• Online wig stores
    Wigs dot com is where I do almost all of my wig shopping. There is no other online company that gas better customer service and definitely no other company has a better return policy.
    @Linsils1951 I don't know what those companies are except for headcovers but I'd be careful buying from them.
  • fabric softener soak
    I'm happy it worked well for you! I've never had to use steam or heat on a synthetic wig but know it works well on HD fibers.
  • The Wig Company (TWC)
    I would get in touch with my credit card company or paypal, whichever you used to pay for this wig. This is something they will gladly help you with. Good luck and next time do your shopping at wigs dot com!
  • Help Me Decide Please!
    a friend of mine wore Code Mono for a while and loved it. It really is a beautiful wig.
  • fabric softener soak
    sure you can steam it again! Steaming is actually helpful to HD wig fibers and the application of heat in any form is recommended by the people at Jon Renau on a regular basis
  • Selling brand new wigs
    There are a couple of FB groups which allow you to sell wigs. You will need pictures (at least 1 or 2 of each wig) a brief description, brand name, style name, and color for each wig you list. It's a very simple process but may get very tiring trying to sell so many. If you aren't in a hurry maybe you could try listing just a few at a time. The wig groups are Flip your wig, yes its a wig, and there are others. Join a couple and look around.
    Also, have you tried reaching out to other retailers to see if any of them would like to purchase the inventory?
    I'm very sorry for the loss of your mother and hope staying busy with this project helps you keep yourself grounded.
  • Heat Defiant Wigs
    I know thart Jon Rensu has recommended the use of heat on their HD fibers to keep them looking and feeling nice. I have only once had to use heat on mine and thst was on RW Editor's Pick after several wears. It was kind of fun and did make it look like new again! Short wigs won't need so much attention usually.
  • Camilla Parker Bowles
    lol.....Hi, I'm not the person with the Camilla wig. That was Katooshie
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    I had an awful hard time settling on an Estetica color myself, made even more difficult by the fact that they have 3 colors all with the same number code. Only the letters are different. I finally settled on their caramel kiss rooted which is a beautiful, rich, brunette shade that #cathe wears often. She is very familiar with Estetica products and could probably help you with color choice. Go watch some videos, too!
  • Eye Popping Colors
    I personally love the lavender color of the Raquel Welch wig 'If You Dare'
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    Thanks! It is a FB group called The Wig Hub. I posted it in reply to a woman asking if her new gray wig made her look old. She actually looked much better in that wig than the one she posted as a comparison.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    I've always thought that Nancy wore a wig. Unlike you though, I think it always looks off and wiggy.
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    I really love this beautiful new color on you! Do you mind my sharing this video in another closed group I am in? Someone there was worried about gray making her look older.
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    you can find this wig at wigs dot com. The name of the wig is Jamison by Estetica. I don't see this beautiful color there but just Google the name of the wig and you should be able to find it online someplace. I agree, this looks beautiful on #Cathe Lartigue
  • Flirt alert?
    so glad to hear that you are happy with your color choice. I would love my 12:16 if it wasn't for the very light pieces up front. I really like this color better in the Gabor line. Unfortunately, I think it's the best I can do in the Raquel Welch colors.
    I have a very square face and because of that I like the longer wigs on me best. I really like flirt alert but I believe I like Gabor's High Impact better. I've only worn flirt alert once, so I am withholding judgment for a bit longer
  • Flirt alert?
    yes, the RW hairline is beautiful. Remember me telling you that my daughter got right up in my face when I was wearing Crowd Pleaser? She swore it was my own hair! It would be wonderful if Jon Renau would do it so well. I'm also a big fan of JR colors!
  • Flirt alert?
    makeup totally makes a difference when trying on a wig! I try to never make a decision on any wig before I try it on with my makeup in place.
    I pulled my Kona out today to check the hairline and after putting it on I immediately remembered something I had totally forgotten about. While the hair looks beautiful there, the lace has a small pucker. I noticed this the 2nd time I put her on but had forgotten as it is always covered by the hair. I am not sure if I just received a defective item or if it is because the wig cap is a bit too large. It is the only wig I've ever felt didn't totally fit me. I have never been able to tighten the adjusters to correct it either. It isn't so large that I worry about it but I do put a couple of hairpins in to hold it more securely. None of these things would keep me from buying another Belletress wig though. In fact, I did buy a 2nd Kona! I haven't tried it on yet so I'm not sure about the lace on that one.
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    she didn't like it at all with the change in curl. She ended up selling it I believe. Kona is not the wig I would attempt to change like that. It has a distinctive shape that would not lend itself to the kind of curl she put into it. I would never buy a wig like Kona and try to change it like she did.
    I've always had very straight hair myself other than a couple of years during the 80s when I wore my very long hair in a curly perm.
    I think the waves on Flirt Alert are beautiful and would never attempt to change them. Mine isn't really flippy at all, more tousled with a bit of spiral curl. But, my High Impact is the same despite the stock photo showing otherwise.
    Maybe you should think of selling it rather than change the curl pattern.
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    yes, my Kona is heat resistant and I know that one of the ladies here didn't like the curl pattern on hers and totally changed it. I believe she used steam but I could be wrong.
  • Flirt alert?
    I agree with you on the Jon Renau hairline. I love their wigs but too often they have that look of a headband up front. RW does a much better job! My daughter got up close and personal on Thanksgiving day trying to see if I had on a wig or was wearing my own hair. She declared it to be mine...I was wearing Crowd Pleaser! I do have a hard time finding a suitable color though. I love the darker color of the 12/16 that I wear but not really loving all the blonde at the hairline. Gabor colors work better for me even when they are the same color. RWs 8/29 hazlenut is much too dark for me but I can wear Gabor's 8/29 hazlenut.
    I have been tempted a couple of times to try the 14/22ss. I wore my own hair very blonde for a few years and I do like the blend of colors in that shade. How do you like it after wearing it a bit?
    I love the fibers on my Belletress Kona. I will have to pull it out tomorrow and take a look at the hairline. I really don't think I've paid a lot of attention to it!
    How does your husband like Flirt Alert?
  • Flirt alert?
    I received my Flirt Alert today and I love it! Just as I thought it looks very much like my Gabor High Impact but I do like the crown area better as High Impact has a bit more permatease.

    Also received Editor's Pick today! Beautiful wig!
    I hope the 14/22ss works for you
  • Flirt alert?
    the chart below will help with some of the number codes. Unfortunately, some of the wig companies use codes I find impossible to interpret.
  • Flirt alert?
    12/16 Honey Toast. That's the only RW color I feel comfortable in other than her reds and I wanted it in the same color as my Crowd Pleaser and High Impact.
  • Flirt alert?
    thank you. I am certain I am going to love it. Usually I spend weeks or months trying to decide on a wig. This one was an almost immediate decision. The first time I saw it I wasn't sure what style it was and spent some time trying to figure it out. Having a 33% discount made it an easy decision. It reminds me so much of Crowd Pleaser and High Impact that I already have and love. It will make a great sister wig to those 2. All are the same color too
  • Flirt alert?
    after replying to this post yesterday, I went online and watched 5 video reviews of Flirt Alert. I had only seen it reviewed once before then. I had a 33% off offer for RW wigs that expires on nv the 10th so I grabbed her up! I was really impressed with some of the reviews I saw. I think now that it reminds me more of High Impact than Crowd Pleaser though.
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    I really think you will enjoy whatever you order from Belletress. My friend ordered a topper from them and liked their fibers as much as I do.
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    so happy to hear that! When I did a quick poll here a few months ago Belletress was the brand most voted that they wished wigs dot com carried. I think Henry Margu may have been #2.
  • My Favorite Bridge Wigs of 2018
    thank you for the quick reply! I'll go find the video.
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    I love the fibers of my Belletress Kona. I think they are better than Jon Renau.
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    I own Kona and have had no problem with the fibers frizzing.