• Cut by a lace front!
    Thanks for replying! Only happened once but once was enough.... looking at other brands now.
  • Perry or Girl Mono
    If no one has Perry or Girl Mono, does anyone know anything about Estetica wigs, or their lace fronts? Does the lace look like a natural hairline? Wigs run small or average? Same questions with EW wigs and lace fronts? Thanks!
  • Advice needed please
    I'm sorry, just noticed the PS on this post. If I had a "normal" life with a "normal" job with "normal" hours I would love to read what you've written for your book. I work up to 14 hours a day for 6 days a week for about 3 weeks every month, than I literally drop into bed. The week I am home I get caught up on everything! I'm 61 and I pray there is a light at the end of the tunnel.... soon! Good luck with your writing, what I've seen so far in your post show you have a real talent for it!!
  • Advice needed please
    Yes, I believe I had emailed you a few pics of me with a couple of different wigs. Thanks for the compliment! I miss all the others that used to post regularly as this is the only place I get to talk "wig". I can mention it to a few family members, a few friends....but no one really understands what it is like to wig shop, wear wig and/or the feelings that go with it all. No one really understands about the feelings of hair loss either. I check this forum out everyday for support and just to read about other's wigs. I don't think Alex works there anymore, the reason I say this is because I see that all his posts have been deleted. It is like he just up and disappeared! BTW - do you still like your Hairdo Bob? That one has been my go to style for the last year and it is one that I can pop on easily but I get ansy and am looking at Perry by Estetica, Girl Mono by EW and Finn by HM. Hard choices and than, of course, what color?!

    I hear you both about getting older. Is it harder for a woman? Seems it, but can't speak for a man, LOL. It seems like women are judged more than men for showing signs of aging. As for sagging skin....I weigh about the same as you, the same weight I have always been but am not firm like I used to be....I positively hate the loose skin on my upper arms. I kind of dread the warmer weather just because I used to be able to wear sleeveless without being self-conscience. And reading glasses...why do I even go into a store to buy something that I want to read the back of?!! I can't see it unless I remember to bring reading glasses....or use a pair off the shelf for a quick minute!
    Iphone not recognizing you without your wig on -LOL!!!
  • Advice needed please
    Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond, I know how busy everyone's day can be. I really appreciate it.
    OK, so after hemming and hawing all night and this morning, first I wasn't going to go , than I was, than not, I went. Since the weather was not that great, 1/2 of the people couldn't make it so it was just me and 2 really close old friends and one friend I see every few years. The 2 close friends immediately commented how much they loved my hair. I had on a style that they would not have expected my bio hair to look like. My Hairdo Bob in very blonde with dark roots. I said, there is a story behind my hair. When we got seated, I started to tell them and one of them said, "It isn't your hair, right?" I said," No it isn't, OMG, does it look like a wig?!?" She started laughing (in a good way) and said, "Oh no, not at all. A friend of hers had just started wearing a wig and it had a similar look to it. They loved it and the color. And we moved on. Had a great time and was totally at ease.
    Was it easy? No, because for some stupid reason I still feel like a fraud. I don't know why. I don't understand this feeling inside of me. I don't judge others. I judge myself though. I am not a make-up wearer, never have been, only because I don't have patience, maybe if I was I wouldn't feel like I do?? I don't know.
    I do feel better though because now they know and next time I will wear a different hair style just for fun.
    Maybe the pink highlighted one!! I chuckled about the medical story, I learned a long time ago, don't ask certain people how they are!
    \ Your are right, living in fear about people finding out about a wig, well , that just seems ridiculous and I do feel freer.
    Thank you all again! We are all in this hair journey together!
  • Got my wig -Stop Traffic!
    Thanks for the reply! I have 2 wigs that I've "played" I added roots to ( it was a very blond unrooted color) and one I added pink highlights to ( it is a rooted wheat blonde color) I wear the pink highlighted one quite often and I wear the one I rooted with light brown in the summer as it is more of a pixie cut. Both came out great. I bought a package of colored markers, soaked the inside cartridge in a small amount of water in a small spray bottle overnight. I rooted one wig by turning it inside out and spraying the inside cap very slightly and kept checking for roots. The pink one I sectioned the hair and sprayed lightly for light pink but later went back and sprayed to a little darker pink. It was fun and is fun to wear! Just thought I'd mention it in case you ever feel adventurous!
  • Got my wig -Stop Traffic!
    I really do love that look on you. I have had that one in my cart many times. My go to hair is Textured Fringe Bob by Hairdo, I have 4 or 5 of them. But just like when I had a full head of thick hair I get bored. I just pulled out my old Sweet Talk to wear today. I am itching for something new, like Stop Traffic but am also looking at Hairdo's Tousled Bob which is similar.(and less expensive) I haven't had any issues with the fibers of my Bob, they last forever, it seems.
    Have you ever tried Hairdo's Tousled Bob? I know I saw you mention it once. How is Stop Traffic holding up? Thanks for any input!
  • I Need Some Encouragement and Support
    I'm sorry you are going through a hard time right now. Life can be so difficult, and it seems like at these trying times in the world with all going on that life can be overwhelming at times. People can be insensitive and cruel and have more outlets to use for their means. BUT there are people out there who still have values and ethics and don't judge others. Being an aging woman in a world that worships youth can be trying and I always wondered how I would handle aging. I have my moments but I have chosen to strive to be myself, the self I have always been. If someone doesn't like how I look, what I wear, what I drive, etc....I don't care. If I get a rude stare or comment, I just smile. I don't feed into it. Hold your head high and be proud of who you are! God is our one and only judge. We all will meet God and I keep that thought in my head. I also am a firm believer that we are here on this Earth as spiritual beings having an earthly experience with lessons to learn that we chose before we came here.....sometimes I laugh at myself and ask myself why I chose so many lessons and so many difficult ones! Keep your faith, head held high!!
  • Ellen Wille Tabu wig
    Good advice! I have never personally found the nerve to go into a wig store yet but would love to some day just to check it out. I buy my wigs all online.
    Sorry it didn't work out for you, I have had a few not work out for me too. I finally have found a few styles that I love. I remember that for the first almost year of wearing wigs, even when I found what I liked, I always felt fake. It is a hard feeling to shake but it does get better as time goes by and your "wig hair" becomes YOUR hair! I sincerely wish you the best in your hair journey....and remember, you are NOT alone,.there are so many of us.
  • Hair loss products
    I agree 100%. I tried everything that I googled for hair loss for years and was on Rogaine for 20plus years and finally last year I decided enough is enough. I was wasting my hard earned $$ and creating so much stress within myself hoping for results and constantly being disappointed. So I finally buzzed my horrible hair and bought wigs.....haven't looked back and have my self-esteem back! And I can have any color hair I want, any style, any it!
  • Lizzy by RENEE if Paris
    I haven't had the time yet to add color and still deciding on what color to add, pink? Purple? decisions, decisions......

    My Lizzie doesn't look anything like the two pics you posted......the layers are extremely short and very very spiky....and being the color mine is, very blonde, it resembles a lion's mane.
  • Fresh Chic
    Are you still loving Fresh Chic? What color did you get? The more I look at it the more I like it. My Sweet Talk by Gabor still looks brand new despite being a year and a half old. The fibers are fabulous and so soft and the lace front is done so well. Do you think that Fresh Chic would look too "done up" for working in a semi? My natural hair is quite wavy and curly, when I have it. Sorry for all the questions......just tired of wasting $$. Thanks ahead of time!
  • Heat Defiant Wigs
    My everyday wig is heat defiant. I own 3 of the same ones. I have never ever used heat on them. I hardly have the time to spray conditioner on them at night, like hardly ever. I wear them on the motorcycle, snowmobile,hiking, jeeping, etc....the only one that shows frizz is the one I have worn on the motorcycle without a helmet, just a bandanna and that took over a year to show.
  • Lizzy by RENEE if Paris
    So.......I received Lizzy......and the color I chose, Vanilla Lush, is OK, however, when I put her on, well, all I can say is picture a male lion...............................sigh.............I will keep her because I am tired of sending wigs back but I am going to put some funky color highlights in her to funk her up (maybe a light pink) on the tips..........and I will attempt to wear her far far away from where I live, somewhere on the road in a far away state. :razz:
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    Funny thing is we stayed overnight in a parking lot right next to a huge wig shop in hubby kept asking me if I wanted to go in but I was scared to death to......created tremendous anxiety in was early on in my wig life but still I should have just bit the bullet, so to speak!
    Thanks for the suggestions! I do have a few clips but I have never been a hair accessory person so it takes a little getting used too. I have a few headbands too, all of which I will have to try using again now and then.
    I probably will end up getting Ignite just because I really think it is a cute style. Maybe, just maybe, the sideswept bangs will NOT be a problem!!
  • Lizzy by RENEE if Paris
    I bought Lizzy! I can only hope that it looks as good on me as it does on you!!
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    Thanks Jayne - the more I read about Ignite the more it seems to need some taming. The fiber looks beautiful as the color Laguna Blonde but I really need "shake n go" for my lifestyle and my limited "hair" talents..........I work over the road, (in a semi) and my bathroom is a cab so I don't have the space or time to tame. I have Play It Straight by RW which is gorgeous but it sits in my closet at home unwearable because the "hair" is constantly falling in my face and I just hate that. I have tried to tame it but to no avail. Same with Kendall by HM. Just a waste of money for me. You most likely will not see any pics posted by me, I am quite shy but I love those that post and I envy them their higher self esteem than I have. Pics help so much for styles and colors! Thank you all for posting pics!!
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    I want to order Ignite in Laguna Blonde on this sale but am so hesitant.............the latest reviews say it has to be tamed........I don't have the time or talent to "tame" it....I need shake n go. :sad:
  • Fresh Chic
    So happy that you love it! What a relief when you receive a new wig and love it! I remember that you used to wear Sweet Talk, it looks kind of similar to that except for the bangs, do you find it similar? I really like this style. Also, did you end up liking Sonoma?
  • Lizzy by RENEE if Paris
    Yes, indeed, OMG, Lizzy does look amazing on you!!! Thanks for posting a pic with her on and for displaying the colors. I am definitely ordering Lizzy, I just love the shake and go look. It does seem like people notice great short styles more than the longer ones, when I wear a longer wig no one says anything but as soon as I wear my "go to wig" which is very short and spiky, I get tons of questions of wear I got my haircut and such. I am going to order Ignite too.....just can't decide on colors!
  • Raquel Welch - Help
    I really like the style of Play It Straight and the fibers and the lace front.....I don't like the hair falling in my face though....that is really the only reason why I don't wear it much. I have tried to tame it but just haven't had any luck. Too bad too, as it is a beautiful style and wig..........
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    Oh, thank you so much for posting some pics. They help so much in trying to see "bands" and looking at colors. One question, does Ignite's bang/hair fall in your face at all? I have some wigs that I love the style but I cannot stand the bangs falling in my face. I really like the shake and go wigs because I don't have the time, patience or talent to play with training a wig. Thanks again!!
  • Lizzy by RENEE if Paris
    I have been looking at Lizzie too, for quite a while. I wear Textured Fringe Bob right now by Hairdo and love it. Lizzie in the back looks similar but spiky and shorter on sides and front. I like the style and it looks so easy as a put on and go wig....that's what I need in extra working at it. My Hairdo is like that, all 3! Please post once you receive Lizzie and let us know how you like it!!
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    Thanks everyone for your much appreciated input! I didn't order anything............still deciding on the color. I maybe would like to try Palm Springs but don't want too much gray............yet. The models picture looks more blonde but a picture posted by a member a while ago showed a lot of gray....which looked great on her but I'm just not there yet.......hubby has to get more gray than he is before I "debut" my gray hair! LOL
    I really would like to try Ignite though and also Lizzie by ROP.....I have always had longer hair but with wigs I tend to like the much shorter styles more for my lifestyle. In Lizzie I am looking at Vanilla Lush or similar but still just don't know which color for Ignite.....missed the sale and now will wait for another. Thanks again!!
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    Thank you so much!!! You have saved me time & $$$. I was worried about that band but was hoping that in this particular color there wouldn't be one. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question!! :love:
  • Helmets and wigs
    Thanks for the update!! I was wondering how you made out. Sounds like our worth it though to be able to enjoy riding!
  • Raquel Welch - Help
    I have Play It Straight and I really like it. The fiber is soft and the cut is very nice, a nice little wave to it. I don't wear it too much just because of the's just a little darker than I like, still a shade of blonde but a darker shade. The lace front is done very nicely. And the memory cap fits great. I find the ear tabs a little high but that's ok. I do get compliments when I wear it. It's my second choice. I actually like basic caps/non lace fronts better for me though for my life style.
  • Funny moments?
    Went hiking in the woods, I ducked under low branches, I kept going but my "hair" stayed behind. Luckily it was just my husband, myself and our dog! :gasp:
  • Helmets and wigs
    That's funny, I just went helmet shopping with my husband last week. I have a full-face one that I seldom wear during the day because it is too hot, I usually just wear my skull-cap bandanna but decided I wanted to try a skull-cap helmet. Since we knew what we were looking for we told the staff that we were OK looking by ourselves. After trying one on, I would hold the bandanna and my husband would take off the helmet. I don't use glue anymore since I found that I don't need it if I wear my bandanna tight enough. No problem taking off the helmet. The one thing that I do find challenging though is my sunglasses. Putting them on with a wig, bandanna is hard and they press on the pressure point right above my ears, add a helmet and it is worse. Gives me a headache. Still trying to figure it out. Good luck! I was worried too but turned out OK! Oh, and we do a lot of riding and with no glue and a tight bandanna, no problem!
  • Laser Max
    Don't have any experience with this but have read a lot about it on a hairloss forum. Some had luck, some didn't. The forum is on