• Lacy wig
    I believe it may be Dolce as well.
  • Any suggest for a topper
    Estetica has a couple of mono wiglets with good reviews. Also, have you considered cutting a wig into a topper? It would give you more choices. I don't wear toppers, just trying to give you a few suggestions.
  • bathing cap wig
    Amy Gibson has the HH water wig. There are also synthetic solutions. You can wear a Nammu hat with any wig. Blue liner tape is recommended for a strong hold when doing water activities.
  • Gabor's new Sugared Nickle Color Advice
    I agree. Gabor missed the boat on this one. The color would have been more realistic without roots. Their other new release color SS Champagne Blonde looks fake in all of the promo pictures too, like doll hair.
  • Attaching wig clips to hand tied top?
    I wear an all-handtied JR daily. I just glue the lace down, nothing else. Have you tried wearing a wig grip? The clips would have to be very small because there is only a small area that runs around the inside perimeter of the cap to attach them. I cut a hole in my handtied cap once and sewed it up with a dart type stitching. I honestly can't answer if it is durable enough to sew a clip on to the handtied mesh portion.
  • Best Wig Shampoo to Remove Product Residue
    I have used everything from "wig" shampoo, ammonia, vinegar, Woolite, fabric softener, to regular shampoo. I currently use Suave Clarifying because it gets the buildup of It Stays and Got2B glue off the lace just as good as anything else, plus Suave has the benefit of being inexpensive and easily put on my grocery list. I soak with Suave Clarifying in cool water for at least 15 minutes, usually longer as I forget, then rinse and hang to dry. I no longer do a separate condition soak, I am too lazy and I don't notice a difference anyway. I spray the nape with Simply Styling or Envy Renu and Repair after it dries. Suave Clarifying seems to work for me to take out product, but a little ammonia, or the vinegar and baking soda as suggested, will also work.
  • silver or blond?
    When we age, our roots are expected to be white. Going blonde is an obvious choice as it brightens our face and takes a few years off. We have all seen older people who dye their hair jet black or dark brown from their younger years and it ages them and looks ridiculous. I think an advantage of getting older is that with age and white roots, a lot of women can wear unrooted darker blondes or blondes without the harsh rooting and obvious knots in the lace front. Some of the grays can be overly shiny in synthetics like the blondes, that can be remedied I guess. I have seen quite a few younger women on Instagram wearing JR's Martini as an ash blonde alternative, even though it is gray.
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    The problem is the HD fiber. They are high maintenance, especially on styles that hit the nape and shoulders. They clump and get stiff, which looks wiggy imo, within minutes to hours of wearing. You can't brush, or it frizzes - plus the hair separates in the back of the wefted styles especially and looks like you are wearing clip in extensions due to the clumping. I won't purchase HD personally anymore. RW's new collection drops tomorrow and it is all overpriced HD. I like RW Vibralite, regular synthetic styles like Celebrity, but they seem to be veering from regular synthetic and doing HD. I pretty much stick to mostly JR and some HM in regular synthetic fibers. I am glad they aren't converting their whole line over to HD.
  • Perry or Girl Mono
    Estetica has beautiful lace fronts. IMO, they are sized for average but have good stretch for larger heads. I don't bother with Estetica much because they have backorders that are months long and will often discontinue styles in the same season they debut. Estetica is owned by Aderans now, so maybe their production will improve. It is my understanding that EW is good for smaller heads. Denise Sheets has a few YouTube videos on Girl Mono.
  • Heat Friendly Wigs vs Oven
    As your wig collection grows, you can relegate some of your older wigs for exercise, yard work status, camping, etc to save on your newer ones you want to wear to work, church, etc. When you open the oven, stand to the side and let the hot blast of air come out, then proceed to take your food out. The problem comes when you forget you are wearing a wig because it has become so comfortable! You will be fine camping this summer! Wear a hat or bandana when cooking, or get a heat friendly wig. I am not a fan of heat friendly wigs myself. If you are worried about outdoor grills or bonfires, it may be an option for you to consider.
  • Selling brand new wigs
    You should send your email through private message since this is a public forum.
  • Help Me Decide Please!
    Tressallure's Mid Wavy Layered Shag is 100% handtied with a lace front and double mono. It used to be known as Syntress Primrose. Tressallure has a few short shags that have potential to be styled like RW's Trendsetter, although it appears they have monos with no lace front.
  • fabric softener soak
    I use a small basin to soak my hair. I usually just put a fraction of what I would use for a full load of laundry, just enough to see it disperse throughout the water. I used the Downey fragrance free. I haven't been using the fabric softener method lately though.
  • Another Dishonest Company- Wilshire Wigs
    Godiva's white labels wigs from a lot of brands. I am not sure if they have their own exclusive designs. If you aren't visiting their store personally for their services, I wouldn't be paying full retail price for a synthetic online. I have heard good things about their in-store customer service though.
  • Human hair brunette colors
    I am not an expert on HH. From what I have read and understand, your best chances at an ashy brown will be virgin European hair as the Asian hair tends to pull red when dyed. Hopefully, someone else will chime in to help you.
  • Human Hair Wig Colors
    The color in human hair oxidizes and fades. Eventually, they have to be recolored. You may need to use toner on the blondes occasionally. Sun exposure can definitely affect the color as well. They can dry out. There are many variables when purchasing HH. I have been contemplating it as well, but I am in no hurry.
  • Straight version of Estetica Kendall wig
    JR Marion would be a possible alternative to JR Kendall.
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    The Malibu Blonde HD is gorgeous on you!
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    12fs8 is such a beautiful blonde in the HD. I do not like the regular synthetic 12fs8, but the HD version is awesome. The dark rooting, number 8, ruins it for me though. I like subtle, not so harsh rooting. I will not darken my brows to wear darker roots. I would buy an unrooted blonde and add roots. The lighter unrooted blondes have better front hair lines.
  • help with permatease showing
    Like Jayne suggested, wigs can be cut down to be toppers too, if you are considering toppers. Henry Margu just released a couple of petite/average wigs. They have a new style called Taylor with a monotop/lace front that looks natural, plus a shorter one whose name I can't remember. Jon Renau and Gabor also have some petite/average selections. I think Ellen Wille and Belle Madam run small too. Sorry, you were called out at work. What an inconsiderate jerk to do that to someone.
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    I put the Tressallure Mia on, and it definitely has some stretch and should accommodate your circumference. I can't speak for the brand in general if the sizing is consistent for all of their styles.
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    I am a JR girl, but the rooted blondes do not have a natural hairline, especially the 8 and 10 roots. The 12 and 18 roots aren't as stark across the forehead. I wear bangs to solve that problem. Raquel's hairlines are beautiful, but I think equally unnatural at times with the shock of all blonde at the hairline in her rooted blondes. I bought a Tressallure Mia in Mimosa Highlight and the front lace was beautiful as it was a mixture of blonde and the rooted color, very well done.
  • Considering my first wig???
    I have read that many women can get assistance from their national health service for a wig in the UK. Maybe they can direct you to a salon? Simplywigs, Aspire, and Mimo are all in the UK.
  • What are reasonable expectations?
    I also find wavy wigs don't show wear or tangling as fast as straight wigs. I wear longer styles past my shoulders mostly, and I do not get six months of all day/everyday wear out of a synthetic. If you learn to steam and restyle, you will definitely get more mileage out of it.
  • Sentoo Wigs
    I have eyed a couple of their styles on the UK sites. I am excited this brand is being offered here now, although in limited selection. Hopefully, they will expand their selection to include more styles. Isn't this brand owned by the same company as ROP/Amore, etc?
  • Hair Videos You Wish Were Online
    Attachment and removal methods like taping ear tabs.
  • The difference between the Human Hair Wig and Synthetic Wig should have made this a closed group. Trolling or advertisements don't happen in other closed hair groups. There would be more participation on this forum if they would have done that in the beginning.
  • Wouldn’t you know it!
    Yeah, Jodie has been on the discontinued list for awhile. If you go on the JR website, they list their discontinued styles under Wigs/ Collection/ Last Call. It stinks when you have to find an alternative when your go to wig is discontinued!
  • Help us improve :)
    The videos are made with the novice in mind. Experienced wig wearers know what a nape measurement, bang, etc is, but a newbie may not. It makes sense to point out the features in the videos to inform the viewer because they would be answering repetitive questions from potential buyers about what a nape measurement means. Better too much info than not enough.
  • Laser Max
    There isn't a cure for androgenetic alopecia, just treatments that are largely ineffective for most women. We go through all of the vitamins, shampoos, etc hoping our hairloss will stop and recover. Well, biotin doesn't cut it and isn't a hairloss cure! It takes a while for some women to accept the hairloss is permanent and turn to toppers or wigs.