• Making synthetic wigs last
    Hi all. Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions. Trust me I baby my wigs and treat them with extreme care. I do not wear them daily or weekly. I’ve only worn Rachel Welch 4 times in the 3 months I’ve had her. I love it so much I only wear it on special occasions because I want it to last as long as possible . It started looking kinda bad the 4th time I wore it so I simply put it with all the others in the “another one bites the dust” pile. Maybe I just expect too much. But I will take all your suggestions and try again. I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks again.
  • Making synthetic wigs last
    Thanks guys for your comments. My wigs are shoulder length and I truly do not wear them often as I’m retired as well. If I wore them daily I think I’d only get a good week out of them. Yes the HD fibers are harder to maintain. They claim to be heat friendly but I wouldn’t dare. For the money they charge one would think they’d come up with a way to make them last longer.
  • Be Careful of Fake Wig Buying
    I agree wholeheartedly. Know who you are buying from!!!!! I got scammed a couple of years ago by a company called wigsis. What they do is copy the wigs from reputable sites and sell it from their site for a lot less. There was a $1500 wig I wanted it so badly but I just would not spend that kind of money. I saw it on this wig this site for $300 so I purchased it through PayPal. I won’t even begin to tell you the nightmare. I’ll just some it up by saying after I try to return it and or get my money back from PayPal and American Express I finally gave up and threw the crap in the trash. Of course I did my research after the fact. I looked wigsis up and there were thousands and I mean thousands of reviews of people getting scammed. The worst part of all to me was that PayPal continued to process these Payments despite the fact this was obviously a scamming person in China. I thought of starting a class action suit against PayPal but then decided it just was not worth my energy. I argued with PayPal and American Express for weeks. They would not give me back my money. So all that said absolutely positively know the websites you are purchasing from
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    Thanks. I decided to no longer purchase hd fiber. Recently I’ve purchased about 6 of them. All Rachel Welch. And they all look horrible. About $3000 later I’ve finally learned my lesson.
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    Come to find out my standards are not too high. The bottom line is HD absolutely sucks! I have worn my embrace for literally less than one week and it looks terrible. With lots and lots of work -washing steaming curling etc. I probably could get it back to looking good but that only lasts for one day or less. It’s Just not worth the energy.I will never purchase HD again
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    Thanks so much for confirming I am not crazy. In an earlier response I said maybe my standards are too high. But I really don’t think so. Is it too much to ask that your wig look good fir more than a day or two? I can’t tell you how many times I catch a glimpse and ask myself what is this s—- I have on my head. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sworn off buying any more of these ripoff wigs! But the I get so sick of Doing my bio hair I go right back to being ripped off. And these companies insist these wigs are heat friendly. THEY ARE NOT!!! But I guess as long as we keep buying them they’ll keep making them. Like you, Going forward I will only buy straight synthetic and leave this hd stuff alone
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    Thanks for the replies ladies. Maybe my standards are too high. I will try not to obsess. I’ll cut off the frizziest and will update next week.
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    What am I doing wrong!!!!???? Most of you are so pleased with your wigs. I can’t seem to get a good month out of my wigs. And I’ve got the best. Jon Renau and Rachel Welch. my latest, upstage by rw, literally started frizzing the first day I wore it! By day three I steamed it. It looked good for 1/2 day. By the time I got home it was mangled mess. The same thing happened with all 3 of my on points by rc. Same with Jon renau. I try hard to take good care but I’ve never had a wig last more than a month - and that’s NOT EVERYDAY wear. Any advice is appreciated.
  • Help!
    Omg good luck with it! I did the same thing...ordered from one of those overseas companies. What I got was simply on wearable. I tried getting my money back from the company from American Express all to no avail. When I finally went online to look at reviews thousands of people were scammed by this company. It amazed me that American express would not back me up. I since have closed my account with them. But what was worse is all these transactions go through PayPal. I thought of a class action suit against PayPal because this company was clearly a scam but they continue to allow it. It was taking way too much of my energy so I decided to just chalk it up as a loss. Going forward I will order from no one but reputable companies like
  • Dream wig search
    I’m looking for that same wig. I’ve kind of given up for a while. That constant buying, can’t wait for it to arrive, disappointment, paying for return shipping tsdysdyada gets stressful after a while
  • Oprah on the campaign trail
    I think Oprah has add ins like everyone else. Hey whatever works
  • jon renau steamer
    I have a better idea… How about John renau wigs have better quality? They are simply gorgeous but they do not last at all. After being ripped off many times with his synthetic wigs I bit the bullet and purchased a very expensive human hair wig. and after the first washing it looks like a rats nest just like his synthetic wigs. I am a sucker for his chocolate cherry color. Omg that is my favorite color and nobody Does it like Jon renau! After 7 disappointing wigs (a couple of thousand) I have to finally give up and find another favorite color with someone else. One wig was so bad I contacted his company directly but they wouldn’t replace it.. I’m done!