• Who makes the Statement Brand wigs?
    Do you mean Statement Wigs at TWC? I'd give them a miss...they describe the permatease as a premium feature!
  • Has anyone used heat on a wig when it says not to
    You set it in curls and steam it again. let it completely cool before taking out the curlers or clips.
  • Help!
    I would try a few beauty salons...someone in the industry should be able to help you.
  • How to what kind of wig
    I just Googled it and found nothing. What is it? and where did you get it?
  • wig sizes
    LOL! I just got a Rene of Paris Halo and even that was too tight! I'll cut the elastic and add in a little, just like I've done with a few wigs.
    I also recently got my first large wig -- Gabor Soft and Subtle -- and quelle differance! heaven!
  • how to fake a scalp?
    CVS Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape. Reusable and great!
  • Bobbi boss wig w head
    I don't know what a 360 is, but I have read that Bobbi Boss runs small. If a 23" wig head is like a human 23" head, it might be too big.
  • New wig!
    Believe me, I get it. I have one coming, and it's a second color in one I received and sent back. Soft and Subtle (RW). I loved the style but the color was so wrong for me.
    I know that feeling of being "over" the wigs you already have and feeling sure that this NEXT one will be THE one! And meanwhile, my husband keeps asking me if I don't have enough already?!
  • New wig!
    So sorry to hear this! You have to play a lot of games to hide the permatease on a standard-cap wig. Every time I decide to wear one of mine, I look at the floofies and take it off.
    Just send it back and start the hunt again.
  • New Hair & New Color - what do you think?
    Do it.
    I received a wig on Thursday, a new style for me, and although I loved it, I realized immediately that I could never be happy with the color. I had to pack it right up and start the return process... and plan on waiting another week for the replacement. Oh well.
  • New Hair & New Color - what do you think?
    According to the company's description, the bangs are 5" long. It looks like mcvoice smoothed hers into the longer side pieces?
  • First wig advice
    "I only plan to wear this for 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week."
    That is a lot of time! I predict your first wig will not meld into your head like magic. There'll definitely be a period of adjustment where you have to get used to the feeling.
  • New wig!
    Well, I think that one is adorable and that the amount of permatease works out for you.
  • How would you respond?
    I recently attended a family party, and there were relatives and friends I hadn't seen in years. Now, in my family, we have curly-kinky hair. I wore a T of B Norah, in a color quite a bit lighter than my natural, and exactly ONE person commented. Not one relative or old friend, but a woman I had met the night before (when I had on a straighter wig). She's my daughter's future mother-in-law, and she hasn't been told about my cancer adventures. I just changed the subject and complimented HER hair.

    My sister and my two daughters both had their hair done for the party, and I just plopped mine on LOL! Did get some nice compliments from the hairstylist though (she has worked in the fake-hair field).

    People have a lot on their minds beside trying to remember what you looked like last week or last year.
    All that being said, I do find wigs uncomfortable, and do not wear them around the house or when it's just my sister or daughters. I get home and off comes the hair, the bra, and the shoes!
  • Cameron, Rene of Paris
    I have one, in a brunette color. It's a very cute little style and fairly versatile -- wear it forward, wear it back. The back is a lot of fun. It's a bit on the snug size for me (I have an average-large head), but I easily enlarged the elastic and all is well.
  • Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Hairspray
    Well, the wigs are made of synthetic fiber, similar to fabric, so it's not weird that a product for cleaning one could work for the other. The tangling that can occur in longer synthetic wigs is caused by static electricity, which is why diluted fabric softener can help with that.
  • Low density wigs
    I don't have any of those, but I do have several Belle Tress, and they're all pretty realistic on density.
  • Adding to a topper
    Well, the color is called R4/8, and they describe it as a blend of dark and medium golden brown. It's not highlighted. 513 LF is the model number. And I added to it because my own hair is so thin. The topper doesn't have as much hair in back as a full wig would. What I have remaining is seriously fine and skimpy, maybe enough for a pony tail the size of a pencil. With my little add-on, there's enough.
  • wig sizes
    Ooops! Forgot about them. Yes, I think Belle Tress also makes a roomy wig. I love my Peppermint!
  • Have you ever been "CALLED OUT" on wearing a wig or hair piece?
    There really aren't wig police out there, just like there aren't eyelash or "falsie' police. If someone's looking to get dirt on you, they have big problems that aren't caused by you having skimpy hair.

    As far as guilt -- really? You don't have thinning hair because you're EVIL. Beauty isn't something we earn by being's the luck of the draw and genetics. Everyone wants to look pretty and everyone does SOMETHING toward that goal -- whether it's exercise or good posture or lipstick or even plastic surgery. I had breast reduction and I just wish I could've done it sooner...I felt 1,000 times better and yes, prettier.
  • wig sizes
    Yes! Estetica is roomy. I've had quite a few, and they are nice and comfy. I've also had good luck with Tony of Beverly (although they're not sold here).
    There is nothing worse than a wig that's too tight...although too-tight shoes are pretty bad too.
    There are ways to enlarge a wig, and I've done it by removing the adjusters and even clipping the elastic and adding some of it back. You have to feel good to look good!
  • Adding to a topper
    Yes, I guess it was basically a whip stitch. I also used a little Fray check on the outer edges.
    What I've ended up with is just more hair in back and at the nape, since mine is so thin. I don't know how well it will hold up when I wash it, but I'll be gentle. I don't wear it all day so it shouldn't require frequent cleaning.
  • Adding to a topper
    Lolly, I'm mostly wearing it up, which is how I used to wear my hair most of the time. Several people (at my chiropractor's office, where they know I wear hair) said they could not see where the piece ended and I began.
    I feel so much more comfortable in a topper than with a wig, and now I'm considering the Jon Renau Top Smart. It's also a large one, straight, and doesn't have the side bangs.
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  • how often do you wash your wig??
    I use less than a capful to a basin of water. Mine is Downy, but you could use any that has a fragrance you like.. Don't go over twenty minutes (I have read), and yes! Definitely rinse out.
    I use an even more diluted solution as my spray-on detangler before combing.
  • Short Hair Sticking Up
    That's probably permatease, and if possible, smooth some of the hair in front over it.
  • Adding to a topper
    I honestly can't tell where I added the hair -- I just know that my own now has plenty of company. So much comfier than a full wig in steamy Florida!
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  • Dating and Wigs
    The nearest thing I can tell you is that I just met my daughter's future in-laws. They don't know about my cancer, etc. history, and I didn't tell them. At the second meeting (the engagement party), I had on a different style but same color and approximate length, and the mother just said "Oh! Your hair!" and I just smiled and complimented hers. I have no issues with telling all, but it just didn't seem like the right time!
  • Storing your wigs?
    Heather also suggests adding in a dryer sheet to cut down on static electricity.
  • Bleach/ammonia bath
    How can this work? Wouldn't it, at the very least, bleach the wig? And as someone who's been sewing for decades, it's been drummed into me that you should never use chorine bleach on synthetic fabric.