• Estetica Heather
    I wasn't thrilled with it when I first opened the box...but I really wanted it to work for me. Taz's and Heather's videos are very helpful.
    HD hair does feel great when you first get it, but it's so delicate that I am trying to avoid it from now on (although I adore my BelleTress Peppermint).
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    Cathe, this is gawgeous! I feel that as a Long islander, I can say that LOL! You're lucky to have such nice coloring that so much looks so good on you!
    I don't have the nerve to go gray quite yet. It's a big leap from midnight brown, but I'm slowly going lighter with my wigs. I plan to get to medium brown this year.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    I actually looked closely at Nancy's hairline yesterday and it looked pretty natural. You could see baby hairs and the part also looked fairly real. So it is either her real hair or a pretty high-end wig. It must be so difficult for women in the public eye...everything has to look perfect so much of the time.
    I think that many of the TV ladies have extensions, which can serve as thickeners if you don't have a sparse spot to cover up on top. That's a more expensive option than most of us have.
  • Estetica Heather
    Thanks so much! I went to drop off a prescription and the druggist (a man my age) said "You changed your hair -- it looks nice!" Husband also approves lol.
    I may trim the bangs just a tad. It's funny to have the luxury of evaluating just what looks best on you, rather than trying to make what Nature gave you do what you want. I'm learning now that some fullness is not all bad. You can use it to balance things out (saggy neck/chin cough cough).
  • Estetica Heather
    i have no shame -- here you go. I did fluff it up a bit, so keep that in mind.
    Heather wig (137K)
  • Estetica Heather
    Well. The Heather is just...okay. Oh, the fit is great, the hair is smooth and nice, and I love the color (my beloved F4/8). But it's a lot more layered than I expected, and it looks thin at the ends.
    I'm still keeping it, though, and I'm going to work the permatease to get a bit more fullness.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    Interesting! I've definitely noticed when she has changed her styles, going from a shorter bob to a longer look, but I haven't looked that closely. Sounds like we'll have plenty of opportunity to be doing that in the days to come!
  • Problem with lace front / indefinable knots
    A wig will only last so long. How old is your wig, Diane? And what do you mean by "the lace front thins?" The actual lace gets thin?
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    Wigs are snug, and they should not normally need any adhesive or attachments. I should mention here that they all have adjusters in the back. However, some people use special tape in front, some people sew in clips like the ones in toppers, and some people use sticky products also in the hairline area.
    I use a Wig Grip, which is a snug soft headband that goes under the wig and prevents it from moving while you wear it. Love it!
  • Question for those who have worn both toppers and wigs
    I use both, and I'll add that I need to cover most of my head -- I have enough at the nape to blend with the topper, and that's all. Yes, the clips can be annoying. However, a wig is like a tight hat over the whole head. I'd personally compare it to wearing shoes that are a tad bit too tight. You would have to decide for yourself which is more tolerable for you.
    I have to flatiron my nape hair to blend it with my topper (and hope there won't be any humidity). For a wedding, you might be better off with a wig, but for everyday wear, I vote for a topper...and you can move the clips if they drive you nuts in a particular spot.
  • Sizing problem
    Esteticas are roomy. You'll have no problem with Finn. I've tried one one and it was adorable! May I also recommend Tony of Beverly? I have two and they are also quite roomy -- plus, they have better elastic than most and really stretch well.
  • Jane Fonda style wigs
    I'm pretty sure just about everyone we see in media is wearing hair!
  • Estetica Heather
    Nice! The Heather is similar but a bit shaggier, which I want. Glad to hear it worked for you.
  • Hats over full wigs???
    Well, since the wildest things I do are reading and sewing I can't help you LOL.
  • Hats over full wigs???
    I live in Florida, but when i visited NYC in October, I used my jacket's loose hood over my wig. Not the best for frigid temperatures, but it worked for me and the wig stayed nice and neat.
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    Well, I'd say to use plenty of Simply Stylin' or JR Detangler before gently combing with your fingers. Living in Florida, I have very little experience with winter clothing -- although I did visit NY in October and wore a loose hood over my Peppermint with no issues. The one I bought in August definitely shows wear, but I'd still use it for errand-running, etc.
  • Belle Tress HF - frizzes easily?
    The fiber does abrade more rapidly than non-HD. That being said, if this is the style you want, go for it. Just be very gentle with it and treat it with kid gloves. I have several Belle Tress wigs and I think they look and feel wonderful.
  • What Are You Cooking for the Holidays?
    Cathe, I'm dying to see a picture of that wig for the contest...the sketch looked so nice, but that photo was way too zoomed in.
  • What Are You Cooking for the Holidays?
    Wow! You are a COOK! Your meals sound unbelievably delicious.
    1 - I'm Jewish and 2 - just getting over pneumonia, so I'm enjoying just making normal meals. Poor Hubby was heating up frozen dinners while I languished in my sick bed. I did have to skip a birthday dinner, so maybe I'll make New Years's doubly special.
  • natural or wiggy?
    It really is amazing how much easier they make life.
    I had very little hair, but it was kinky-curly and it was pretty easy to make it look fuller than it was.
    Chemo finished off the job and now I have very little of the finest, most fragile baby hair ever.
    The wigs can be whatever you want and always look so good! Finding what looks right for you can be a challenge but it's been very educational.
  • Gabor Radiant Beauty wig...anyone?
    Yes, that was a good one LOL!
    Wig looks so pretty!
  • Sizing problem
    A Noriko will be tight under any circumstances, but Rene of Paris and RW should be fine for your head. Sometimes they need a little wearing to get them to fit comfortably. I'm gifted with a slightly-large head and I've done fine with R of P.
    However, I did learn how to make a wig larger by cutting between wefts in made a big difference on a Tress Allure for me. Easy to Google.
  • Sizing problem
    Are you fully extending the adjustors before putting the wigs on?
    Simple check.
  • natural or wiggy?
    I honestly don't think that having your hair nicely styled makes people think it's a wig. i see people at the market, the doctor's office,un-fancy restaurants, parks, some as sloppy as you could imagine (and that's bad, because I live in Florida LOL), and I also see people in those situations who look chic and put-together. You have a say in your self-image and you deserve to look just as nice as you want to!
  • natural or wiggy?
    I do get it.
    My bio hair was kinky-curly. I almost always wore it back in a pony, but out for "nice events'". I don't worry about people who comment on my new style, because I'm completely "out" about it. The wig styles today are about 360 degrees from the ones my grandmother wore, and they look and feel so much more natural.
    I could definitely see saving the more "styled" ones for good occasions, but I pretty much wear whichever I feel like on a given day. I don't usually have sloppy T-shirt days unless I'm sick, so any style works for me.

  • Dream wig search
    I have that one (the Norah) coming to me next! Hope hope hope. I just got my first Tony of Beverly, and the fiber feels great and the cap is comfy.
  • natural or wiggy?
    So you're saying that if it looks like you made an effort to style your hair, that's not being "true to yourself?" I'm sure you must make an effort to dress nicely and neatly, and keep your nails in good shape.
    I'm turning 68 this month and you wouldn't BELIEVE the number of steps in my beauty routine! And that's just to look OK for going to the market.
    Also, who are these people who are standing over you and staring at your scalp?
  • Dream wig search
    Dakota is already back in the box. Fibers were rough and the style did nothing for me...flatter on top annd overly voluminous on the bottom.
  • Newbie Looking for a Dupe?
    This is normally not true of HF wigs. Whatever pattern the hair is in when you wash it will be retained.