• Kate by Noriko
    Linda, I get more compliments on my straight wigs than my curly ones too, and I, also, feel more like myself in curly wigs because my bio hair is wavy/curly.... I wear straight more often because I always wanted straight hair but I so miss my bio curly hair now!
    I like the JR lite wigs but way too much $$$ for me so spend on something that may or may not last too long! I use dry shampoo I buy at Walmart when or if I need it. I don't like what it does to the fibers either, makes them feel dry and stiff and dirty, I think. I don't mind a little shine but too much shine I think looks unnatural, at least to me......I had healthy hair most of my life but it wasn't overly shiny.
  • Kate by Noriko
    I like both straight and curly wigs! My bio hair is natural curly so I tend to have both styles of wigs but have a little more straight .....just because!

    Hope you had a good vaca! Kate is cute.....on MIsty, it is hard to go by how it will look on someone other than her! I will look at Nori....
    I heard on wigtalk that the bronze color by Noriko (which I have and I adore) is very close to Salted Caramel by JR.
  • Kate by Noriko
    I saw the Cameron in Salted Caramel in the lite line, very realistic looking, so much less dense and I love the color Salted Caramel from what I can tell. It looks like the Noriko Bronze color I have, which I love Are you getting the ear to ear lace? I can't wait to hear what you think of her!

    When no sale is going on I make up my mind what I am going to get when a sale comes......than the sale comes and I can't decide what I want.....Kate by Noriko? Ryan by Estetica? Another Jett? Another Reese? Or something totally different like January by JR?? I think there is something wrong with me!!!!??? :gasp:
  • Being Different
    Even as a child I never understood the saying, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me". Really??!! I saw plenty of kids hurt, including myself. It took me over 50 years to finally realize that the people that are judging have issues within themselves and I can only let them hurt me IF I choose too......I try to be mindful of maybe they had a crappy horrible life and have to project their anger and hate onto others to feel better. That being said, sometimes I fail and I get hurt by words. I pick who I tell about my wigs, the ones that are true and faithful friends know, others including family, I choose not to tell just to save myself from having to gather the inner strength to let the words bounce off of me. Be you, the beautiful you that God created, try not to let ego get in the way. You sound like a wonderful soul. Hold your head high, smile and just walk away. The smile will confuse them!
  • A sister for Reese
    I have some , will try to add a pic.
    Bambu (114K)
  • A sister for Reese
    There really is no "fun" color with Reese that I can tell, I am thinking about Copper Glaze R or Mochaccino R , they are close to the one I have now in Maple Sugar R but just different enough to maybe look touched by the sun this summer.
    I am also looking at Ryan by Estetica , it is short which I prefer in wigs, but the bangs are what my hair used to look like, It is edgy and I like that.
  • A sister for Reese
    LOL! I could use a box of chocolates right now! The Choc Frost I received had very little blond frost, mostly just dark. Are you keeping it? I bet it is pretty with the frost in the front. I remember the color being very nice, just too dark for me. I am going to order another Reese in the color I have now, and one in a different color just for fun!
  • A sister for Reese
    When I first started wearing wigs I ordered Reese in Choc Frost.....the color was beautiful but didn't look good me and at that time I found Reese too full. I found that color too dark for my skin. I am loving my new Reese now, so comfortable and lightweight! And I love the color Maple Sugar R. My Reese is straight but has great body and a little wave here and there. Sorry to hear your have to return it.
  • A sister for Reese
    I got Reese today......I love the color,(Maple Sugar R) it is beautiful, not too dark, not too light, a nice blend of colors. I love the style too. It is thick on the top/sides but now that I have been wearing wigs for a few years it doesn't strike me as too much, just like someone who has naturally thick hair. The fibers are wonderful and very soft. I can see myself ordering Reese in a variety of colors! I hope it is not too hot in the summer....
    I also got texturizing/shaping cream to help tame the bangs, which right now kind of fall in my eyes. BUT I won't even try to cut the bangs, I did that on Cameron by ROP, those bangs now stick out straight but hopefully the shaping cream will help! I've been wearing Cameron lately just to get used to the amount of hair so I wouldn't be shocked at Reese, but I think Cameron has more bulk/thickness than Reese.
  • A sister for Reese
    I ordered Maple Sugar R...fingers crossed it works for me. I believe I need a warm color, hoping this is it. :smile:
  • A sister for Reese
    Well than, I will definitely give it another try in Maple Sugar R! It doesn't seem too dark and it is warm.
  • A sister for Reese
    That's what I was thinking the color was when I saw your pics. Very pretty color on you. I tried Reese once in Choc Frost but it was too dark on me. It was a pretty color though and I did like the style, it was one of the first wigs I ordered and seemed like too much hair for me at the time but now that I have been wearing wigs for almost 3 years I am used to having full hair again!
  • Describe color JR Martini
    That was really nice of you to take the time to upload pics....and beautiful pics too!
  • Dr. asked if he'd ever see me without wearing a wig
    I had a bad experience with a male doctor when I was in my 20's. I didn't have a regular doc so I looked one up. When I got there he was way way past retirement age (at least it looked that way to someone in their 20's!) and the reason I was there is because I thought I had strep throat. He gave me a sheet and a johnny and said to get undressed and he would be right back. I left. Fast. Have had female docs ever since!!
    Personally I don't think he attitude towards women in this country will really ever change, it has come a ways but has a very long ways to go! Good luck with you!
  • Dr. asked if he'd ever see me without wearing a wig
    I read this with disbelief........sort of........25 years ago it would be total disbelief, in 2021..........just ignorant of issues facing women. Insensitive, rude, and ignorant. Looking down on your head!!??? I would have stood up and looked down on his head! Come on man, it's time to give up the old fashioned male chauvinist views of women, especially if you are in a profession that includes a woman coming to you for a service.
    Sunset- You have a right to be upset. Is there a way you can finish your treatments with another physician in his office? I would loathe to be in his company again.
    My PCP knows I wear wigs (she is a female) and she says she looks always looks forward to see what my hair will look like on the day I see her so I deliberately wear a different one at each visit! She says she would have no idea that I had a wig on. Good luck to you!
  • nape sliding
    Hmmmmm....I have 3 Hairdo Textured Fringed Bob's and don't seem to have that trouble. In fact, it is the wig that fits me best of all my short wigs. Weird.
  • nape sliding
    I don't really have any good advice for you but I have both short and long wigs and I prefer the shorter ones. When I put a short wig on, at first I do have to keep tugging it down but I find that after a while I don't need to do that so much. Maybe it forms to my head?!? IDK. Sorry I'm not much help. Have you googled the Wig Talk Wednesday ladies videos? They might have a topic on that.
  • Help with Estetica lace front please
    Linda - I think I just sent you a private message......
    I have RW's Voltage in Hazelnut, it is a beautiful color. I have Gabor's Sweet Talk in Honey Pecan (I think) and it is quite light. I have found a balance that I believe works for me in colors.....some variety of red/auburn. I find that too blonde washes me out and too dark makes me look older (my personal opinion about myself, my hubby doesn't think so but I am having a hard time growing older gracefully!)
    My bio hair is dark brown with dark auburn tones. Or at least it used to be, now it is salt/pepper, mostly salt.
    I just saw Ryan by Estetica with new eyes...kind of cute but I am wondering if I have the huzepa ( I don't know how to spell it or if it is a real word or not!) to wear it in public.
  • Help with Estetica lace front please
    Yay, that is exciting! I bet this one will fit perfect. What color did you get? She is super cute!

    Hey Tav! I have been kind of hooked on Wig Talk, thanks a lot!! LOL They just did an unboxing of 2 wigs by Tony of B.....the shorter one was really cute but the longer one reminded me of way way back in the 70's! I was curious as to why doesn't carry that brand and I did a google search and came across a utube video done by cysterwigs and she was saying that they were dropping that brand , not because they didn't like it but because they aren't allowed to offer sales or discounts. Too bad!!
    I looked at both Dylan and In Charge, both cute!! Hope you like the colors when you get them.....
    I never style my FC....oh oh, better keep checking my sides! LOL
  • Help with Estetica lace front please
    Happy New Year right back at ya Linda!! And to all others!! :party:
  • Help with Estetica lace front please
    When at home I hardly ever wear a wig and I don't wear any other head coverings.....except in the winter when it is cold, I will wear a warm winter hat when in the yard. I keep my buzzed hair colored ....right now it is burgundy. I must admit it is very freeing, something I always wanted to try and I am so glad that I finally did. It is a wonderful feeling when being buzzed (no pun intended!). It is something that you really have to be mentally prepared for turning back when the process has started! LOL
    How do you like Jones? I had thought of her when she first came out but I watched Taz's review and she "talked" me out of it. I still look at her when they have sales do you like her? Is she as hard work as the reviews say?
    Thank goodness that Jett has a bang, side swept but it still hides the lace front a little.
    I would love to purchase the cream from you......I was looking online where I could buy some and haven't made up my mind yet. Thanks for the offer!
  • Help with Estetica lace front please
    Thanks guys! I will try washing and putting extra softener on the lace part.
    Tav - I do like Jett. I bet she will be great in the summer when it gets really, really hot out. She is adorable.
    Linda - I had to laugh when you mentioned my hairdresser......that would be my hubby! He buzzes my hair!
  • Help! Uncontrollable Flyaways
    Sorry I don't have any advice but I do have a shoulder length RW that does the same thing.....I try to think of it as "that is what my bio hair did too!" I'll be looking to see if any suggestions come up as well!
  • Wig shops
    So I checked it out and now I'm hooked too......they grew on me! I really like the interaction between the two and I really, really like the wig comparisons and how different they look on each other. The bad thing is that they "talked" me into wigs that I otherwise might not have bought. The latest being, arriving next week, is Jett by Estetica...............sooooooooooooo very different than the Fresh Chic by Gabor I just received a couple of weeks ago, different styles AND different colors totally! Thanks Tav for mentioning them!
  • Cameron, Rene of Paris
    Hi Linda - hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Do you mean Disc? If so, it looks a lot like Jett by Estetica....which I've spent the last 5 days looking at and almost buying. It's the color I struggled with. I just looked at Dance, it's adorable, right up my alley, messy! But , man is it $$$$$
    Ok, I just looked again and saw that you did mean Disco. Sorry, didn't see it earlier. I showed my hubby and he said it looked like my hair when he married me!! :gasp:
  • Cameron, Rene of Paris
    I had to laugh...I pulled out a wig I bought a year ago which I have only worn once before....Cameron by ROP in Razberry Ice and went on here to do a search to see if anyone else had her....and look who I found! Seems like we have a lot in common, wig wise!!
  • Extra Large Wigs for Women
    Hi Linda - I really don't know if Woolite does anything different, when I first started researching wigs I was seeing that a lot of people were using Woolite instead of wig shampoo so I just bought a jug and have been using it ever since, last a long time as it's been over 2 years. I like the smell of it too, smells fresh and clean. For dry shampoo I use "Not My Mother's". It says natural but I see that the 3rd ingredient is alcohol. I don't use dry shampoo too often, just at first due to the shine that some wigs have. I kind of like HD fibers because they don't have that shine but they do not last as long as far as looking really good. Does sitting near a heater hurt a wig? We have 2 woodstoves and when I fill one I sometimes have a wig on but I lean way back.....but if I am taking something out of a very hot oven I have my husband do it as I did fray the ends of one wig once. Usually I don't wear a wig at home unless someone comes over.
  • Extra Large Wigs for Women
    I decided late last night to keep her. I washed her in Woollite, soaked in Downey, rinsed well and air dried. She is a little less shiny this morning but I still sprayed her heavily with dry shampoo. Put her on, put in some clips to pull back bangs and she is sooo cute....with curls and waves falling nicely!
  • Extra Large Wigs for Women
    I am still liking her, I think. I say I think because I am still trying to get used to the waves all over the place. I wish the bangs were slightly longer, just a little more, sort of like Voltage bangs. It is shiny though. I usually can tell right out of the box and a short time on my head if I am going to keep a wig or not. If not, I send it back within a day or two. If I am leaning towards liking it I wear it around the house and in the yard for a few days. I've only had one style of wig that I loved straight out of the box without trying it on and loved even more when on my head.
  • Fresh Chic
    Thanks for responding , I didn't know if you would as this topic is over a year old! I am sorry to that she is so inconsistent, kind of worries me. The one I have is quite soft but really shiny. She seems much softer than Sweet Talk. The curls are just right and I would not want her to be any curlier. I was shocked at first when I first put her on my head though, it looked like I had found my mother's old mop she had when I was a kid and plopped it on my head! I had to separate the curls and smooth some down. I wore her outside in the yard in the wind and she does get messy but I like that messy look, I had ordered Ignite recently and though she was pretty and a nice style with great fibers, she was too "formal" for me...LOL. I like messy and unique.

    Linda bought FC and mentions it on the topic, Extra large wigs for women.