• Making synthetic wigs last
    I’m late to the party here and have wigs in great condition that go back five years.
    Before I continue, please allow me to say something about RW wigs. The brand makes a fantastic wig, however the ones with HD fibers can be very challenging. I have three “On Point” wigs which I love but the ends are getting wonky. I add a little oil to my hands and run them through the ends of the wig as a quick fix and it works.
    For my other wigs: long wigs-I make sure to not wear them with textured sweaters or scarves. The fibers of the synthetic wigs rubbing against the heavier fabric wreaks havoc after a few hours and at the end of the day, find myself combing the knots out for a good twenty minutes. You have to be gentle and methodical doing this or else you’ll rip the fibers out! It’s best to wear the longer wigs with a more user-friendly fabric.
    And with longer wigs, after a while, the ends will wear before the rest of the wig. That’s why I prefer a wavier long wig because they are a cinch to trim. Take small sections. Twist them. Take your scissor and cut UP and into the twisted strand. Continue this process and the trimmed wig will look new-albeit a bit shorter.
    Also. Don’t wash your wigs often. I wait until the wig looks well-worn before washing. And I never use conditioner. Using conditioner makes the wig cap softer therefore giving cause to stretch out. I wash in a generic wig shampoo, rinse in cool water. Squeeze excess water out, Pat with a towel, hang upside down to dry and scrunch waves with my hands. The objective is to get the wig to look like normal hair.
    Also I store the wigs inside out.
  • Hair Loss Journey- Share your advice/ experience!
    My hairloss is to work emotional issues. Stress, anxiety-I have Trichotillomania. I pulled my hair and picked at my scalp since my early teens. Thus, creating damage that caused permanent loss.
    Since the hair that I do have left is thick and longer, I wore it up until I just couldn’t deal with it anymore and switched to toppers.
    Because of the wiry, coarse and porous texture of my bio hair, toppers didn’t work-in addition, it was a PIA to keep adjusting them so I switched to wigs.
    It took a while to get the wig-wearing down Pat but through trial and error, I was able to figure out what works for me as far as wigs go.
    In fact, it’s been a pleasure for me to work with various wig companies to review their many styles of wigs.
    Stereotypes are something I abhor and have tried to focus on the older (I’m 66) woman NOT wearing those horrific granny wigs. And wig companies need to get away from that. As younger generations age we are, or rather should be, getting away from that “old lady” wig stereotype. I like to showcase a more youthful wig vibe.
    That being said, it’s important to normalize wigs. I.e. on my IG feed I’ll add the wig as part of my outfit of the day. Sometimes I won’t even mention the wig.
    But one thing I really want to bring up—especially regarding social media: a number of wig influencers of the mature demographic, filter and blur the bejesus out of their photos, creating a delusional cloud that will have other women thinking a wig will also get rid of lines and wrinkles.
    To age is a privilege that many don’t get to experience. So if you are over 50 or so and on social media, please be honest and transparent and showcase the wig without filters or blurs or photoshop. Or don’t photograph yourself.
  • Who makes the Statement Brand wigs?
    I just did a review of TWC Statement brand Luxurious. There's just a tad of permatease and I'm HUGE on PT! This is not overpowering and the wig is affordable and excellent quality!
  • Gabor's new Sugared Nickle Color Advice
    I LOVE THE SHADE!!! I just uploaded a review!

  • I need help finding wig hats
    Hen ree Mar gu Hair Accents! Baseball cap wig! Great for the summer!!
  • Is TWC Wigs out of business?
    I received an email from them as well and there was a caveat that orders that had been placed would go out as expected.
  • Budget Wigs? Anyone?
    Im big on budget wigs and purchase them on African American-market sites. I’m a firm believer in high/low with everything. The budget wigs need to have manipulation-From cutting the lace to tweezing a parting space and to thinning. But... the price is right! Here’s a pic of a wig that was around $30 blc5e8uo07bswfw3.jpeg
  • I took a chance on a little-heard-of wig
  • how often do you wash your wig??
    Yeah. I don't know what happened but I was so incredibly upset because I loved that wig. You live--you learn!!!!
  • how often do you wash your wig??
    I'm even in more of the minority. I hardly ever wash my wigs. If I wash them every three months--that's a lot! But--I also have quite a large selection and I rotate my wigs.
    One thing I did learn, though, was to NOT soak wigs in fabric conditioner for longer than five minutes. I washed one of my Estetica Wren wigs and forgot that it was soaking in fabric conditioner . I was cooking, baking, procrastinating and a couple of hours later I realized my wig was in the upstairs bathroom sink. It dried horribly. The cap became stretched out and it was a mess. So I decided to re-wash it without any conditioner and it was just so awful I had to throw it out. It pained me but I learned a valuable lesson!
  • Sharing the love❤️
    That's a great idea. The FB groups are wonderful sources of support as is this forum. I think you are onto something to bring it outside social media and into an actual group! Best of luck to you. It's a great idea!!!
  • How would you respond?
    They're your girlfriends! Why would you not want to be transparent with them? Part of friendship is trust and I would trust my girls enough to be honest with them. I would have just said--I'll lend you my wig to take to the stylist!
  • Help us improve :)
    Show how the wigs look on OLDER models. I'm tired of perusing through various wig sites only to have wigs that are obviously geared toward the "mature" demographic modeled on women who are only familiar with wrinkles on clothing!
    While I'm at it......... it might be a game changer if you would group styles according to face shape. Or have a section geared toward the woman who is starting her journey with wigs.
    But yeah, I think what bothers me most is that the the largest grouping of women wearing wigs fall into the mature age group yet its young models all over the place..LOL!!
  • What would you do???
    I would be fine with it as long as I had editing rights--LOL. If it was a creepy guy I would tell him to get away--with rather saucy words!
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    You know what? You're correct about the blonde color! I happen to be a blonding fan but the hubs is not--but then again, I don't care. I've been veering toward lighter shades as I've been pro-aging!! And although my original hair color is black--it just looks harsh now!!!
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    Chrome RT1B is a rooted color--giving it more depth!
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    I'm not too sure about my Nancy. Depending on how clean your hair is and when it was styled has a lot to do with the appearance of thicker or thinner hair. My guess is that's her own hair. She has great genetics! OTOH, 95 percent of news anchors are wearing faker hair. Along with their botoxed and filled in faces, fake boobs, not-too-casual outfits. Fake teef. And...they all have the same hair. The loose barrel curls. The difference between American news and European news is astounding. The Europeans are less concerned with appearance and more concerned with serious journalism!!
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    Vee what's the group. You can copy the video and post. I'm all about that. I hope your friend doesn't think gray makes her feel older!!
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    It's a new shade. If you google Jamison in new colors I think youll find it!!
  • Support groups?
    You think you can't help people, but your post DID help. You have no idea how many of us who have gone through hair loss have felt the same way. I remember when I had that "aha" moment that my hair would never come back. It was disheartening and depressing but I had to turn it around for the sake of my sanity and my life.
    On FB there are many "wig " groups where women DO discuss their hair loss. You won't be alone. Wigs serve a purpose far more than fun and variety. Wigs give women their confidence and lives back. Here's a huge cyberhug for you!!!
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    LOL Penny--of course it's ok! I love the LI Accent!!!!! XOXOXOX
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    Thank you! LOL--My husband cannot stand me in the gray but he knows I'm going to do what I want anyway.
    You bring up a good point. I don't think it's that we don't want to look OLDER, personally, I just want to look my age--only the best version of my age and that's where the issue lies.
    I also blame the beauty industry big time because they are always using the vulgar term "Anti-aging" as if aging is a bad thing--fact is, the moment you leave the womb you age. It should be called "pro-aging" and then maybe the tide will change!!!
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    LOL. I have noticed that the younger crowd is enthralled with the gray hair! I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one!!!
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    I'm with you on wishing that wig manufacturers would offer more in the grays. It's funny because I never thought I would embrace the gray but after wearing that one Jamison, I've ordered another gray wig. Long and gray look lovely on the mature women and I think wig manufacturers need to be aware that women who are of the mature demographic no longer want those "granny" looking wigs. We want stylish and modern and longer wigs in more grays!!!
  • A Few Looks at Henry Margu's Kendall
    Try washing her and spray a wig conditioning spray on the dry areas. And listen--I picked up an inexpensive steamer at Walmart--I paid less than twenty dollars and it does a great job!
    Kendall is such a great wig--please try to rescue her before you throw her away!!!!
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    I've worn both and now stick to wigs exclusevily. The thing for me, with toppers is that they never stayed "right" on my head. The clips were annoying. I was so self-conscience that it wasn't worth the aggravation. I've since kept my toppers to wear at home and the beach for messy buns.
    With wigs, it's a no-brainer. I'm not worried about the placement or shifting and they are more comfortable and more natural looking for me. No stress hair!
  • Problem with lace front / indefinable knots
    As you stated, the wig was used so there's definitely some wear. The underside of the lace looks discolored as though the original owner may have tried to bleach the knots.
    But--as far as those little pieces of "lint"--many wigs have that. You can apply flesh-colored powder to match your scalp or concealer on the underside.
    Personally, those knots don't bother me because if someone other than me can notice them, then they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to close to my personal space!
  • My Favorite Bridge Wigs of 2018
    Thanks Vee. The budget video is up but I won't post it here due to I guess a conflict with brands that doesn't sell! Thank you so much!