• Ellen Wille Fortune
    Sorry but I’ve not worn Ellen Wille wigs. For longer lightweight wigs with smaller caps look at Jon Reneau. I have Kiai and its a dream.
  • Best wigs for Florida Humidity
    I live in south Texas near the coast and have been wearing wigs daily for about 4 years. Since it was “winter” here when I started, by the time it got hot and humid I was used to having a wig on. I find a synthetic with a wefted cap is more weather friendly as it allows some air movement. If I wear a cap under my wig I wear a fishnet instead of woven cap. But mostly I wear a wig grip band (check Amazon for Milano) without a cap. Good luck and keep checking in here. This group has a lot of experience and we want to help each other.
  • Wig Brush
    I use a plastic wide tooth comb on my synthetic an synthetic/human hair wigs to remove tangles. I also use a wire brush similar to one Patti uses when styling. I NEVER brush or comb wet hair. If you have defanged before washing you won’t need to comb until fully dry. Only exception would be full human hair which you blow dry.
  • Jon Renau Julianne
    What age are your kids? If they’re younger, it could definitely be just not used to the difference. The most important thing is how you feel. The “bump” is a symptom of box hair. It’ll ease out with steam or a first wash.
  • I dont want a lot of hair.
    Envyhair (the blended HH/synthetic) wigs are not as “bulky” as a full synthetic as they don’t have a lot of permatease and have hand tied caps instead of machine wetting. They are more expensive, but maybe these are more what you are looking for.
  • Perry or Girl Mono
    I have found RW wigs to be a little snug. Envy are generous average but not too large. JR are the “just right” fit for my average head. Not sure if this helps. I think wig sizing is mostly trial and error. I will say I have an En y that fits more like a JR but the main difference is one is hand tied and the other machine wafted.
  • Wigs and a large forehead
    I have always had a high forehead, but haven’t worn bangs in years. With my lace front wigs I use the rule of thumb of four fingers above my eyebrows for placement. Looks natural, and is maybe an inch below my “natural” hairline.
  • Do Lace Front Wigs Damage My Hair?
    I wear lace front wigs almost exclusively and have for more than 3 years. Can’t say I’ve noticed any damage. Before I found wig grip bands, I sometimes used got2be and It Stays to glue the front, and I noticed some “fallout” from not being careful detaching the glue.
  • Frizzing Hair
    I steam my longer wigs which calms the frizzies. I’ve had good luck with my Envy and Jon Reneau wigs. I also use a lower temp curling iron to add some curl to the ends. I don’t have curly or wavy wigs, so can’t speak to recurling. There are YouTube videos with good step by step info.
  • Have a few wigs to sell with tags wrong colors for me how do I do that?
    There are wig resale sites on Facebook. Check Wig Wisdom. It’s a closed group but they have a link to some sites.
  • Online wig stores
    I also order from Patti’s Pearls.
  • Advice needed please
    So glad things went well. Hugs!
  • Cut by a lace front!
    All my wigs are lace fronts and I’ve never had this happen.
  • Advice needed please
    I’ve been wearing wigs for 3 years now and it’s become second nature so I seldom think about it. Recently I moved office and now see some people I haven’t worked with for more than 10 years. One woman especially commented on how beautiful my hair was, how it was such a gorgeous silver, etc. So far, since I don’t see her daily, it hasn’t been a problem but I know it could get awkward. But since the people I’ve been working with daily for the last 3 years haven’t questioned me I’m confident it’ll be a non-issue. But to echo Misty, these women are your friends and I’d bet they’re more interested in you than your hair.
  • Wig Clearance Sale - HUGE discounts
    Thank you Forum monitor!
  • fabric softener soak
    I tried fabric softener a few times but since most of mine are hand tied I just don’t risk it. I also didn’t see any difference in fibers with fabric softener. Steaming works exceptionally well for me.
  • What are online wig stores that provide fast shipping?
    I’ve had good luck with and Patti’s Pearls. Usually a week or less if in stock.
  • Using bio -hair products on wigs?
    I only use products for synthetics on my synthetics. It has worked for me for over 3 years. I don’t understand the chemistry enough to try HH products. There are several gels and creams for synthetics for snapping and hold. Look at Estetica and Jon Reneau.
  • New to Wigs
    I use JR detangler when I take my wig off. Before wearing I spritz with Kendi bamboo oil. I order from Amazon.
  • Trimming Lace Front Wig on Bobbi by Envy
    I’ve never needed to, but I think there are videos on YouTube. I think tiny blade scissors like embroidery or manicure scissors work best.
  • Human Hair wig - odor
    I wear synthetics and synthetic / HH blends and have no experience with full HH wigs. That said, “wet dog” is not an aroma I associate with clean hair of any kind. I would take it back to the shop and let them inspect and determine what needs to be done. If this is a reputable business they will make it right. If they don’t, I think contact with the Better Business Bureau is in order.

    Amazon has activated charcoal filters that can be used to absorb and remove odors which also may work. But you paid a substantial amount of money for the wig and they need the chance to make it right.
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    I believe some people refer to toppers as “toupee” wigs. Mostly
  • Completely new to wigs, how to put hair up
    I use revlon flat clips to hold my hair. Don’t have the package to tell you more but they’re the one that “pop” in the middle to open and close. Six to a package. Compared to Bobby pins these lay flat and there’s no chance of poking through. I use loosely wound pin curls around the back which lessens the “bump” with my bio hair. As for caps, I found while I liked the mesh caps for ease of putting them on (with an open top, they go on like a headband), over time they slipped up and caused my wig to slip no need for a cap with the WigGrip cap, which is my go to.
  • Can Older Women Rock Long Hair?
    My mother told me on my 30th birthday it was time to cut my shoulder length locks into a more “age appropriate “ style. Didn’t happen. I’m 67 now. My wigs range from long bobs (Jamison / Estetica) to really long (Bobbi / Envy) and everything in between. Age is a number, not a style requirement.
  • Are you wearing a wig???
    So sorry you had this experience. Some people feel the need to find fault where there is none.

    As for your wig issue, check with your hairdresser for a referral to someone with experience with altering wigs. Many hairdressers are more savvy about wigs than we think. Some wear wigs themselves.
  • Help - New wig wearer - HD Synthetic Hair
    I use a fabric steamer on my wigs, especially the HD and get excellent results. None of mine are curly, so the straightening effect isn’t an issue. I bring back end shaping with a heat brush, but there are YouTube videos with directions for curling. As for places to send a wig for refreshing, some full service wig shops will offer that service, so you might check with your hairdresser for suggestions.
  • New to Wigs
    Welcome to the Forum! I wear a Milano WigGrip cap (check Amazon, other brands, multiple price points) and my wigs stay put even in high wind. As for storage, after combing out I use a foldable wig stand (also Amazon, but some beauty supply stores carry). Be sure to use a good conditioner spritz daily to keep your wig fibers soft and pliable. For care tips, YouTube is packed with videos that will help.
  • Completely new to wigs, how to put hair up
    I also wear Milano WigGrip bands and caps. I notice occasionally I have some soreness in one spot behind my left ear after all day under the wig. If I alter the direction of my pinning next day it usually solves the problem. You might also try loosening the grip as it could be a little too tight.
  • fabric softener soak
    in answer to the steaming question, yes you can steam synthetic wigs. I use a Joy fabric steamer on mine to calm down the frizzies. There are several how to videos on YouTube. Check Patti of Patti’s Pearls.