• Wiry, Kinky strands of hair on my straight wig
    Hi there.i also have a JR Cameron and had the same problem. The synthetic strands get the nappy ripple when they pulled taught. Basically it is plastic and responds well to mild heat. I was able to smooth them by steaming them. They laid right back down and smoothed out. Hope this helps!
  • Trying on shirts, sweaters and tops with a wig on
    I still have some bio hair so I usually opt to wear a ball cap style hat. But on the few times I have to shop and do over the head try-ons and am wearing my wig, I just take it off. I think if I had a shorter style, it wouldn't be a big deal, but my longer Kendall gets caught and I am concerned about snagging the fibers. Plus it all just feels bulky on and off over my wig. I keep a plastic bag with handles in my purse so I loop it over the dressing room hooks or on the door handle and place my wig in it while I do a big try on. Then, when I am done the torture of clothes shopping, I simply plop my wig back on, make adjustments as necessary and skedaddle.
  • Confused about washing/conditioning my Jon Renau lace front not heat defiant Cameron
    I have a Cameron and I always used Brandywine Wig Shampoo and Conditioner. I get it on Amazon. The fragrance is a bit more than I like at first but it fades quickly. The shampoo removes all build up nicely. I use Got2B Rockin It dry shampoo to reduce the shine that is common to synthetic wigs. It also adds movement and help separate the strands to lessen clumping. I hope this helps! : )
  • Tickled PINK and BUSTING MY BUBBLE for this!
    Amber!!!! Looking awesome as always. Love you pretty in pink.
  • October is Breast Cancer awareness month
    You look beautiful and strong Bea! Thanks for sending this message out to others fighting this disease. You are an inspiration.
  • New Hair & New Color - what do you think?
    This looks so good on you! What wrinkles? Whatever girl, you look great. Seriously fabulous skin. The wig color is very natural with your skin tone.
  • questions re: travel with a wig
    Oh my, I'm going to have to rethink this. I can't imagine taking my hat off in public. But maybe I can just tell myself I'll never see all those people again, right? Who cares what they think. Haha
  • Do most of you pluck the part line?
    There are even videos for making a natural looking part in a cap too. You use foundation or concealer, some people use paint. It's quite interesting. Have fun!
  • Do most of you pluck the part line?
    African American. A good friend at church is AA and she wears wigs too. We are always laughing about new wig adjustments. It's nice to have someone else in person to get feedback from. I have plucked the part on some of my wigs. Funny this came up today because I noticed this morning I need to pluck some hairs on the front part of my Kendall. Just a little bit to increase the realism. I've watched numerous AA vids on YouTube regarding making the front hairline and part realistic. Tons of helpful info. Check it out.
  • questions re: travel with a wig
    This has been very helpful as we might be flying soon and I hadn't thought about the metal wig clips. I might opt to wear my hat but hope they wouldn't ask me to take it off.
  • Help me find a wig
    You can try something longer because of the wave pattern and have it trimmed to the length you want.
  • Prayers needed
    How is your brother doing? Still praying for you all. Hugs!!!
  • Looking for a wig like Nicole Kidman's 90s hair
    that was my bio hair...sigh... :groan:
  • First Look at Finn by Estetica Designs
    I love your confidence and sense of humor. You do such a great job on your videos. You are beautiful and funny. :kiss:
  • Happy Monday! Does anyone have a wig purchase planned for this week?
    I'm waiting for my Dakota from another site. Been back ordered twice. Every time I hear the mail truck i get a tiny bit excited. Still waiting.... :roll:
  • First Look at Finn by Estetica Designs
    I was never picked for gym class, always last kid standing there. I get it. It's hard to shake off.
  • Human Hair Wigs in the HEAT!
    Yikes that sounds miserably hot. 4 1/2 hours in the sun? Way too melty for me. It's so good to see you Alex. Glad you are enjoying your new position. Miss you!
  • Estetica Designs Finn in colors RH148RT8 and RH12/26RT4
    Whoa! That looks amazing on you. The Finn caught me eye when it came out and I was curious about the real life style of it. It is beautiful Sabrina. Thanks for posting these pics!
  • Prayers needed
    Glad he is moving to the rehab center. Continued prayers from us. A new chapter in his miracle story book.
  • HRT
    Omigosh I'm cracking up... :rofl: "teenage flap"
  • Does anyone own EW's Start wig?
    We had a German "Auntie and Grandmother" when I was a child. My mom has no extended family and this wonderful woman took my mom under her wing. She had her own elderly mother living with her. They spoiled us rotten and we have fond memories of singing "bache, bache, kuchen". Grandma Hybel would get so excited singing and stomping that Aunt Lydia would make her go lie down for a rest. But Grandma Hybel would sneak into the kitchen, secretly beckon me from the doorway and try to feed me Cookies and chocolates without mom or Aunt Lydia knowing. They always caught her. She acted like she couldn't hear them! Wonderful memories!
    So glad to hear things are looking up. Enjoy your time together.
  • Earning Badges
    We shall furthermore refer to you as Our Wise Guardian. Truly you are a wealth of knowledge. And we all appreciate your amazing advice and experience. :kiss:
  • Outsiders posting links
    Blech Blech! :angry: Thanks for watching out for this and protecting the integrity of the forum. Creepers...ick.
  • Earning Badges
    Alrighty Miss Smarty Pants... :wink: But seriously thanks because I hadn't a clue about any of that.
  • Lace Front Curling Up
    I had the same problem with mu Jon Renau Cameron. It went back to shape after washing.
  • Inspirational Qoutes
    Finished is better than perfect! and

    Perfection is overrated. These help me when I sew.

    A life lived in fear is a life half lived -Australia, the movie saw this when I went to view the film and I was in a season of life where I battled panic attacks and fear was trying to win. I'm better now.