• Human hair
    I'm a stylist and new to wigs for myself but have done extensions and flip in human hair for years. I can tell you if you can take it to a salon and have an olaplex treatment done on it or get a hairdresser too order you the smaller kit. It is for salon use only but you can do it to your human hair wigs at home. It keeps the hair in brand new condition . When I wash style my wig it's just like new even feels better. It's not a conditioner it's a bond builder then must wash and condition after the treatment is complete. I would use the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner only. I do the treatment each time I wash my wig about twice per month.The small kit will cost you a few hundred but your wig will last several years. Good luck.
  • Help me find a wig like this style
    There is a similar one on etsy. I think.