• Making synthetic wigs last
    Are they long wigs? I have heard that longer haired wigs don't last as long. All of mine are short (I have four that I rotate) and the oldest is Tab by Ellen Wille and it's three years old. The only reason I just bought a replacement for it is because the elastic is all stretched out and the Velcro at the back will no longer stick. But with that being said, being retired I also don't wear them every day and wash them about once a month.
  • Lace front
    I use the Styling Spiking Glue in the yellow tube. Just a small amount is needed. And when removing the wig, I wet my fingers and run them under the lace front to loosen it without pulling the lace.
  • Trimming
    I trim mine as close as I can get it to the hairline; I think it looks more natural. In my opinion, when someone is standing close to you the more lace that is visible, the more obvious it is.
  • Lace front
    Sorry for the late response but I don't come on here very often. The lace fronts drive me crazy too if I don't anchor it down; I find them very itchy and scratchy. When I get a new wig I take a pair of small, very sharp craft scissors and trim the lace as close to the hair line as I can get it, so there is no extra to curl up. And I think it looks more natural; the less lace that's visible the better. And like Jnc, I also use the Got to Be Glued. It's inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Dr. asked if he'd ever see me without wearing a wig
    Wow! What a jerk! I'm sure that you were so flabbergasted you didn't know what to say, but you should have called him out on his insensitivity. If he were wearing a hairpiece, I'm sure he wouldn't like it if you asked him about it. Why is it okay for men to do it to women? Years ago I had a similar experience with a dr before I started wearing wigs. I have alopecia and my hair was getting thinner and thinner. I had a sinus infection and my regular dr wasn't in, so I had to see the senior partner (who should have retired years before). He asked me about my hair and if I ever thought about wearing a wig? I was mortified and speechless. I didn't go to him for my hair and later on, after I left, I know that I should have told him that. I would never see him again, no matter how sick and my dr has since left his practice and is on her own.
  • Wig shop
    I know that your wig clients will appreciate it.
  • Online wig stores
    This thread is very timely. I just found another online retailer and was just wondering how they are. It’s called . Is anyone familiar with them?
  • What are online wig stores that provide fast shipping?
    I just ordered from and received it in two days. With regular shipping, not expedited.
  • Wig shop
    When I first started wearing hair I started out with integration pieces. I had read about a salon in my local paper that had a stylist that specialized in hair replacement for men and women. He had a private room in the salon with a door that closed for total privacy. So you may want to consider that if you have the space. I've also had the opportunity to go to two different wig shops; one had private consultation rooms and the other did not. It's much more comfortable being able to consult with someone in private than it is being out in the open where everyone else can see your hairless head. Just things to think about.
  • Heat Friendly Wigs vs Oven
    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I singed the very first wig I ever bought when I opened the oven door to take out a pizza. LOL It wasn't a heat-friendly and I had just switched from wearing a human hair integration piece to a synthetic wig and never even gave it a thought. Now I usually just ask someone else to take the item out for me; I'm just not sure it will be possible in this upcoming setting so I'm exploring my options.
  • Do You Cut the Brand Name Tags Out?
    Yes, I remove the tags as well. I'm also afraid that they'll show through and I know what brands each one I have is, so there's no reason for the tag. I use a seam ripper to remove the stitching.
  • Human hair or synthetic
    I prefer synthetic by far for the price and its ease of wash and wear. I've been wearing synthetic for almost five years now, but before that I wore human hair integration pieces. Very costly and they required way too much upkeep with washing, conditioning, drying and styling.
  • WIGS wont stay in place! HELP!!!
    Does the It Stays work on the nape as well? I use tape in front on my regular caps and Got2Be glue on the lace front; I've tried using the tape at the nape but it just kept pulling off.
  • Happy at last - discovered Ellen Wille
    That looks good on you! Very natural!
  • Budget Wigs? Anyone?
    I'm all in favor of budget wigs, especially now that I'm retired. Prior to wearing wigs I used to wear integrated hairpieces and because they're real hair they are very pricey (and also too much work to maintain and style). The wig I'm wearing in my profile pic is Raquel's Winner petite, which has always been my go-to wig. I've just recently found Virtue by Gabor, which was very budget-friendly at $66 with the 30% off + shipping. Since it's an average it is a little big but I took a little tuck in the crown to take up some of the slack. It's heat friendly (although I haven't tested it yet) and a nice wig for the price.

  • Most realistic wig
    Is that what you have on in your profile pic? That is very cute on you!
  • Who thins their wigs and which wigs
    I bought a pair of thinning shears to experiment on one of my old RW Winners and decided that I don't like it now because it's too flat since I thinned it. That's why you always experiment on an old one. Ha ha ha.
  • How do I keep my wigs feeling like new???
    I have wigs that are 2-3 years old. Mine are all short synthetic hair though. I had HH when I was a bonded hair wearer and would never go back to it (unless it was growing out of my scalp, lol); too much work. I also use the wide toothed comb. I wash them about once a month, soaking in BeautiMark shampoo and use the spray on conditioner; I only use travel stands to store them so that air flows underneath the cap when not being worn.
  • Does anyone have a list of all the synthetic Raquel Welch wigs with a memory cap 3
    Advanced French by RW has the silicone lined cap; it's a short style though. I've been eyeing it up and decided that it will be my next purchase.
  • If you could create the perfect wig, what features would it have or not have?
    Short cut, true petite cap, temple-to-temple lace front, under $250. There are very few pixie styles with all of those requirements. Ellen Wille seems to have the most but they are not all true petite; most that I've looked at are petite/average. And some are $400-500; this girl's budget doesn't allow for that expense.
  • Has anyone seen the Netflix trailer for Nappily Ever After?
    It's a movie. I watched it today on Netflix. I thought it was very good. The main character didn't wear any wigs, but there was a comment made about how a large percentage of black women wear wigs because they don't like their hair. It was about her quest for perfection and finding her true identity that revolved around her hair. And for a lot of us (me included!) our hair seems to define who we are. If you're looking for something to watch, I recommend it.
  • Lace Front Curling Up
    Thank you! I can always do a search for it; I've watched a couple of her other videos but not that one.
  • Ellen Wille Date
    I do like it now. It took a little getting used to because I wasn't used to the lace fronts. RW Winner petite has always been my go-to wig since I started wearing them four years ago, but I wanted something different. This pic is Winner petite in Nutmeg (and more makeup on me, lol).
  • Ellen Wille Date
    Definitely check out Ellen Wille for petite size and less hair density. My biggest pet peeve is the lack of petite styles with both short hair and a lace front. This is Tab in Bernstein Mix.
  • Wig pictures on website.
    Even the colors shown on the wigs on the styrofoam heads aren't a true representation. My EW Tab in Bernstein Mix has a lot more blonde in it in person than what appears on the website.
  • A Headband for Made Specifically for Wigs
    A thin version would look really cute in short hair. When I wore bonded hair I used to wear hair bands to pull it back for a different look, but the hair was longer also; after switching to short wigs they didn't look right.
  • Who has the best lace fronts?
    Thanks Misty, I'll check it out. I've heard of trimming the lace back but there really isn't much to trim back on Tab, not even 1/4" from the edge to the hairline. And I would never wear it off my face so it wouldn't be visible.
  • Who has the best lace fronts?
    Wow, this thread is so timely! I just got a new wig today, Tab by Ellen Wille. This is my first experience with a lace front and I'm finding it scratchy on my scalp. I don't wear a cap because they give me a headache. Any suggestions to soften up the lace or will it may soften up after it's washed? The color on this one is Bernstein Mix.

  • Diane Lane's Hair
    I've looked at all of the suggestions and most come in average, which is too big for me. And as cute as they all are, after looking at them, I think they'll just be too much hair for me as I'm used to short hair. And I don't want to order anything just to have to return it. But I appreciate all of the suggestions.
  • Diane Lane's Hair
    That is really cute! Worth checking out. Thanks!