• Lace front Ellen Wille wigs
    I hate the dark rooting also around the lace front. It looks very unnatural.
  • Have you ever been "CALLED OUT" on wearing a wig or hair piece?
    I was in a wig place yesterday & a girl there said one of her friends asked her if she was wearing wig. She said she was embarrassed to be asked this, & yes she was wearing a wig. That is really rude to ask someone that. I saw an interview with Barbara Walters talking to Diana Ross & Barbara bluntly asked her if she was wearing a wig.
  • I need help finding wig hats
    You could contact Milano wigs & order something how you want. I'm sure there must be other places, but I know for sure you can get one of these with them. Good luck & let us know when & if you get one.
  • So disappointed in Noriko
    The Noriko wig I have has way too much hair. I have really had to thin it out. It is frustrating to get your hopes up anxiously waiting for a wig & then to have it be such a disappointment. I recently ordered the same topper I've ordered before & I might as well throw it away. I have cut bangs into it as I always do, but it doesn't look the same as the other topper that's worn out now. The rooting is much darker, and I don't like real dark rooting. There is less hair in the back & I just would not feel comfortable wearing it.
  • How would you respond?
    I was actually told by my ex I needed to go see a psychiatrist over my obsession over my thin, lifeless hair. What could a psychiatrist do to have made me accept this horrible hair? They couldn't, so a wig or hairpiece can make me feel better. I feel guilty like I'm committing a sin wearing fake hair, but it's a shame there has to be such a stigma with it. Women wear fake nails, fake eyelashes, push up bras, fake tans ect, and that's totally acceptable. I felt strange when I went to see my accountant. She said at least three times My goodness what are you doing, you actually are looking younger. I told her it must be the glasses I was wearing. (LOL) It felt good to be told I looked younger though. Who doesn't want to hear that? I didn't want to mention I was wearing a wig; then it would turn into that I'm not being real. I still have the same face, same body & everything else, I'm just arriving with a normal amount of hair like I wonder I couldn't have been gifted with. I look around & see all these other women with normal amounts of hair, and being able to wear different styles. I was at an outdoor event yesterday & the wind was blowing. I felt safe with my wig on because it was clipped on, and I thought about what a disaster my bio hair would have ended up looking like. I would have had to of pulled on a baseball cap. Even when I wear a baseball cap I have to spray down the sides to keep my hair from coming out the sides. One man there mentioned about my brother getting a hair transplant in the early 70's and how it looked so bad. I asked this man who has a full head of hair if he wouldn't have felt bad going bald in her early 20's. People just don't understand & it's very sad.
  • How would you respond?
    I never ever tell someone I'm wearing a topper or a wig. I don't feel comfortable doing it. I get a lot of compliments & i just say thank you & try to change the subject. I'm embarrassed over my thin, fine lifeless hair that won't hold a curl & won't even hold color for very long. I look so much better with having more hair, and I enjoy being able to look better. Why wouldn't anyone want to look better? I don't want to explain to people why I wear a wig or hair piece. It is what it is. If anyone has ever suspected they've never said anything. I don't know what I would say if someone asked me if I was wearing a wig. I'll have to deal with that if it ever happens. My hair has always been extremely thin & baby fine. It has literally ruined my life & kept me from doing a lot of things. People that have a normal amount of hair don't understand.
  • Budget Wigs? Anyone?
    I have a Vivica Fox wig & I love it. Can't beat the price, it looks as good as some of my more expensive wigs.
  • Cameron, Rene of Paris
    I have the ROP Cameron & it is a very popular, cute wig.
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    I haven't seen any fading of the color of my go to HH wig I've had for five years. It's a beautiful strawberry blonde & has remained that color. If it did ever fade, I would take it back to the guy I bought it from & have him spruce it up. I'd be afraid to fool with the color on either of my HH wigs. I don't baby this wig at all. When I take it off I just lay it in the drawer.
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    I bought both my human hair wigs out of wig store. The first one I bought five years ago, & I got a heck of a buy. I paid $450.00. The hair is still really smooth & beautiful. It's about four to five inches past my shoulders. It's real easy to style. I just use the curling iron occasionally on the ends, and it holds the curl for a long, long time. The 2nd human hair wig I bought about six months ago & I paid $1100.00. This one is layered & also holds the curl really well. With either of these wigs all I have to do is brush through them & put them on. I love how I can use a regular brush, and I haven't seen any shedding at all. I like my synthetic wigs; however, they do shed & the ends get to looking really dry. One of my wigs, the spotlight by Raquel Welch, I just dearly loved. After only about three weeks the ends started looking like the end of a broom; it was horrible & I'm still so sad about it. I had to cut it to where it's now a shoulder length bob. It looks good this way, but I didn't want it in a bob. I have the Haute wig by Jon Renau & that's a bob. I didn't need another one. People are used to seeing me in longer styles so I don't wear the bob wigs that often. I would personally be terrified in buying a human hair wig online, where i'm not afraid to buy a synthetic one. I don't wear the newest $1100.00 as often as I do the one I got five years ago. Although it's beautiful, I really didn't need to buy another human hair wig. (I just went crazy one day with my wig addiction) I actually feel it has too much hair, & like the lower density of the first one I bought. I thin out synthetic wigs all the time, but I'm afraid to do it with this beautiful wig. I haven't ever washed it yet, so I don't know how it will dry when I do. My first one dries really nice & smooth with no frizzing whatsoever. As I mentioned before, I have a human hair topper & it was beautiful, but it now looks frizzy & I know it must have really bad human hair. My bio hair is straight & smooth, my problem is it's so baby fine it won't hold a curl, hold color & stay in place with the slightest bit of wind. Sorry this was so long. (LOL)
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    This is why I really prefer human hair wigs. They last for a really long time. They may be more expensive, but in the long run not really since they last for many years compared to a few months. I don't have shedding with my human hair wigs like I do with the synthetics or tangling. It depends on the type of human hair though. My two human hair wigs have really nice hair. I have a human hair topper that looked good for a short time & now looks frizzy & I won't wear it.
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    I use baby shampoo & then I use Tresemme moisture rich conditioner. Then I put on Garnier Fructis intensely smooth leave in conditioner. Sometimes I do a Downy Fabric no scent softener soak for 20 minutes. I use regular cheap hairspray on synthetics & my human hair wigs. The guy I bought my Human hair wig from told me to use this expensive hairspray & not to use regular cheap stuff, but I use it anyway. It washes out. I find the Sauve cheap hairspray holds the bangs much better. The synthetic sprays or other expensive hair sprays don't hold really very well. I use cheap hairspray on my bio hair also, it doesn't matter. I tried using expensive shampoos & conditioners & sprays on my bio hair & it looked bad anyway, so I don't bother with any of that anymore.
  • Same topper different color rooting
    My bio hair doesn't have dark roots, my roots are white & most of the time someone doesn't see my bio hair anyway. If I suddenly show up with real dark roots it is obvious I'm wearing a wig. I hate dark roots, slight shading is fine & looks more natural.
  • Have you ever been "CALLED OUT" on wearing a wig or hair piece?
    Whenever I receive compliments about my hair, or my faux hair, I just say thank you. I never say it's a wig. If they know then they know & have never said anything. I never once received compliments on my bio hair, except once from a drunk older guy. (LOL) He said he liked the color of my bio hair that's strawberry blonde. I go to have my teeth cleaned by my dental hygienist & she almost always compliments me on my hair. I'm wearing a topper & she's looking right down on top of me. Maybe she's figured out it's not all my hair, but I don't care. I have received so many compliments on my wigs or hairpieces it's overwhelming. I feel kind of guilty & wish my bio hair could look this good, but it never will.
  • Milano Wigrip
    I was trying to use the wig grip & letting my own hair hang down under the wig like a topper. I put my hair up & then used the wig grip & it worked great. My wig felt very secure.
  • Do You Cut the Brand Name Tags Out?
    Yes, I cut the tags out. I don't want to take the chance of them showing.
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    I wish they had this in lighter roots, or no roots at all. I don't have dark hair so it wouldn't work for me. I do like this wig.
  • Milano Wigrip
    I don't personally like the milano wig grip; it kept always bunching up on me. When I bought a Milano wig I purchased a wigcap that has the wig grip built into it. I really like it if I'm wearing a wig shorter than my bio hair; it holds up my bio hair really good & makes a wig secure. It's very comfortable, although I think it might get real hot in the summer. When I wear longer wigs I just let my own bio hair hang down underneath.
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    I agree with everything you said regarding my hair. I got a bad batch of hair, it's always been so baby fine, thin & lifeless. It doesn't hold a curl & doesn't hold color for long. Thank God for wigs & hairpieces. I leave out the door lots of times with my hair wet under a wig; who cares no one knows or is going to see my real hair. I can be ready to leave now in 10 minutes.
  • Can the color be changed on synthetic wigs?
    I have sprayed root touch up all over a wig before to make the wig look darker. I hold the can fairly far away from the wig or hairpiece & move the spray quickly. It can always wash out.
  • Human hair or synthetic
    The two HH wigs I have I didn't buy online. So, I lucked out getting HH wigs that have never frizzed. I did buy a HH hair topper years ago that was beautiful when I bought it at a shop, but soon after it frizzed & has never looked good again. One of my HH wigs is straight & I just curl the ends, and the other is layered & this gives the look of slightly wavy. I guess the HH wigs I have must have good HH hair that doesn't frizz. I really don't have to spend much time styling either one of these wigs. I would be afraid to order a HH wig or HH topper online. I've ordered a number of synthetic wigs & toppers on line, so I'm not afraid with those.
  • Tears in my eyes!
    Looks great.
  • Suggestions for "Shaded Buscuit" Comparables
    1426S10 is a close match I wear in Jon Renau.
  • How has your Raquel Welch Maximum Impact held up?
    I had Spotlight by RW & absolutely loved it; however, it wasn't long before the ends looked like a raggedy broomstick. I was so sad because it was the Spotlight Elite & I paid a lot for it. I cut it & it's now a bob, but I didn't want a bob. Because this happened to me I don't care to purchase anything by RW again. I have some toppers by Jon Renau that is the HD fiber & it hold up much longer.
  • Who thins their wigs and which wigs
    I've thinned out a lot of my wigs.
  • Prayers needed
    Continuing with prayers. Just said one. :heart:
  • First Look at Finn by Estetica Designs
    Looks very nice & natural.
  • Ordered my first BROWN wig :)
    Yes, it does look like a very pretty style. I hope you will really like it.
  • Ordered my first BROWN wig :)
    I think that color will look great on you.