• European Hair or?
    the synthetic ones yes. Human hair can last several years with a good wig and good care.
    As for the synthetics, the long hair ones get tangled very quickly. The short hair ones seem to last a bit longer because they don’t tangle as much.
  • European Hair or?
    I have heard of Highline they seem to be very good. Have not hear of the other.
    I have a Brazilian hair wig from the hairmama. And while it looks fantastic I am no crazy about the hair. But I suppose there can be higher quality Brazilian as well. I prefer premium Mongolian hair. It holds a style very well. Curls last a long time. I have one Madisonwigs piece and it’s amazing.
    She also sells Toppers and they are quite affordable. You can message Shannon through her website too. I can highly recommend her.
  • European Hair or?
    synthetic long hair generally tangles pretty quickly and you won’t get the usual 6 month out of a long hair synthetic wig imo.
    For longer hair I would ( and have) switched to human hair.
    There are several options: madisonwigsboutique dot com. Debrasenchanctedwigs dot com, Eleanor Lucci, the Hairmama just to name a few. If you join the Hairloss sister group on Facebook you can also join the hairloss sisters buy sell trade group and people are offering both synthetic and human hair preowned wigs. You might get a good deal on a human hair wig there or on eBay to see if human hair is for you.
  • Human hair or synthetic
    I switched to HH about 6 months ago. They hold up great and you really don’t have to wash and style them that much, so it really isn’t as much work as I had feared. You just need to make sure you get Remy cuticle intact hair. I think Virgin and European is too expensive and unnecessary.
    I bought one at Gardeaux and one at Madisonwigs Boutique ( online but very reputable). also has some very nice HH wigs from Zellen Wille and Jon Renau.
    I bought two HH Ellen Wille from and they held up for a very long time, but now they are too short for me so I sold them. They were Gloss and another similar length name escapes me now. I think they use mostly Asian and/ or Indian hair. They were all hand tied and really nice hair.
    I’m lusting a bit after some of the longer styles.
  • New here, question about eyebrows and eyelashes for those with Alopecia Universalis
    Hi my Areata also went to totalis and the universalis. I had eyebrow tattoos and then microblading. It does fade and needs to be redone regularly. About every 18 months give or take. It’s not cheap if you go to a licensed professional who is good ( which I would recommend). Once you have it done, you can stretch the intervals in between by using an eyebrow pencil or other make up device and you will know exactly where to apply it, which will make it very quick in the morning.
    Eyelashes are too difficult for me I lack the patience to try and get them on. I had them tattooed once it hurt like a mother and I did not want to have that redone, but now I just draw over that with a pencil or other make up pen or whatever I want to try out.
    For some weird reason my eyelashes are back at the moment, but I am expecting them to fall out again at any random time... I don’t have any other body hair ( well some nose hair and some mustache peach fuss yeah that happened what a pain!). It’s a very strange condition that alopecia.... but after well over 20 years of wearing wigs, I like how easy it is to get ready in the morning. The glass is definitely half full!
  • Silicone
    yes definitely get the Jon Renau Silicone sheet it’s worth every penny. Get it when does their everything 30% off sale. You can also stitch it into other areas of your wigs like the ear tabs or near the crown. It definitely helps prevent slipping especially when you have little to no hair and it feels super comfortable. Make sure you have the correct side ( more rubbery feeling) towards your skin when you sew it in. Good luck.
  • Frosted Hair
    It might. Maybe try it on one of the wigs that you’re not too attached to first? Or try it out on a small area underneath and see how you like it? Don’t ruin one of your favorite wigs.
  • What do you wear if in hospital or overnight?
    wig by day scarf turban by night. I want it be comfortable at night, i don’t care what they think in the hospital. They wouldn’t say anything hurtful, if anything they will give you compliments on how natural the wig looks and that they would have never guessed.
    Don’t worry about it too much, you need to be comfortable most of all. If you don’t mind sleeping with the wig on ( I don’t like doing that) then leave it on. Do what feels right.
  • Wig caps
    Another Baldie here. I do t wear wig caps or bands. Wasted some money on a bunch of different kinds and not being ever worked. I buys the Jon Renau silicone sheet and stitch some in the nape of the wig it takes care of the riding up problem and I usually put it in other strategic areas of the wig. It helps a lot. I wish they made more wigs for us that already had this integrated in the wig cap. RW makes some caps that are pretty good and some of the Ellen Wille HH wigs have them as well. But they are usually the high end ones. Which is why I bought the Jon Renau silicone sheet. I convinced to start carrying it. They have the 5X7 and 8X10 sizes. I think it is totally worth the money!
  • October is Breast Cancer awareness month
    Yes they are awesome stylists. The owner is Rachel she is amazing and I think she does all or most of the coloring jobs.
    The iwigs has wefts in the lower back but they are closed.
  • October is Breast Cancer awareness month
    are you near there? Yes they let
    You try on. You should call ahead then they have a stylist to help you. No pressure at all. They are open 10-3 mo-Fr. they are 100-200 more than Shannon but they include cut and style in the price and they are doing custom coloring. I did buy my wig there because I fell in love with the color but I will buy my next one from Shannon. If you are within driving distance you should
    Go check it out.
  • Most realistic wig
    I would have said any of my lace front hand tied mono tops but now I’m saying my iwig (hh). I can even do a high ponytail after I cut a few random baby hairs around the cap. z8vw6owvzdtaa06d.jpeg
  • October is Breast Cancer awareness month
    it is called European but I think Mongolian is European as well. But it’s not virgin ( unprocessed). I actually went to California for a conference in San Francisco and Gardeaux wigs was about an hour away so I got a close
    Look at the iwig there. It is super
    Comfortable and just awesome. I hope
    It holds up ( but I think it will) and it is well worth the money ( low 1000s depending on length) If you get virgin hair it becomes a lot
    More expensive ver quickly. Shannon has really good prices and she is very trustworthy. I hope
    To get a lighter colored wig some
    Time in the future for the summer....
  • October is Breast Cancer awareness month
    yeah I’m not really on the forum that much anymore either. But I just had to do this post.
    I think the administrators from are dropping the ball.
  • October is Breast Cancer awareness month
    yay! Everyone thinks I’m so hip.
  • Does anyone have a list of all the synthetic Raquel Welch wigs with a memory cap 3
    thanks for the list Vee.
    Yeah I’ve been super busy and the forum is fizzling is t it? The folks are totally dropping the ball. So sad! We had a good thing going here for a while.
  • Do most of you pluck the part line?
    I have done it, because I have no hair underneath and when there is a monopart it looks very realistic when you can see my scalp shine through. Some wigs are too dense. But with most wigs it is not necessary.
  • Elizabeth or Cameron or BOTH?
    no no just saving it for good. I have a bunch of
    Wigs I’m wearing For Every day
  • Elizabeth or Cameron or BOTH?
    I have not worn her much to be honest. I was saving her I guess, but now I’m not really wearing her. I have not tried to alter the flip. I do love the color.
  • Silicone Sheet Attachment
    i have only sewed it into a monotop once Never a lace front. Usually the nape and sometimes the area next to the monot part. But then again I don’t have any hair. I would also shy away from the lace front. See if you can go back far enough to not do the lace front ( receding hairline anyone?)
  • Rec. for less dense wig lines?
    Ellen Wille wigs are generally less dense and therefore in my opinion more realistic.
    Some websites like sister wigs with a different spelling have a search tool to look for lesser density wigs.
  • Glenn Close
    AMEN! You are right they only have those younger models wearing wigs.
    As far as what is age appropriate.... we have had this thread before is long hair ok for middle aged or older women and I think the “consensus” pretty
    Much was: you can wear whatever the heck makes you feel comfortable and pretty or beautiful. There is no arbitrary no long hair after age. XX. Period same goes for color. Well in my opinion anyway and I think a lot of others would agree.
    I was thinking of you Misty. You would be one of the people up in our middle of our night
  • JR Fall
    solace cap is the one that the iwigs have ( HH )
  • JR Fall
    @Moonlitnight it’s a bit like the solace cap ( just not silk) it helps hide the knots. Most of the time though they do not have lace fronts ( unlike the solace cap which does have a lace front too).
    For example Sandra from JR has a double mono top. It make for a very realistic part ( and does not show the cap or biohair as much as the mono tops do)
  • Ordered my first BROWN wig :)
    I am
    So proud of you. Way to
    Go! And do t you dare not show us what it looks like ( even if you don’t like it)
  • Earning Badges
    learned something today. I mean I have been liking stuff but I had no idea what those badges were all about
  • who wears different colors and styles rather than going for one "look"
    People can be such a$$3$.
    I try to have a sense of humor about it because it’s not something I can change so might as well
    Laugh about it. Sometimes I feel like making people feel bad about being mean though. Saying things like, well due to my illness I have to wear wigs now ( let them fill in the blanks and feel guilty about being a jerk.
    I have also told people that if they see my husband with another woman it’s only another woman if she is skinny.