• Is it possible to make an average sized wig smaller?
    Most wigs have velcro ear tabs on the inside of the cap that adjust the size of the wig up to one inch. Some manufacturers do create wigs in mini-petite size, have you looked for any of those?
  • Trying on shirts, sweaters and tops with a wig on
    A silk scarf tied over your hair and tied under your chin. It holds your hair in place without causing any friction. It also helps the tops to slide on easier, also causing less friction.
  • October is Breast Cancer awareness month
    I wear the pink clip as well!
  • Why Are Stock Photos So Misleading?
    Every photo shoot requirs a wig stylist, so the photos represent that persons personal taste and flair. The wigs also have to be tailored to the model wearing the wig. If she has a long neck, the wig will look different on her than it would on a woman with a shorter neck. Even the size of the model's head makes a diffference in the overall look in the photos. If the wig has heat friendly fiber, they might make touch ups on set that are easier to achieve with a stylist that it would be to style the same wig at home. Read the descriptions and the specs of the wigs, use the photos as a guide. Don't be afraid to style a wig that fits your face and personal taste. Wigs really do give you more styling options than you might think, don't be afraid to play with them. Use your imagination and make the style your own!
  • Do you keep your tags intact?
    Most wig companies have pretty good return policies, but only if you do not remove the tags or alter the wig. So you should at least keep them until you are absolutely sure the wig is right for you. If you donate your wigs when you are finished with them, it is still a good idea to keep the tags intact (or with the original box) as the people receiving them will have all the information they need on brand, size and color - great if they go to a cancer center so they can advertise what they have available.
  • Summer is coming - how do you change up your hair routine?
    Jon Renau has one. Hair u Wear used to, but I am not sure if they still supply that product.
  • Summer is coming - how do you change up your hair routine?
    I actually do not see one at . You can find it at competitor sites. Hopefully, someone will see this and add the product. It is very useful for styling your wig while you are wearing it.
  • Summer is coming - how do you change up your hair routine?
    I do not think we have met - so thank you for the welcome. I will check out the link. Here are some simple instructions for creating an updo with your wig:

    • Position the wig on your head and secure with a clip-on chin strap.
    • Lightly back-comb the top and sides of your wig using the teaser lifter comb.
    • With a stainless bristle wig brush, gently brush fluff the front of your wig to create soft tousled bangs. Smooth the hair just behind the bangs going towards the back.
    • Use your fingers to create curly wisps in the smoothed hair at the top area for added interest.
    • Brush and smooth the sides and crown towards the back center. Do not brush the sides too severely so you won’t expose the wig’s side hair lines.
    • With the pic end of the teaser lifter comb, lift to adjust the height of your style at the top and width at the sides. If you like, you can pull down thin wisps of hair to create tendrils at the sides of the wig using the pic end of the teaser lifter comb.
    • Pin both sides of the gathered hair equally at the back center of the wig.
    • Fluff loose pinned hair with a wig brush. Then, arrange the fluffed hair into soft curls with the brush.
    • Mist lightly with Wig Spray for a touchable, flexible hold.
    • A beautiful hair accessory will add more glamour to your party style.
  • Summer is coming - how do you change up your hair routine?
    Where did you find a rhinestone clip extension? I love sparkle!
  • New to forum. Need advice
    You need to pay attention to cap design when comfort is your main concern. Not all caps are created equal! Look for lightweight styles with an open cap. Lace front styles are a little more expensive, but you will find they have the most natural look. Measure your head to determine your proper fit. Fit is critical for comfort and also how the wig looks on you. If you pick a style that is too big or too small, you will NOT be comfortable in it! You will find instructions for measuring your head and the ins and outs of cap design at
  • I’m going to a ballroom competition!
    You can achieve the look by weaving braid extensions into a longer wig and then style into a low bun. The easiest way to do it yourself is on a styro head form so you have full dexterity, or take all of the pieces and your photo to a stylist and they can pull it all together for you.
  • How’s to make a wig last
    If you wear a shoulder length wig you need to be careful about the type of clothing you wear. Wool and other abrasive fabrics will rub against the wig and cause it to frizz. Wearing a silk scarf when you are walking or moving around will help keep the wig looking newer longer. A quick spritz of wig conditioner on the ends before you walk out the door will help also.