• Jon Renau Julianne
    @Joelle123 Julianne has some permatease at the top, if you don’t want to thin it out you can you a clothes steamer with a brush to flatten it out. I really don’t care for JR wavy styles because too that.
  • RW blondes
    Hi, I wear cool blondes, what about Shaded Biscuit by RW? You might like that color.
  • Inserting a poly skin part
    Have you considered using scar away silicone sheets?
  • bathing cap wig
    The only wig I can think of that would resemble that would be one with a cap made from polyurethane.[img][/img]CapThinSkinFLW.jpg
    called a thin skin wig. They are very realistic, looking but are very hot to wear.
  • I Need Some Encouragement and Support
    Hi Larry, you seem like the kind of person that takes care of your appearance. I encourage you to continue. Why are some people so hateful and nasty? My guess would be that they are unhappy people.
    I use to work in a retirement community, and some of those people feel abandon by their families, therefore they tend to take things out on the other residents there. Another reason some of the residents may speak without a filter, is they are retired and they don’t have to worry about losing their job, or getting into trouble so they say hateful comments. Always be mindful of that, and know that you have to do what makes you happy. They are really not bothered by your wigs Larry, they are bothered by your positivity. I would just ignore and avoid those people and don’t let them bring you down. Wigs make some of us happy, and I am waiting on a new one coming in the mail soon. I always get excited when I get a new wig.
  • I Need Some Encouragement and Support

    Larry after reading what you wrote, about some people being judgmental about you wearing wigs, I could relate. I discovered that if I wear a wig that is basically undectable generally I don’t run into so many critics. I enjoy wearing different color wigs, even Pink. When ever I change the wig that I am wearing to a shorter or longer length people do notice and make comments. I later got tired of the comments, and stuck with two wigs that I got the most complements on. Stevie by Amore and Jon Renau Zara. The comments I received, are “ I love your hair color” What salon do you go to? If you start to care about what others think about you, then you will have to wear what pleases them, and not yourself.
  • Attaching wig clips to hand tied top?
    Yes you can do that, I have in the past with a hand tied. I also used transparent thread. I found that sewing an elastic band from ear to ear works better, to secure the wig. Also wearing wig clips can cause hair loss. I stopped using them because of hair loss.
  • Best online wig brand for synthetic hair? Note: I like to wear 22 to 24 inches
    WOW Trish you look amazing, and long hair suits you.
  • Best online wig brand for synthetic hair? Note: I like to wear 22 to 24 inches
    I also am a fan of Stevie in sugarcane. I really like the double monofilament and realistic hair fiber. My second favorite is Zara by Jon Renau. I get so many compliments on Stevie. I wish I could find a double monofilament with lace front in a similar style.
  • synthetic hair softener
    Hi, I use Murphy oil soap to soak my synthetics wigs in and, it works way better than any fabric softener.
  • Opinions from Men
    Welcome Larry, so sorry that you had to go through that. Thinking of the history of wigs, men wore them before women did :-). It would be nice to have a males input, because my husband had asked me questions about wigs for men, and I really could not advise him where to locate the best one.
  • I Need Help Ladies!

    Hi Diana, I would recommend sewing on an 1/2 elastic band to the ear tab area of the wig. There are tons of youtube videos on this method to secure your wig. The got2be glue-styling spiking glue will only tack down the lacefront, but will not keep the wig completely secure especially with high winds. You could use both methods and that would work the best. However if you use only the elastic band method and measure it correctly for a secure fit, that is not too tight, you may not even need the got2be glue-styling spiking glue. Hope that helps.
  • Wigs and menopause?!?!?
    Hi Jewelee, what helped me out the most with hot flashes was a sports cooling towel. They sell two different types. The one I like does not dry up and get hard. If you live in a humid climate, it may not work as well, but I am in California, and it is dry here and works great. The one I wear and can't live without it, is called Mission Hydro active Max cooling towel. I have several, and keep them in the refrig, damp. so when I put one on it is cool. The ones at walmart are ok but not the best ones in my opinion.
  • Color codes
    Thanks, I check out their reviews.
  • Color codes
    Thanks for your reply, I agree it doesn't have to be the exact color, just similar like you said. Hopefully in the future the wig stores will offer something like that especially since a lot of people shop online for their wigs. This would be a "game changer".
  • Color codes
    I was also looking for something like that related to colors, but could not find it on the forum. I am looking for a color conversion chart. Example: Lets say my favorite wig color is "Sugar Cane in the Amore brand. I would like to be able to find other wig companies that offer that color, or a similar color to "Sugar Cane. A wig color conversion chart would be so helpful.

    Does anyone know if something like that exists? Thanks in advance.
  • My scalp is SO ITCHY - HELP!
    I use Scalpicin Maximum Strength Scalp Itch Medication, you can get it on Amazon, or at Walmart It will take away the itch.
  • If you could create the perfect wig, what features would it have or not have?
    Ear to ear lace front
    Hand tied
    Lighter root colors
    Double mono top
    European hair
    lighter highlights at the front if the wig is rooted.
  • New Human Hair
    I think that looks really pretty on you. :smile:
  • Wig pictures on website.
    No, I have not noticed that, but what I have noticed is that they often show their most popular color in that wig.
  • I wore a wig to the lake!
    It looks so real, I could not tell it was a wig.