• nape sliding
    Following this as I wear long wigs, and still have the same problem! I have tried silicone strips at the nape, which helps a little. I've tried a wig grip, which strangely worked really well the first day, and not so great afterwards. I also find the wig grip a little hot with the humidity we have here in summer. And, yes, I do have a flat occipital bone! :hearts:
  • Help! Uncontrollable Flyaways
    I have also had this happen on a Jon Renau wig. I sprayed a small amount of Simply Stylin Light Silk spray onto my hands, and gently ran this down my wig. I have also used Argan Oil when I have run out of the Simply Stylin spray. Just be careful not to use too much spray otherwise your wig will be oily.[img][/img] I know this works really well with Jon Renau fibre, hope it will work well on RW as well.
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  • silicone sheet to hold wig
    HI Happy to be Retired, It was Beatrice who used the silicone sheet, she used to cut into pieces and pur at the nape, and near the ear tabs I think. I have tried using this as well, sometimes it works really well, and other times not so well, so a bit hit and miss for me.
  • HH wearer—but SC (synthetic curious)! :)
    Just finding some time to try and catch up on posts. At this time in my life I only wear synthetic lace front long wigs, so I cannot comment on HH wigs. In the summer months, where I live, it is high humidity, and the face fronts "crinkle" stretch, for want of a better word.I think if I had paid the more expensive price for HH, I would still have the issue with the lace front humidity, and that has stopped me a number of times from purchasing HH. Oh, and to "like" or "heart" a persons response, simply hold your mouse curser over the heart that is shown on the bottom right hand corner of the comment, then left click with your mouse, that will "like" the comment :smile:
  • So excited to be a new member!
    Hi HairLove I used to be more active a while ago, however I am not so active now. It is lovely to see someone new on the forum and to say "Hi". I wear sythetic long wigs and have done for a long time now. Sometimes I am tempted to think of going over to HH, however the area that wears for me first is the lace front, maybe because of the summer humidity we have where I live. The lace tends to get loose and rippled for want of another word. So I happily buy my Jon Renau Zara's, Kaia's etc, and enjoy them whilst they last!
  • So excited to be a new member!
    Hi and welcome to the forum :smile:
  • Jon Renau Julianne
    Hi Joelle 123, some people are cruel, that is on them, please do not take comments like that to heart.

    Both you and your kids have gotten used to seeing your hair thin, probably over a period of time. To suddenly have a full "head" of hair again will be different and surprising, it will take a moment or two or longer to get used to looking in the mirror and seeing a new you.

    I have been wearing wigs for 30 + years, as I have hair loss as well. I always wash my "new" hair before I wear it and let it drip dry, and sometimes I even wash it twice if I think the top isn't sitting properly, it is too shiny, or is too poofy. I wear Jon Renau Zara or Kaia which are both longer styles. Sadly, not every hairdresser can cut wigs, so even though their customer service does not sound great, if you have washed your Julianne and are still not pleased with how it looks, I would personally front up with the wig, put it on, and explain to them why it doesn't feel right, and say you need their help and expertise. They may be able to steam it a little more flat on the top, or thin it slightly.

    Julianne is a lovely looking wig, however I would never be able to wear that style. My hair was always fairly straight, and even though others may say I could pull off a wavy style like that, I would not be comfortable. It has been said when you purchase your first faux hair, to try and buy as close to what your hair used to be like so you feel comfortable, and I did follow that advice myself. Others may well disagree with this.

    I agree with DC21, it would be good to get used to wearing your hair around the house for a few days once it has been washed, until both you and your kids get more used to it.

    At the end of the day, it is what makes you the most confortable and happy that will mean the most.

    Sending hugs to you. :hearts:
  • I dont want a lot of hair.
    Agree, Ellen Willie is definitely low density.
  • Best online wig brand for synthetic hair? Note: I like to wear 22 to 24 inches
    Hi Trish I am thinking of purchasing Ariana, how have you found this wig?
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    Hi Kaileeren I wear JR Zara and Kaia (not HD fibre) every day, from 7am to around 9pm or 10pm, and I get about 6 - 7 weeks. They are long styles. I wash before wearing, then wash about once a week. After about 3 - 4 weeks I will gently steam, and then re-style as it looked when it came in the box, and steam again (to get the look and movement back into the fibre). By the end of the 6 weeks or so, the lace front does not look good, so I go onto my new hair.
  • Have a few wigs to sell with tags wrong colors for me how do I do that?
    Another site is Flip Your Wig - Wig Buy, Sell etc, on Facebook. Lots of wig sisters sell their wigs there.
  • Advice needed please
    I have been wearing wigs now for 30 years, my current wig is the Jon Renau Zara, and I have been wearing that as my hair for the past 7 years. I do swap with JR Kaia and a few others, and have recently changed the colour to Palm Springs Blonde. If you look around at your friends, they generally would change their hair styles, or colour at different times. I know my friends do. My immediate family knows I wear wigs, but I do not discuss this with my friends or anyone I work with, that is just my personal way in dealing with my hair loss. It is very easy to say, take a deep breath, and just go and see your gorgeous friends, however I do know it can be scary, it has been for me at diffferent times. I now try and think of one thing to get me through, and that is they ARE my friends, they care about me, and they would never intentionally say or do anything to upset me. Then I take a deep breath, go and meet them, with a big smile on my face, and we are straight into the hugs and chatting like we met yesterday. I hope this is of some help :hearts:
  • Wet wig
    Absolutely agree with Alicexm. Let dry naturally, and when completely dry, then comb or brush.
  • Has anyone used heat on a wig when it says not to
    HI Diana, Just saw this thread now. You can re-steam it as Penny mentioned above. An easy way for me it to fold the wig the way it was when it laid in the brand new box. I lay it on my towel, and let the steam wash over it. I then turn the wig the other way around, and re-steam that side as well. Then I let the wig cool at least overnight to reset the wave. I hope this works for you.
  • So disappointed in Noriko
    That doesn't sound like Noriko to me. In the past I have worn Noriko Stevie, and even though that wig is not a huge volume wig, there is no way you would be able to see any wefts, seams or scalp. I would return this as a defective wig and ask for a replacement at no charge.
  • Outre Synthetic L-Part Swiss Lace Front Wig
    I agree. Where is the moderator to remove this post????????????
  • Giving a lacefront wig bangs
    If you are comfortable to try using a steamer to change the direction of the hair? That is the only thing I could think of, and I would suggest you try on an old wig first if you are not used to steaming. Good luck!
  • Short Hair Sticking Up
    If you have a steamer, practice on an old wig first, and let the steamer steam the hairs down in the direction you want.
  • Do You Cut the Brand Name Tags Out?
    It is way more comfortable for me when they are cut out. I use the Jon Renau silicone sheet to hold my wig in place (cut into a smaller piece) and sew this in where those labels are, so I remove the labels so the silicone can hold properly!
  • Has anyone ever used argon oil on their wigs?
    Hi Lori, I have used Argon Oil of Morocco conditioning spray on my wigs, and it helped keep the tangles at bay. I have also used Simply Styling, which is a silicone spray especially for our faux hair. I couldn't say one was any better than the other. However, if I was going away with friends, I would take the Argon Oil with me LOL.
  • What do you wear if in hospital or overnight?
    Hi Happy to ve Retired, the first time I had surgery I asked the nurse on our private interview on admittance. She was surprised I was wearing a wig, it was JR lace front. Her words to me, I didn't pick it was a wig, dont worry the cap will cover it all. Not an issue. Same as most people I would think, I washed my "hair" prior to admittance for the surgery. :hearts:
  • What do you wear if in hospital or overnight?
    Hi Debbie, my wig cap fits my head pretty well, I wear Jon Renau, however I do sew a piece of a silicone sheet (which you can buy at on the nape area, which stops the wig creeping up the back of my neck. . I am highly allergic to any glues or tapes.
  • What do you wear if in hospital or overnight?
    Hi Mona I have very little hair due to Hashimotos and other health issues. My wig is my hair. I have had several operations and stays in hospital, wearing my wig each time, and no problems at all. I do not have any metal clips in my wigs (no use, as too little of my own hair). That would be the only concern I would think.
    What gave me away in hospital was my lovely nurse who called me out saying my JR Zara looked too good after major surgery and 3 days in bed! I have also worn my wigs with Xrays, CT Scans and MRI's, again no metal clips. Hope this is of help to you xx
  • Silicone
    There is a whole discussion under the heading:

    How to stop your wig creeping up the back of your neck?

    BeatA shows a photo of the inside of her wig, and how she sews the silicone in, and that is what I have done as well. I have very little hair, so the silicone sticks very easily. It is so soft and comfortable. If you have hair at the nape of your neck, the silicone might not be for you. Hope this helps :hearts:
  • Silicone
    Hi VocalEyes you can buy the Jon Renau silicone sheets from . a 5 x 7 silicone sheet costs $36, and there is a larger sheet available as well. I cut the sheet to fit the nape area and hand stitch the cutout piece in place.This securely holds my wig in place, and stops any creepage. I will try and find the original discussion on this, and link for you.
  • What would you do???
    I would have said no as well. It is sad you need to be so careful with idenity fraud amongst others. I would never dream of knowingly letting a stranger take a photo of me. :hearts:
  • Dye lots are sooooo different
    Hi I have had that happen with my Jon Renau's as well. I was wearing 24B22, and one was much lighter than the other. I actually liked the lighter one best, sadly that is not the usual colour/blend you receive!