• Changing your color
    I have many different styles and colors, some look better than others, but I love changing it up. I’ve found that blonds and gingers look best. My natural color was lt.-med. brown and now is 80% white. If I went strictly with what looks best I’d always wear a short rooted blond, but I don’t care. That would be boring to me.
  • Wig grip
    Tks, wig sisters! I too have to use snap clips at back due to flat back of head. So with this information, I’ll probably shave all but the bottom.
  • Wig Steaming!!!
    350 is max for HD or HF fiber, but I think 280 might be max for synthetic. I use 330 on my HD’s
  • Wig Steaming!!!
    I’m not positive exactly what temp is max for synthetic fiber. If you have an old wig that is shot, you could try it and who knows, maybe you can even wear it again. Hot Shot goes down to 280. The hot shot comes with a heat glove, but I didn’t k is that and bought another at Sally’s and liked it better. I find I have to hold the fiber gently on wand. Jon Reneau Thermal spray is good to help protect fiber and set the curl.
  • How would you respond?
    Privacy is very understandable, especially if you’ve worn wigs for many years and can “pass”. It wasn’t possible for me with those who know me because I’ve lived in our 55+ community for 3 years and my hair was short, thin, curly and gray. Also,being retired, I have the freedom to treat it as a fashion accessory and not distract from career. Finally, not needing, but just wanting to wear a wig may make me less self- conscious. Anyway, “different strokes for different folks”.
  • Help us improve :)
    Love your very user friendly website! Regarding wigs for the mature woman, maybe you could have a filter that would bring up 10-15 of your most popular styles AND colors that your mature demographic is buying. Of course, your mfg’s Or distributors will have that info. Naturally, you’ll want to represent a variety it cap types and fiber types in that section.
  • Wig companies
    Well known on-line sellers are all selling genuine brand wigs, but I’ve seen some on-liners with limited styles for cheap prices and they are knock-offs according to a friend who tried them.

    But I also have a question. How long is long? A well cared synthetic should last how long with daily use? HD?
  • How would you respond?
    I’m having so much fun changing it up every day. At first, when they did a double take, I said, “ Guess what? My fairy godmother left me some hair”. Then, “ Oops, she did it again”. Then, “ I know... magic”. Treating it humorously works for me. I look 15 years younger and feel almost as attractive as I did in my teens and twenties, except without the acne . I got into all of this to help my daughter, who has alopecia. She’s in sales and has to “own” it, radiating her confidence and power. It is so much happier an experience to enjoy it than to treat it as an embarrassment. I’m “Nana, Mom, Wifie and Bosslady to the world. I’m Malibu Marge to ME! Fun, party Marge is still alive and well and the wigs allow me to still play dress-up. Party on!
  • Wig Steaming!!!
    Suggest the HOT SHOT wand. It goes down to 280F and is variable diameter. Purchased at Sally. I did buy a separate heat glove.
  • Men who wear wigs
    Hi, Larry,
    IMO, go for it. I started wearing wigs a couple of months ago as an encouragement to my daughter who has alopecia. I’m almost 66 and am having a ball changing it up every day and styling my wigs. I’m even wearing long hair! I tell people who see me for the first time in a wig that my fairy godmother left me some hair. Some people are probably gossiping, but I’ve dealt with jealousy all my life. So, one day it is Golden Nutmeg, then Sparkling Champagne and now my first Amaretto and Cream-all Envyhair from short Coti to long Veronica
    Have fun!
  • Itchy scalp
    Suggesting you consider a dermatologist since you’ve never had a problem in 7 yrs. It could be bacterial or fungal or allergy even to the shampoo you’ve been using successfully before. If you want to try something yourself first, determine if your scalp might be extra dry or oily and go from there. I have oily scalp and live in FL. Even in Winter, applying alcohol to my scalp with a cotton pad once or twice a week keeps it healthier and itch-free. However, that is just me and I wouldn’t dream of recommending that to anyone else. My point is to evaluate your scalp and try some different things based on your evaluation or go to a professional.
  • Wig styling careers
    Larry, I too would love to learn wig dressing. The main thing for me is to learn hair cutting. Using curling irons isn’t hard. I may contact a beauty school and see if I can just learn what I need for wigs. Maybe they could construct a class for wig specialists. Also make up for the mature woman would be great.
  • First wig, totally lost
    Velveteen-type wig grips costing about $10.00 each on Amazon work best for me, but on one lace front wig I ha e to use got2be glue because the lace is a little loose. You’ll need to learn how to style hair if you are going to wear HH because they must be styled every time you wash them or before even.

    Regarding ENVYHAIR, JenniferZebra i’ve Been wearing them for several months. IMO, they offer the best of both HD and HH. I am retired and have plenty of time to style them and enjoy the play time. There is one that I haven’t played with though and it is “letting down”. I may have to use a curling iron or wand on it soon. So far my faves are Audrey, Zoey and Veronica. The zoey has an exceptional lace front and is a great length and easy to style. Audrey doesn’t have a lace front and is more comfortable on my sensitive skin than lace. Love the length. Veronica is just luscious! Silky, smooth, not prone to matting and makes me feel 18 again. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look weird even though I’m 66 and have had no,”work” done. I figured it would embarrass me wearing long hair, but I feel beautiful in it. My daughter started to cry when she put it on, saying, “this is the hair I always wanted to have”.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    Most mature women in media wear supplemental hair. Plus, I’ve only known one woman over 70 who had thick luxurious hair and I live in an over 55 community where I know a lot of mature women. Most actresses and entertainers do too because their bio hair has taken such a beating and/or the hair is a fashion accessory. Nancy Pelosi in a real dynamo, and with her schedule, who could have the time to have the hair she does for 14+ hours per day? It is likely that she wears wigs at least part time when her schedule is ridiculous. Melanie and Ivanka Trump do too I think.