• Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    Wow thanks for the input. I think I need to just try one on and see.
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    That sounds so incredibly frustrating. I hope they bring back the piece that worked for you!
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    Thanks for sharing your experience with me!
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    Thank you so much for your responses. So does a wig not need to be taped or glued on? I never really understood that aspect. And I totally get the topper clips issue- I had some balding in those spots and I only wore it occasionally.
  • First time tips?
    Good luck! I wear a topper, occasionally. I too find the clips to pull, which tends to get uncomfortable. So I wear it part-time. Corner of Hope and Mane has a load of info on toppers. She has a blog as well as a you-tube following.
  • JR new topper, Top Full...?
    Yeah I think the one I looked at isn't lace front but has a bigger base. I find the clips to hurt, so I only wear a topper occasionally. The rest of the time I used tinted Batiste, or wear a wide hair band.
  • Topper tips
    The site I ordered my first topper from did that to me. My bank is still disputing the charge, as I never got my order. That was back in April. I will msg you. After that, I have ordered from other websites,including wigs. com, with no issues.
  • Topper tips
    My biggest gripe is this small band that seems (to me) obvious along the hairline where the part is. So I try to keep a tiny bit of my bio hair out and comb it over that noticeable band, towards the other side, if that makes sense. Check out corner of hope and mane for so many topper tips. And yes, I do place the topper on a stand when I spray it when I'm done wearing. There are two different sprays- one for every day, and one for just after washing. I always take it to my stylist for some color induct assistance. I call ahead and talk to her so she can set aside enough time to cover all my issues. Good luck!
  • What are your thoughts on the Jon Renau Top Secret Name Change?
    I have top secret/style. I love that color a lot! Do share! I have 10H16 (I think that's it).
  • Looking for softest feel synthetic, long wavy hair topper
    Hello and welcome! My first topper was top wave 12 inch and I really didn't like it. It had way too much poof/permatease, and even getting it thinned out really didn't help a lot. I did wear it for a few months, up in a messy bun. I don't have advice, as I now have found a happy place with top secret, which is straight. As far as an odor, I never noticed anything. Google and youtube wavy toppers, learn what's out there. I know there are other folks here who wear toppers, I'm sure they will also offer their wisdom. :heart:
  • No Headband Today
    I'm a topper wearer and also use Joan Rivers powder. Good for you! My husband keeps telling me this newest topper (JR Top Secret Latte) is the most realistic yet.
  • Perma tease
    I tried the uniwigs hope topper because I don't like permatease either. Didn't like the piece at all.
  • Auto Immune Diseases?
    Hypothyroid, fibromyalgia.
  • New topper has arrived!
    I was able to do that de-shine with my dry shampoo you sent me from that contest! :party:
  • Wig (emotional) issue
    I get that self-consciousness, especially around those who see us often but that we aren't close enough to discuss this deeply personal issue (like a neighbor, co-worker, sister-in-law vrs. our spouse, best friends, or adult kids who know our struggle with hair loss and we are less self conscious around). Maybe it would help to ease into it and wear it only around the house and people you are comfortable with, then maybe out to like a restaurant, movie, or grocery shopping, then lastly, around those people you may be most uncomfortable around. I know it's hard to imagine it right now, but you will get used to it and it will come more easily to you with time. I shed a whole lot of tears and frustration at the beginning. And praise the powers that be that we live in a time that there are soooooo many options that look amazing, and have all this information and support right at our fingertips!
  • The feeling of new hair on the way!
    WOW you both have multiples on the way- congrats!
  • What is your favorite part of this forum?
    I love having a place to come to get practical, knowledgable, living-in-the-trenches advice from folks going through the same issues and challenges.
  • For those of us with some hair...
    Yeah it really is a scary feeling going off of it. I keep telling myself that my hair is so thin anyway that I'm never going to go back to not wearing toppers and most likely eventually wigs, so even if it all falls out it's ok.
  • For those of us with some hair...
    As my bio hair got thinner, it also went from straight to curly. When I washed it, it was always this super-fine thin tangled hot mess. Diva curl no poo and one condition makes it possible to get a comb through my hair without ripping and snags. Deva curl helps a LOT if your bio hair is knotty. I also used freaking rogaine for almost 20 years. I gave it up once i bought my first topper- and so far no ill effects. It was situation where i had no idea if it was helping, but afraid to stop it.
  • Help with my new Top Notch!
    Hello and welcome! I have the same complaint with JR toppers as well. I watched this video and have the Joan Rivers power on the way.
    I also find I can sort of "sweep" my hair over that little ridge to hide it a bit. Hope this helps!
    "The perma-tease made my hair stick out like this much!"
  • Question about sales
    Hmmmm. So I guess I should snag it when and where I can.
  • Need a new show-off topic
    Doyou have hulu? Handmaid's Tale is crazy good.
  • Big disappointment: Gabor
    Aw man that blows! I got an affordable topper based on some really great reviews and I was sooooo disappointed. I hate that feeling so much. (((hugs)))
  • I started a new job and was called out
    That was terrible on her part. That woman needs to learn some damn manners. Please don't let her make you feel bad. She is the one with the issue. :heart:
  • Annoyed by toppers in general.
    No a thin layer on my head, with my hairline pulled back. Not sweaty. I keep my house set at 68 degrees, because perimenopause. :rofl:
  • Annoyed by toppers in general.
    I tried the roll on glue and it didn't work at all. I must have a non-stick head or something. Or maybe this particular topper is possessed or something.
  • Annoyed by toppers in general.
    Thanks. I am going to go back to top secret, but need to order a new one as my hair has outgrown the one I already have. This other brand just looks too fake and i can't get lace to stick to my head to save my life. I just wish I could do something with that brown ridge/band that is at the part of JR's.
  • Wig Sisters Meetup in DFW on Saturday, June 23
    Aw I follow Lauren and her blog is where I found out toppers were even a thing!
  • Color bio hair?
    I color my bio hair a med. brown to cover my greys. It's just a basic brown and the color works under pretty much any brown or highlighted topper.