• My Bald and Wig story Pt 2
    I love this take on wigs and baldness! Great outlook on the love of variety and expression, and loving to wear wigs for many reasons!
  • Belle Tress Launch on!!!
    Here is a link to our return policy! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!!!!return-policy
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    Glad to hear that the forum has helped you to gain courage to explore new colors! Now the fun really begins!
  • Belle Tress Launch on!!!
    Since there are so many colors that can be compared, and I would hate to mislead anyone, I highly recommend ordering a color swatch from each of the lines, that way you can see the whole picture and make sure you are choosing the best color for you. You can return the color swatches, as well so you don't have to take a loss on the costs! Also, our customer service team can help to iron out specs and give you the best details on each color - they are super talented at this :) so feel free to give us a call!!! 800-581-2001
  • Dye lots are sooooo different
    So what happens is that depending on the style, the hair can be blended differently. Say one has wefting and one is hand-tied. The hairs will be attached to the cap in different ways. Another reason colors can vary is the length of the wig. So on a shorter style, the highlights may be found closer to the face, giving it a lighter appearance, while a longer wig can have the highlights further down the strands. Since we are an online company, sometimes confusion can happen with a color appearing different on-screen due to screen resolution, brightness etc. For this reason, we have made hassle-free returns a top priority (and soon we are actually optimizing even more! Yay!) If it is the exact same wig, same style, cap construction, color etc. The wig line may have made changes to their designs. (They may have had several complaints about one color, or decided to update looks, for example). So if a RW wig is suddenly a different color, that's a possible explanation. I would have to research this on a case by case basis to give an exact answer but I hope this helps!
  • Belle Tress Launch on!!!
    We won't be launching Caliente with the Belle Tress initial launch, as we will have the top twelve best sellers. However, we are already talking about their newest styles, so I'll definitely put in word for Caliente!
  • Support groups?
    I just wanted to say that it is very brave of you to come back to the forum and have discussions even in the midst of your grief over the loss of your hair. You mentioned that you felt you couldn't be of help to others, but I'd like to bring up a point that one thing I love about our forum is when I see people encouraging and uplifting others. I honestly thinks it's just as healing for them as it is for you! So even though you may not be in the place right now to offer much encouragement, just remember that there is an impending transition for you to move from where you are, to where you will be which is an inspiration. And in the meantime, you are helping others by allowing them to help you. is here for you!
  • Baby hairs
    Interesting topic! I've not thought about baby hair for realism yet. Very creative idea :)
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    Great feedback! Thanks for letting us know :)
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    Yes, we are very excited about this line!
  • What do you do with your old wigs or wigs you forgot to return on time or...etc?
    Great topic! It's interesting to see what happens to wigs once they leave and then your heads! Very informative :)
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    Belle Tress will be available on starting February 1st! Kona will be available as well :)
  • My Favorite Bridge Wigs of 2018
    Thanks for sharing, Cathe! You look great!
  • Wig Steaming!!!
    We recommend using a curling iron instead of a steamer, unless you are styling straight. (of course you won't want to exceed 350 degrees on synthetic hair). Synthetic hair will hold it's style so long as you wash in cool water. Human hair will lose its style just like natural hair :)
  • Wig Steaming!!!
    Nicely done!
  • Wig stylists
    Have you ever considered going to cosmetology school? Many of us at are licensed and it's the best way to learn how to cut and style hair, which will naturally translate to wigs. You'll want to be licensed in order to work on humans, as a wig stylist many times will be tailoring a wig to suit the person, and the natural haircut they have. If, for instance, they are purchasing a hair topper then they will need it cut to blend in with the rest of the hair that will show underneath.

    A side note: Beauty school is a TON of fun! And after that, find a local wig salon and apply to work there!
  • Are the wigs suppose to be tight?
    We would love to give you a personal consultation and help you find something that works for you! I promise, our team is amazing. Give us a call! 800-581-2001 | M-F 8:00am - 6:30pm (CST)

    The Wig Experts
  • natural or wiggy?
    Great feedback, everyone! We love to hear what works best for the wig community :)
  • Men who wear wigs
    Wigs are our favorite word at ! We can't get enough of them and feel strongly that wigs are meant for anyone and everyone who loves them!
  • natural or wiggy?
    We love monofilament and double monofilament wigs, as they allow you to part the hair in any direction and give the hair natural movement, so it sounds like you know your stuff! As for human hair versus synthetic, of course human hair will tend to be the most natural looking..however there are ways to help a synthetic wig look natural, too. We like using the wig wand to help reduce shine :)
  • Poll
    Thank you everyone for your product recommendations. We love hearing from you all and always want to offer products that are in high demand. I will pass these recommendations along to the product team!