• This is all new!!
    I wore toppers for a few months, but found the clips very uncomfortable and caused additional hair loss. I switched to wigs this summer, and it's WONDERFUL! I just got back from a road trip holiday down the Oregon coast. I can't express how fantastic it was to NOT worry about my hair the whole time. I use got2b glued gel to adhere the wig in front, with a little comb in the back that I attached with super glue (this really works!) I took 2 extra wigs with me in the exact same style and colour, which I stored in plastic zip lock backs. With got2b glued, the wig stays on for 2-3 days, and I just switched it up for a fresh wig. It saved so much time, energy, and peace of mind to know my hair always looked great. Finding the right style and colour wig for me required a bit of effort and money, plus trial and error, but it was absolutely worth it 100%!
  • Human hair
    To be honest, I have never been satisfied with the human hair products I tried. I am happy for those who like them and make them work, but I always found them to be heavy to wear, hard to keep a style, and one set of human hair extensions smelled distinctly like curry!
  • What's your all time FAVORITE color?
    Oh and I really desire THIS colour too! Looking for a wig in...

  • Sweet Compliment
    Sweet old man had a wife, as I later discovered. I was at the lottery counter buying tickets, and here came compliment beauty parlour guy with his wife! He waited for a moment when his wife was distracted, sidled up to me again, and said "I hope you win...winning would look good on you!" HAHAHAHAHAHA I said "Thanks, honey! Have a great day!" You really gotta hand it to an older gent with the nerve to flirt with a blondie in front of his wife!
  • If a wig has bangs, does it need really a lace front?
    My Vivica Fox Brie does not have a lace front. The bangs are enough! I also have Vivica Fox Britney which is the same style, but a little longer, and has a lace front. I switch to Britney if I want to pull my hair back in front. :) look so fetch!
  • Human hair
    So sorry this happened to you! This is why I only wear Heat Friendly Fibre wigs, and why I won't pay huge dollars for ANY wig...because these things always happen!
  • Advice for Wig Newbies??
    1. Got2b glued to stick it down in front
    2. Rooted wigs look more natural
    3. Own it and HAVE FUN
  • request on best response
    you are an inspiration to us all! So glad you kept teying and had success! Your confidence is a beautiful thing!
  • What do you think of Jon Renau's new 'Kim' wig?
    Too much hair for everyday...but fun for a photo shoot or special occasion
  • Cameron renewed!
    Beautiful B!!
  • Ok for work
    Beautiful and professional! Hows the wig wearing going? I bet youre a champion at it now!
  • Almost a whoopsie
    again prayers for his safety and peace wherever he goes. I claim angels to watch over him and keep him safe at all times. Psalm 91 momma!
  • Knew it was a wig
    honestly who cares if its a wig and people long as its fabulous! Own it baby!
  • Hair mail United and Sandra
    you look B eautiful and i LOVE your smile!
  • My newest acquisition - Sarah.
    This is why i love wigs! We can choose a style to blend in at the office...or we can indulge in our long wavy/curly/strait fantasy hair!
  • Wig wearing emotions part 2
    it is water soluable hair gel. It hasnt damaged any of my wigs...lace front or not...nor has it damaged my bio hair. When i want to remove my wig i spray the front hairline with water or use a damp wash cloth to release the gel ... and off it comes with ease! The gel washes out of the wig during normal washing. One huge bonus is that the glue provides a barrier between the wig and skin. The itching from wigs...especially lace fronts...really bothered me before i found got2b glued. A word of warning...heavy sweating...rain... or jumping in a pool etc can cause the glue to release! I keep a tube of got2b glued with me at all times for such occurances! My wig released in the heat at my grandsons birthday party ...a trip to the washroom and a little got2b glued fixed it right back up! Let me know if you try it!
  • Hello again
    exactly why i refuse to pay more than $70 for any hd wig! So many other sites sell brands like freetress equal...bobbi boss...sensationnel which are gorgeous wigs with lace fronts and hd fibre at a fraction of the price of wigs dot com brands!!
  • How to use new PUBLIC and PRIVATE features!
    agree and it makes me feel great to support a business woman and her family. I know it takes a lot of courage to run a successful business. You GO @Carliz - Wigs com
  • Wig wearing emotions part 2
    Wig all skills...takes practice and persistence. Everyone here supported me to get out there and just do it. One thing that made a HUGE difference for me was learning how to secure my wig with got2b glued gel in front and a small wig comb in back. That absolutely removed all fear that i would lose my wig in a breeze or something. After i mastered that...there was no stopping me. Now i just feel so much joy when i put on my it...put on my face...dress myself up and head out into life with a smile knowing i look presentable! You can do this!
  • Hello again
    Glad you came back buddy! :)
  • Auto Immune Diseases?
    i went to a naturopath who prescribed it for me. She is treating 12 patients with ldn and 8 of them are doing extremely well. I like those odds since there is no other treatment for my diseases. I am at 1 week and notice 3 things: no pain, elevated mood, and better sleep! Its already worth it!
  • How long do your wigs hold up?
    About 1 to 2 months of daily wear with heat friendly fibre
  • Almost a whoopsie
    thank your son from his hair family for his service. God protect him wherever he goes!!
  • When to comb a "beachy curl" wig.
    I have a curly and a wavy style wig which I comb with my JR comb, but I also brush them after washing. I find that using fabric softener to condition them (they are heat friendly) really puts the curl back into them after washing. I just scrunch them up after washing to bring the curl pattern back.
  • Auto Immune Diseases?
    You might want to look into low dose naltrexone. I am reading a book about it and the science behind how it works is very sound. I've read it is being used to treat many different auto immune diseases, including RA. I am on it now for a week, and I definitely feel the difference in my mood and levels of pain. I had to take pain killers daily to deal with sarcoidosis that affects my right side and causes tremendous pain. Thanks to low dose naltrexone, I noticed yesterday, body doesn't hurt! Loving it! :)