 59 now. Back then, my sons in their late teens wanted to tell their friends and I asked them not to. I wanted that to stay private. I recall telling them it was not everyone's business. I argued that they didn't need to know I wore a push up bra either or spanx to hold my stomach in or mascara or coloured my hair or went to a tanning place either!!! Why did they need to know I wore wigs????? I recognized that they may need a friend to share it with, so I granted them each one friend they could 'talk to'. l have some closer friends who know, family of course, support group people, but generally, it's my business.
  • Is it possible to make an average sized wig smaller?
    Actually, you can take a needle and thread - a similar color to the wigs hair. Add a few stitches to "sinch" it in. Try it first on an older wig if you prefer or do individual stitches you could remove if you had to. I wear rather expensive human hair wigs and prefer a few stitches into the lace to have more control. I also wear a silicon band that helps it all to feel snug and secure.

    There are several YouTube videos that may pertain to your type of wig. Some people add elastic, some cut right into the wig like in this video. . This video takes out wefts: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
    IMG_4995 (2) (170K)
    This wasn't me - but a wig wearing friend of mine. She was sun tanning on a grassy site in a park and no one was closeby, so she took off her wig and had it beside her on the blanket. A hawk swooped down and flew away with it!!!! I guess it thought it was small animal! OMG. :)j2k2oq3q7ej7hqeg.jpg
  • Dating and wigs
    I wish I knew how to make the pic smaller - but I'll figure it out! It's human hair -WigPro - Alexandra Petite hand tied. Color #14 and thank you very much! :)
  • Dating and wigs
    I have dated while wearing wigs. If it was a casual date, I didn't tell them. There was no need. If I thought it was going further, I did tell them. I had too! It's sort of a non issue for men really.... at least "real" men! I have alopecia, so not having a wig on is not an option for me. Trust yourself to know when you need to tell.