• Hair Videos You Wish Were Online
    Attachment and removal methods like taping ear tabs.
  • The difference between the Human Hair Wig and Synthetic Wig should have made this a closed group. Trolling or advertisements don't happen in other closed hair groups. There would be more participation on this forum if they would have done that in the beginning.
  • Wouldn’t you know it!
    Yeah, Jodie has been on the discontinued list for awhile. If you go on the JR website, they list their discontinued styles under Wigs/ Collection/ Last Call. It stinks when you have to find an alternative when your go to wig is discontinued!
  • Help us improve :)
    The videos are made with the novice in mind. Experienced wig wearers know what a nape measurement, bang, etc is, but a newbie may not. It makes sense to point out the features in the videos to inform the viewer because they would be answering repetitive questions from potential buyers about what a nape measurement means. Better too much info than not enough.
  • Laser Max
    There isn't a cure for androgenetic alopecia, just treatments that are largely ineffective for most women. We go through all of the vitamins, shampoos, etc hoping our hairloss will stop and recover. Well, biotin doesn't cut it and isn't a hairloss cure! It takes a while for some women to accept the hairloss is permanent and turn to toppers or wigs.
  • BelleTress Maxwella - question about heat friendly fibers
    I own one JR HD Spicy, and one RW HD wig Editor's Pick. I love the look of JR's HD fibers over RW's HD fibers. Spicy is beautiful! I only bought it for the occasional event, so I still don't have much experience with HD. Editor's Pick is just house hair that I pin up. I am sticking to regular synthetic as I don't crave spending a lot of time restyling.
  • New to the wig world, a lot to take in!
    You can get traction alopecia from tight weaves and the damage can be permanent. Most toppers require clips or tape for security. Have you tried rotating the clips every few weeks? You could switch between toppers and wigs depending on your needs. Please post back on your experience with the clipless topper. I do understand wanting to put your hair in a pony as it isn't as easy or natural looking with a wig.
  • Laser Max
    I bought it from QVC for my daughter. She wouldn't stick with it, so I returned it. I think QVC allows an extended return on the product, so you can use it and see if you get results. Honestly, laser technology is like minoxidil. It won't work for everyone and is best for those in beginning to moderate hairloss stages. It might help maintain what you have for a period of time, but I wouldn't expect a head full of regrowth. I have seen the laser caps advertised for a few thousand too. I am beyond the beginning to moderate hairloss stages and don't want to waste my time or money.
  • Different Companies, Same Wigs
    It is called white labeling where the wig store puts their own house brand name on the wigs offered by name brand manufacturers. They typically upcharge for the styles. I wouldn't pay full price for a synthetic, and I especially would not pay above retail price. However, I have heard very good things about Godiva's customer service in their store. Good customer service and customization services are worth paying extra. Would I personally order a style online from them and pay more than retail? No. Would I pay the higher price if I lived near them and benefitted from their store services? Yes. If you have been happy with your orders and service from them, continue doing business with them.
  • So disappointed in Noriko
    *deleted this post as I wrote it last week. They held it for moderation and just got around to posting it out of order in the thread.
  • How to Choose Best Wig at Low Price?
    For your first piece, try to pick a style and color that closely matches your hair style now. Watch as many YouTube videos as possible for style, color, synthetic, Human hair, etc. Subscribe to the online stores for sale notices. Never pay full price online. If you are near a wig store, it may be worth the try to start there to try on pieces and colors. Look for reviews of stores around you. Some will cut and style it for you and offer many valuable services.
  • So disappointed in Noriko
    I figured they would find it within specs. The standards are low for quality. Honestly, an open cap wig should be in line with PY prices. They want to charge Cadillac prices of course. RoP has never responded to an inquiry through their website when I have asked product questions. Maybe they respond through facebook inquiries. Their customer service is awful. Sorry that you received a dud.
  • Would Pixie Cut be ur next Summer Hairstyle ?
    I can't pull off the short cuts. My facial features aren't petite. Happy for those who want to, but it will never be my style either.
  • Ear clips help and distance from eyebrows newbi.
    Four fingers from the top of your eyebrows is generally the advice given if you don't have a front hairline as a guide. Mine is a little less. If you have a front hairline, line it up with that. Widow's peaks are a little trickier.
  • New Video--How to Wear a Wig to the Beach
    Waves and curl look beautiful under sunhats!
  • wig sizes
    Estetica runs larger than most brands. I wear JR mostly, but their cap sizes are inconsistent with their brand.
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    I will never wear new hair out of the box. It has to be washed first, even if it doesn't require any customizing. I wear styles like JR Rachel, JR Heidi, etc. Washing them always cuts the shine in the blondes I wear and relaxes the waves so they aren't wiggy. They look more natural after their first wash imo. After that, I wash them every 6-8 wears. I store them in their original boxes after wearing so they don't collect dust. When I travel, I store them in gallon Ziploc bags (they each get their own bag). Some people hardly comb or wash their synthetic hair, but I feel synthetic hair looks wiggy when it starts to clump and not move. They are expensive, so people have expectations of the plastic hair lasting months and months. They are disappointed when they don't last, even with "proper care". I dislike that phrase personally. Through trial and error, we all develop our own maintenance system for wig care.
  • First wig advice
    I have never worn a 360 lace wig. I imagine that will be more challenging. I wear lace front synthetics. I would watch as many YouTube videos as possible.
  • Fading Wigs
    I live in the sunshine state. I wear a lot of sunhats. My color hasn't changed that I noticed, just the shine dulls. I don't get 3-4 months of full-time wear. I wear longer styles though.
  • What about wigs from Hairvivi, Chinalacewig, Royalme and Evawig?
    No, I have never bought those brands. I wear synthetics. Other ladies have posted about those brands elsewhere.
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    Wow, you look spectacular! I wouldn't have guessed your age! What hair are you wearing in the picture?
  • New Hair & New Color - what do you think?
    Is this Rose Ella? You look beautiful!
  • How would you respond?
    Definitely wear older hair. You can put one of those wide exercise headbands like a buff or a Nammu type cap on - or just the wig itself if you prefer. Blue liner tape will hold for extended wear and swimming, but be sure you have the correct stuff to remove it.
  • First wig advice
    Hello, and welcome! Your measurements do seem to be on the high end of average on the circumference. If you still have a lot of your own hair, that will make a difference in fit as well. There are many methods to secure your hair, and you will have to see by trial and error what you prefer. I use It Stays or Got2B on my lace fronts, that is it for me. You can also use wig tape which I keep on hand if I need extended hold ( the blue tape). I do not wear wig caps or wigrips. I do not like them personally. Many love the wigrip though. Some women sew clips in at the nape and top for security. I don't as I don't have hair to clip to, and I would be too lazy anyway to do it. If the wig is wefted, you could put bobby pins through for security. If you put your hair in a low pony and pin it up, it acts as an anchor at the nape. Some ladies pull their own hair out along the eartabs and nape. Along the eartabs, it adds to the realism by obscuring the harsh edges. It is good to have a few options for security on hand as different uses might need different solutions. You are getting a ponytail wig? I haven't had one personally, so I don't have particular experience with that type of wig.

    There are many Facebook hair groups you can join. I am sorry no one answered you.
  • Fading Wigs
    Maybe the coating has worn off from wash and wear? The shine has dulled so it seems a different color?
  • TORI, Rene' of Paris
    Many people steam and use very low heat on their non heat friendly synthetics. Do you have an old wig to practice on first?
  • What about wigs from Hairvivi, Chinalacewig, Royalme and Evawig?
    You will learn more about those HH brands from YouTube and the hair Facebook groups.
  • Blending bangs or fring on top of head
    Unless you wear your sides pulled up with a barrette or all pulled up in a ponytail, I don't see how you can hide the seam of the bangs on top. It is such a small base to work with and harder to integrate as it is right in the front. I have never worn clip in bangs, so hopefully someone with experience can give you a solution.
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    I have never had my synthetic hair change color. I always wash my new wigs before I wear them to cut the fake shine on the blondes I wear.
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    I use Suave Clarifying shampoo or Woolite to wash. It is cheap and at all of the markets. I like Revlon's texturizing shampoo, but I don't go out of my way to buy it. You can use any shampoo or hairspray that is meant for biohair that you like personally. It is just marketing that you have to use wig specific products on your synthetic hair, you don't.