• New wig!
    Thanks Penny! I hope so too. And I hope the color works too. As long as it doesn't look like a helmet, I'll be OK! It's scary trying a new style. I usually wear my shorter wigs because they are so much easier, but today I am wearing my RW Play It Straight, and I am liking it better.
  • How would you respond?
    It can be a struggle that's for sure. I don't wear glue ordinarily on my wigs but when riding I secure it with Got2be in the front and on the temples, than I wear a skull cap or tight bandanna over it and than helmet (although I do go quite often without helmet as we pretty much stay on country road, slow and leisurely). If we stop to eat or sightsee than my husband will hold the ends of the bandanna or such while I gently try to get helmet off without taking everything with it! It works most of the time. The bandanna and hair stay on, than I either remove the bandanna and fluff hair or I just leave the bandanna on. Hope this helps!
  • How would you respond?
    You both hit it right on the head for me, I say thank you and try to change the subject all the time. Had lunch with some old friends that I don't get to see too much and one must have mentioned how much she loved my hair the way I was wearing it about four different times. I kept changing the subject although I "felt like I should tell her it was a wig".......if we had been alone I probably would have but there were about 12 people present and I just didn't want to get in to it all. I had thick hair most of my life but emotional stress, Hashimoto's and surgical menopause took my hair and for years, YEARS, I was embarrassed and ashamed of how my head looked. I kept a low profile out in public, I actually hung my head. I hid in pictures or refused. I sheltered myself from living. It did consume my life. It wasn't about being vain, it was just pure embarrassment and shame. Shame for what? I don't know, I guess for not being a woman with a full head of hair. People with full heads of hair just don't understand and really, why should they? It isn't happening to them.
    It will be a year this July that I started wearing wigs and I still struggle with a feeling of guilt or fakeness. I am slowly overcoming those feelings but I would be dishonest if I said they still don't affect me. I will never stop wearing wigs.....I love them. I am in pictures again. I live again with my head of beautiful hair held up high. I say thank you, and if I feel the person can be helped by my telling them it is a wig, than I tell them. Only my husband, and a close Uncle and Aunt know. They are the ones who help me with styles and colors when I can't choose. They are brutally honest and I so appreciate that
    I haven't been swimming in one yet but I do ride a motorcyle with a wig on. I use a lot of glue and wear a bandanna tied back or a helmet. I think everyone on this forum is a brave beautiful woman or man!
  • Can the color be changed on synthetic wigs?
    Hmmmm......I don't believe you can use regular hair dye on a synthetic wig. But I don't blame you for being afraid. I was too. I tried it on my favorite wig but I have two of them exactly the same and I used the older of the two. It can go either way, I guess, just like coloring bio hair......could be great or could be a disaster!
  • Can the color be changed on synthetic wigs?
    I added some pink to a very blonde wig I have. I bought a Sharpie in the color pink I wanted and took out the ink cartridge. I put it in some water overnight in a spray bottle and than sprayed in some pink highlights. You can also buy an alcohol-based ink from a hobby store and do the whole wig. The ratio would be about 1:1.You can also add wig and dye into a plastic bag and shake it for a while to get the color you want.
  • Sonoma by Rene of Paris
    I love it! I bet it will look great on you as it is similar to Sweet Talk but curlier and edgier. And the color. Is gorgeous. Please let us know how you like it you've got me thinking ...... :roll:
  • New here, question about eyebrows and eyelashes for those with Alopecia Universalis
    I think you look fabulous as does your beautiful family!
    I don't have this type of alopecia but reading all these posts amazes me how strong and positive the ones who have it are. I am willing to bet that you are much stronger than you think you are.....and getting stronger every day. I admire you all! :heart:
  • Estetica Jones
    Thanks Penny! Nice to know about the sizing. I like a more roomy wig than a not so roomy wig better. I watched Taz's video review and I have definitely changed my mind about Jones. I like a wig that I can put on right out of the box , shake and go. Sounds like you have to work with this one a little too much, and sounds like a lot of permatease. Also, looking at her hairline it looks like you can see the wig line. I still like the style though but too much work for me! LOL
    Thanks again so much for taking the time to post that there was a video review, it saved me so much time and $$. Hugs
  • Estetica Jones

    I love it too, think I am going to pre-order it, been back and forth on the color but I think I have settled on
    Pecan Blond R #RH12-26RT4......I think. Saw youtube videos of that color in other styles and it close to the colors of a few other wigs I have.
    Does Estetica make a nice wig? So far I am happy with RW, Gabor and Hairdo but don't really care for my HM. But I am really liking the look of Jones, carefree and light for the summer.
  • New Hair - If You Dare - Pictures! tell me what ya think
    I love it on you! The color looks deeper in the inside photo. Is it more pinkish or more lavender? I've been comtemplating it for quite a while.......Really looks nice! LOL....husbands!
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    I just googled Jeannie Seely to see a pic, she is 78, I wish I had hair like hers, especially at the style.....wig??
  • how often do you wash your wig??
    I am probably in the minority but I wash my wigs about every 3 to 4 weeks. I want them to last. I do spray Simply Styling on them every 2 or 3 wears. My HD wigs do start to get stiff feeling at about the 3 1/2 weeks mark but not too bad. I probably have even gone longer between washings. I agree, the HD wigs sure do feel so soft and new after a washing. I can't believe how long they are holding up. No frizz at all. I love them.
  • Help us improve :)
    Thank you!
    ..........would love to see older wig models as well. Color is always a chore too.
    Thanks for asking!
  • Support groups?
    I have been following this post and find it comforting and so supportive. Haven't been able to write until tonight though. I am so happy that it is helping you. The people on here are amazing. I don't know of any support groups. I have looked at over the years but sometimes it made me more depressed. can be uplifting. They are forums though, not really just support groups.
    I, like so many, have lost so much precious time lamenting over my hair loss. About 25 years ago I noticed that an older sibling was losing hair. Not my mom or dad though. Even though I wasn't losing hair at the time, I freaked. My doctor at the time said to try Rogaine. I did but wasn't fully aware that it would be a lifetime commitment. Over the years I developed Hashimoto's which is really what started my hair loss. Than a sudden violent loss threw me into not only sudden shock but also the deepest depression of my life. I developed telegen effusium from the shock and stress. Than the telegen effusium turned into chronic telegen effusium. Two doctors said it probably wouldn't get better. For many years as I was trying to cope with loss of life I didn't care much about my hair but once I realized that I had no choice but to go on living I knew I had to do something to make me feel normal again. I was still using rogaine and started adding lots of hair supplements. I spent so much time crying about hair loss, laying in bed not wanting to get out, sitting on the bathroom counter with a mirror in my hand and one at my back, searching my whole head for loss, needing to see it but not wanting to. That sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I literally hung my head in shame whenever I would go to the store. So much time wasted, so much sadness, sadness takes energy. I asked myself why my hair mattered when I was attempting to survive the loss of someone I loved more than anything. But the thing is I had no choice in living and being a balding woman in this society is not an easy task. My hair last June was shoulder length and I hated watching it fall out and I really dreaded washing it and combing out handfuls of hair. I started wearing hair in July. I also stopped the rogaine and all supplements. But for me, I still dreaded looking at my pathetic stringy shoulder length hair and it still made me sick to my stomach. And I still hated washing it and all the loss in the shower, etc.... so I buzzed it. That for me was the most freeing moment. I loved the feel of it. I loved taking a shower again and washing my fuzzy head. No more watching my stringy hair fall out. Putting on a wig felt better too. I now hold my head up and smile. I love my wigs. I love my buzzed head. I love this forum. Thank you
    BTW......I do also love taking off the wig after being out the public life because there are times I do feel like a fake, not as much as when I first started wearing hair but that feeling still wants to invade my emotions and wreck havoc more than I want it to. I have never been a make up wearer, still am not, so wearing hair at first was extra stressful for me. It does get better but I wonder will that fake feeling ever go away? I pray it does. I don't wear hair when I am home so I can go days without wearing one and I get used to my buzz cut and love it. Than I put on my wig and it looks fake because of so much more hair. Than I get used to all that hair and when I take if off , I have to get used to the buzz again......and on and on. It does play with the emotions. It is like I have two me's! I wish you the best in your journey and hope you find some relief in your grief, it takes time but it will come if you let it.....grief takes it time and we can only try to be gentle with ourselves.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    I love Rachel Maddow.....she is so smart and makes me laugh out loud everytime I watch her, the faces she makes. I do think her eyelashes are fake and the way she blinks makes me think they are too heavy....or could be her contacts.She wore a blue jackets one night and joked about the lighting in the closet made it look black, she always wears black.
    ' I really like Nicole Wallace's hair color, and I bet it is her real hair. I enjoy watching MSNBC as the women don't try to act like they are in the evenig wear part of a beauty contest. CNN is like that too. But really I have avoided the news as it is all so darn depressing.
  • Dye lots are sooooo different
    That's interesting. I have two Hairdo wigs in shaded wheat and both match. Do you know if Haird shaded wheat and RW shaded wheat are the same? I like that color a lot. How far off is the color in each wig? Must be so frustrating.
  • What would you do???
    I probably would have said no too. I do not like having my picture taken by people I know let alone a stranger. I might have thought about covering my face but I would have felt uncomfortable and probably would have still said no.
  • Estetica Heather
    Most of my wigs are regular fibers but 2 are heat defiant and I do like the heat defiant fibers better.....they feel softer and they have practically no shine to them, at least the 2 I have.
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    This really looks great on you, as do all the wig pics you post! I like the color and style. I do wonder about the roots though.........when hair turns gray it is gray at the roots, not dark roots and than the rest of the hair gray. It kind of looks to me like someone had dark hair to start and dyed their hair gray and as their hair grew the gray started to grow out. That being said, I think it looks beautiful on you. My husband actually loved my bio hair when I let it go gray a few years ago, when I had thicker and more hair! I do see myself in a youthful gray wig someday......when my husband goes all gray. He has no gray hair at all..
    I ordered Brady by Noriko in Bubblegum-R because I thought I would like the color, it looked great on Taz. When I received it I loved the youthful style but the color made me "feel" older....I know it is all in my head but when I let my hair go gray or try a gray wig I just feel so much older. It is in my head and it is something I have to work on in order to grow older gracefully...........hard to do with the skin changes that come with aging!
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    I at first tried toppers, both HH and synthetic, could not find one to match the texture or color of my hair and found the clips uncomfortable and I really don't know if I would have had the courage to go out of the house with a topper. Than I finally ordered a couple of wigs, at first I found them uncomfortable and bulky and hot (it was July)and thought no way. But I kept them, wore them around the house, than to the grocery store, and, well, now I wear them every where and just love them. I do find certain styles too hot for my busy life style, especially in the summer months, but have found some that I like better than others that work for me. I never really know I have a wig on now that I am used to them. I do not use any adhesives or wig caps. Just plop them on and go.
  • Flirt alert?
    OMG,,,,,that is really undetectable. Are you sure you didn't forget to put the wig on when you took the pic?!! :smile:

    Is the 14/22ss color similar to ss14/88 shaded golden wheat at all?
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    It's funny, I was watching her on TV and mentioned to my husband if he thought her hair looked different, darker and a little fuller......I know for sure, if my job involved anything to do with TV, I would have started wearing hair way before last summer! Wigs are a blessing to us hair challenged women.
  • Estetica Heather
    I think it looks wonderful on you!
  • Flirt alert?
    I love my new RW Play it Straight but can't wear it right now. I had dyed my buzzed hair mahogany and the sideburns and the hair around my temples are not covered by the wig and the color difference is HUGE. I am wearing my Hairdo wig most because it covers better. We are on the road so can't dye hair till we get home. I miss my new RW!
  • It is all about color
    Now you have me curious as to what is the old color and what is the new color! I find color makes a difference too. Hard to find the right color though, takes a lot of patience!!
  • Drying Noriko Reese
    I don't have Reese but I dry all my wigs inside out hanging upside down clipped to the shower curtain overnight.Don't know for sure is this is the right thing to do but haven't damaged any yet!
  • Different types of ear tabs?
    I should probably stick to one brand of wigs than I will be used to all the different ear tabs! Where do the ear tabs on your JR wigs fall? I tried on my Hairdo and they are right in front of the top of my ears. My RW is above the ear about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. It just feels like it is going to pop off. I don't think it is too small as the cap fits well and the back is where it should be......just the ear tabs feel differently.
  • natural or wiggy?
    Oh, yes, I have good wig days and bad wig days. Isn't it nice to get hair compliments!! I hardly ever wear my HM wig but when I do I am so uncomfortable. I really hate having hair hanging in my face/eyes. You both mentioned about wig styling............hmmmm......I wonder if I wear Kendall to my old stylist (no longer have to have hair cuts, hubby buzzes for me!) if she could/would cut some length off and trim the bangs, more into a style like Play it Straight??? I should ask her, than I can try to wear Kendall, if it botches than what the heck? I'm not wearing her right now anyways.
  • natural or wiggy?
    I used to use Toppix and powders too and comb just right and spray....I hated it all. If it rained I looked like a balding wet rat. Just horrid. I remember dreading the day I would have to wear a I kick myself and ask why I waited so long.........I have my freedom back, free to smile and be in pics and feel good about myself! My fav is a basic cap and if someone wants to examine my scalp by standing over me with a magnifying glass, so be it! My doctor the other day, a female, looked directly down at my head and said no way could she tell it was a wig.
    However, as much as I enjoy being able to go out in the public with my wig head held up high, I so enjoy taking it off at home! I thank God for great wigs everyday!