• nape sliding
    Hairdo, Fringe Bob I've never in 15 years used any wig cap. Yes have tightened the ear tabs.
  • nape sliding
    Thank you. I think it fits just fine, maybe it's my head!
  • returning wigs
    Thank you Linda. I sometimes call too. Should have done it with this wig.
  • synthetic hair softener
    Thank you Danielle! I'll get some!
  • Best online wig brand for synthetic hair? Note: I like to wear 22 to 24 inches
    Easy. I LOVE my Stevie by Amore. IT isn't so darn thick as some. Doesn't look wiggy at all. Been wearing it 15 years
  • Are you wearing a wig???
    I haven't been asked if I wear a wig, but if I have, I am honest. That I had a bad chemo experience and my hair is too thin. Big deal.
    Your wig that doesn't show a part, can be plucked to have one. Easy.
    If it is that perma fluff, it can be very carefully shaved into a part.
    You could have asked the old fart where is hair went and that maybe he would look better with a little hair! HAHA
  • wig beginner
    Funny me. I just see a cool style that isn't too costly or too cheap and go for it. Of course I look at synthetic vs human, density etc. I also like to read the reviews.
  • Lace front wig removal/glue in hair
    Hair Direct has adhesive remover and yes, alcohol can work too. Worse comes to worse, clip with scissors as you tear it off.
  • Have you ever been "CALLED OUT" on wearing a wig or hair piece?
    I don't know. I am finally comfortable saying, "I had cancer and my hair came back crummy and too thin" I've only been met with empathy and I don't mind that! I've been wearing wigs or hair systems for 17 years now. Thank goodness it's ok for extensions, wild color and wigs!
  • Low density wigs
    I have always gone for Stevie from Envy. I cut it thought because it is a long wig. I am wearing Stevie in my picture. it is a synthetic. Watch for sales though! They have gone up a bunch.
  • Same topper different color rooting
    Yes, I agree. Wish the industry would lighten these roots a bit
  • Human hair or synthetic
    To me, I've had human hair systems and synthetic wigs over 15 years. I bounce back and forth. Synthetic wigs are great for a go-to style. But they bunch at nape, and are shiny. They get so stiff after a bit. I usually order 3 a year at around $180 a pop.
    I've worn human/synthetic mixes. But the same problems persist as presented below.
    Human hair. It fades into a weird color. I guess if you do human you need to be blonde or out of the sun.I live in California and do a lot of outdoor sports, so maybe that's why they fade into an ashy ugly color. And of course the cost. Well over $1500 dollars for a hair system. Though a wig would be less. The systems allow you to be almost back to can swim, tie back hair over ears, sleep, shower, etc. cause it is taped on your head for up to 3 weeks. Some women say they date men who have NO idea they are sporting a hair system!
    But then you have to style it, etc. And heat does weaken the fibers.

    So..... it is SUCH a toss up.
  • Conflicting Feelings
    I love the thought progression! I would love to change color and length frequently, but feel weird about doing that as people that I don't know well, (as in a country club) judge me as weird. Oh well!!
  • Same topper different color rooting
    I agree with Sunset. Dark roots also make the knots show up so much. I wish they would cool it with the darkness or at least have some light color at the forehead so the knots don't show!!
  • Tape under lace/monofilament
    Yes, I am referring to the double-sided tape specifically for hair systems and toupees. A single strip is about 3 1/2 inches long and is transparent between scalp and lace-front.
  • Lace front Ellen Wille wigs
    That problem really makes me mad! Can't they figure out how to bleach some of the knots near the lace?! Drives me nuts. That's why I like a long bang to cover them.
    Some video's on You Tube shows how to put foundation on the underlace. That works pretty well. Or using face powder carefully on the knots. Good luck.
  • What do you wear if in hospital or overnight?
    HAIR TAPE. I've been in the hospital a few times and for surgery, and I tape the front lace and it stays just fine! The OR cap can go on right over the wig. I did anesthesia for years and I always carefully put on the cap over wigs. They did sometimes shift cause they weren't secured at the front. That is why I say USE a wig or toupee double-sided tape. You should be good for days!
  • Tape under lace/monofilament
    I meant to say that some wig stores may have such tape. HD is on the internet and I would think you could order some. Also look for Hair Systems where you live. They definitely have it. Or toupee type places for men. Ann
  • Tape under lace/monofilament
    The best type of tape is one used for hair systems, such that I wear that at times. I get mine at HD (Hair Direct) at some wig stores. It is a double sticky tape and can be bought for different strengths. The 3-week tape is the one I get. It is a used once tape but with just the front lace, it would stay sticky for a few wearings. It is the ticket!
    That being said, I use them on the lace fronts of wigs too. The will NOT ride up.
  • Prayers needed
    Sending healing thoughts. Gosh, what an awful thing.
  • Do you have any experience with a "Hair System" of any kind?
    yes, that is true. But I prefer the tape. But the same applies; when the tape gets gooey, it is time to take off the unit, remove tape from unit and re-bond. Or take it back to the hair place, and for a fee they will do all that and put it back on your head.
  • Do you have any experience with a "Hair System" of any kind?
    Yes. It is getting confusing w all these various ways to cover the noggin! I just like that I can have a custom cap with hair and density I choose.
  • Do you have any experience with a "Hair System" of any kind?
    And another thing about systems. One can really can run hands through your hair and others cannot tell that it is a system! YAY.
  • Do you have any experience with a "Hair System" of any kind?
    Oh wow. How do you take off your extensions? yikes. Would hate to have you permanently ruin your hair! Well, give time. Maybe when the new hair sheds, (dies off), your normal hair will grow in just fine. I cannot answer to the question of extensions causing permanent follicle damage. Certainly a hair system that is taped on does not do this. But it is best on balder heads. For the topper, you can certainly have a topper system. My hair person suggested I do that, but I just feel my hair is so thin and weird at the bottom, that a full system is best for me.
  • Do you have any experience with a "Hair System" of any kind?
    Moonlitnight: I see it this way. My hair follicles are dead and will never grow back. So I don't care about distressing hair. Now, extensions for sure can drag on head and that can be damaging. But not sure if that is permanent or not. There are adhesive removers and even plain old alcohol lessens the bond for removal. But sometimes there is a little pulling. I won't lie!
  • Do you have any experience with a "Hair System" of any kind?
    Yes, animallover, I have bonded a synthetic wig. Go to internet and go to bond tape for wigs/toupees and you will see the brand name I mentioned in prior post. (guess we aren't to name brand names here). Anyway, also you to YouTube to see how to tape wig and put on head. Easy. It will stay on! Caveat: If you do have a bunch of hair, the pulling of tape off can hurt. Message me if you want anymore help
  • Do you have any experience with a "Hair System" of any kind?
    animallover, yes, sounds like what I have but I bond all over the full head as I need a full head and not a topper. I do bond and re-bond myself. It is indeed a big ole toupee! Ha
  • Got Called Out in Public
    No. See discussion thread on Hair Systems. We just started it.
  • Got Called Out in Public
    Well, no. But Moonlitnight just started a hair system thread/discussion. I have a lengthy reply to her. no suction. Never heard of that!!!