• Color representation on
    hi - i also wear heat by jr as well as naomi by jr. I style both with bangs and lately have had a strong preference for wearing naomi.

    Many wigs come with the zig zag part. Trick is - if you change the part it may not be eligible to return. Many of the raquel welsh wigs are like that - the zig zag. It is gard to know what the wig will liok like without moving the part. Catch 22.

    Color is the hardest thing to get right. Curious what color jr you wear. I am changing from shaded mocha to 12fs8. Just needed a cgange.
  • New Hair - If You Dare - Pictures! tell me what ya think
    It looks great on you. I love the style as well -
  • Tape under lace/monofilament
    I may be misreading - but the cvs tape referred to is one to make the mono top part look more realistic - especially if you have hair underneath. I think the tape you refer to is a holding tape - double sided. The cvs tape is not double-sided - just silicone to make it look like scalp showing through.
  • What do you wear if in hospital or overnight?
    I am curious - it is one thing to just "be in the hospital" and another to be in surgery. Is sanitation an issue? After all - it is a synthetic that is on your head and it could carry things that "regular washed hair" might not. Does the OR cap cover that issue?

    Just wondering.
  • Wigs and menopause?!?!?
    hi - what wig are you wearing in your profile pic? Looks great.
  • how often do you wash your wig??
    i am also surprised. I let mine soak in fabric softener for at least 20 minutes - then a quick rinse and dry outside on a stand. Mono top and lace front wigs fir tye most part.
  • How would you respond?
    It is a personal decision and people should respect privacy if someone is not inclined to "share". For me - this is a chronic situation and I frankly do not want to spend my life discussing it. So, if someone compliments my hair, I just say thank you. Done - end of story. I am sure sometimes they are thinking that it is a wig - it probably looks better than most "real hair", but I still don't want to discuss it. Most people associate full time wig wearing with either being sick, or having religious reason. Either one leads to discussion that I would not want to become a big part of my life. I wear a wig so that I can "blend in" and look better. That is it. The whole Story told:)
  • How would you respond?
    It is not that I think it is somehow embarrassing to wear wigs - it is more that I don't want to be the topic of conversation. And, I don't want people staring at my head as it just makes me uncomfortable. Also, the next part of that conversation is why I wear wigs. In my case - I have extreme thinning - and although some people with hair as thin as mine do not wear wigs - I don't come across people with hair this thin very often. So, I assume some must be wearing wigs. But, I don't want to talk about my thinning hair - don't want to discuss what vitamins I should be taking or what I should be eating - don't want to talk about genetics, etc. If I wore wigs "for fun", I would probably be more open about it and would probably wear all different styles and colors. If I had some health issues, it would depend on whether I wanted to discuss them. But in general - I don't want this to be a focus of my life. So, I stay in the wig closet - at least as far as I know - in other words, people might know or suspect but I have not discussed it with them.
  • How would you respond?
    I think it depends on whether you are "out of the closet" with wigs and how close the girlfriends are. We travel a lot - so I have told people that I get my hair cut by a retired lady in southern California - and that she only works out of her house and cuts hair for people she has worked on for years. Yep - it has come up and that explanation tends to shut them up. In fact, I wear Jon Renau out of California so it is not really a lie.

    Only once have I discussed with a non-close friend that I wear a wig - and she also wears one so we just spotted each other. Even then - I would not bring it up.

    People do ask questions when they suspect something in a way to get you to disclose info. If you are not ready to discuss it, then don't. That is my advice.
  • Help us improve :)
    Hear Hear!!!!!!!! Actually - I would like to see 70 year olds in styles that can be worn at 70 but perhaps would not be thought of as a style for that person. Perhaps not just wrinkles but also a bit of sagging skin - so we can relate to how that wig will look on us.

    Regarding color - as we have had discussions the last few days - the color is always unpredictable. I am struggling with whether to order another wig in a color that looked great on one wig - and on the same wig a month later is a dull color that I hate. So, you can never really tell the blend until you get it - that is my conclusion.
  • What would you do???
    i dont there was anything malicious about her asking - but it seemed very intrusive to me. I dont like to be photographed anyway. All of a sudden - i have gotten many compliments on my hair by people i have contact with on a very casual basis. I am always paranoid that they know it is a wig. But - so what:). I guess at least it must look good.
  • Belle Tress Launch on!!!
    hi - any chance at-a comparison of jr, rw and belletresse colors for those of us that have not used belle tresse.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    Ok - joni ernst???? Is she lucky enough to have hair that thick? She has a new hairstyle. I actually like the style but it “spoke” to me.
  • Dye lots are sooooo different
    thanks for the input. Definitely helps. I think color is the hardest thing. Usually the style works -
  • Help me find a wig like this style
    i dont have hanuary by jr but sone pics look similar
  • Dye lots are sooooo different
    wish i had taken a side by side pic. Thing is - i dont know which one is off. I am sending all back. This shaded wheat had a yellowy look. The difference was so obvious my husband noticed it - hmmmm. They are different styles and that might mean a different blend.
  • lace front wigs
    When you cut the lace - did you use pinking shears? Jon Renau actually sells shears for this purpose. That might keep it from fraying.

    I know when using steam - you should try to stay away from the lace when using the steamer as this can warp it. Other than that - I have not had a problem. I have not had a TOB or an Envy wig - so not sure if it is dependent on brand. I have not had much problem with JR.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????

    I actually tried a topper at first but could not stand the clips. Also a lot more work than a wig.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    Well, at least Rachel Maddow is wearing her own hair!

    Are you sure????? :) Short hair can be deceptive in a wig.

    Yes - the massive eye makeup - it would have been laughable 20 years ago - I think. Perhaps I am showing my age again.

    I am sure that the networks are competing for ratings. Talk about sexism - do we see the men showing off their legs or "cleavage" - not that it would enhance ratings if they did that.

    I do think the term journalist is not what it used to mean, unfortunately.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    I actually think we do not have any journalists any more.

    I agree - the way they dress is so very weird - evening wear typically. I cannot imagine ever wearing that stuff to work - when I used to work.

    They are all attention seeking, ratings grabbers, opinion giving, smirkers, etc. It is a real shame. 24 hour news - we do not need it and it has really destroyed any dialog that is rational. And EVERYTHING is political - not just the "news". Regardless of our particular views - I would think everyone has had enough of all of them. It is not healthy.

    But - back to Nancy. I have become more convinced that - some days at least - she wears either a wig or extensions.
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    I just had a good laugh looking at some videos online. I had to check out facelift patches after seeing a spectacular video on an older woman applying makeup (and I believe she also used these). She looked so very much better in her after pic - and I am a bit down about my aging skin - whenever I think about it which frankly is not that often. I should mention the tie in - her wig was grey. I think she was at least a bit older than 70 based on the before pic. Now in the after pic - I would guess early 60's because her skin looked so good and frankly the wig looked great. She looked like an older model.

    So - looked at amazon and there were lots of choices. Then I went to look at youtube videos. I would have no trouble covering up the bands as I wear wigs:)

    So - here is the funny part. The people doing the videos were in their late 20s, early 30s, and the oldest I found was around 40. Seriously?????

    IMHO - all of us are trying to look better which - for better or worse - in our society we associate with looking younger. I think grey wigs call attention to skin - and if you have great skin - they can look great. just my opinion.

    Cathe - you do have great skin and everything looks great on you. But in our brains which have been conditioned to see old people in grey - it is likely to call attention to age whether we like it or not. Then you might think - wow looks great for his/her age - or wow they are fit - or wow he/she is young to be grey - or what a cool color - but my point is that we will think about it. With other colors - they are less noticeable during that "transition age period".

    Now - when you get to be much older - a dark color calls attention. Blondish tends to blend regardless of age.

    It is just personal preference as to what color to wear - and that includes grey. But, the very fact that we are discussing the grey along with age says that grey triggers the conversation.

    Again - just my humble opinion.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    lately - my wig-dar is way up for some reason. Monica Crowley -definitely enhancements for sure:). No one has long hair that thick. I never used to notice.
  • Flirt alert?
    I am starting to really like the color 14/22ss. Again, it appears to depend on the light. I think it is more similar to shaded mocha (24bt18s8) by Jon Renau than it is to shaded praline. It is a lighter version of the shaded mocha and it does not have such dark roots. I am at least 6 months out before making a color change but the color is definitely growing on me.

    Meanwhile - flirt alert. I do like the wig. I do think it makes my face look a bit long though. It is funny because you get so used to seeing yourself in a short style, that the slightly longer style throws you. I really need to "live" with a change before actually making the commitment to change.
  • Nancy ---- wig???????
    Curious - are you in an over 55 community in Malibu? Other than Laguna Woods which is farther south - we have not seen than many over 55 communities in a nice temperate climate. Many of the communities seem to be far enough inland that they are very hot in the summer. Sorry to be off topic - but we are considering a move to a temperate climate that is nice year round.
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    not sure what you mean, actually. Everyone i have ever met has had disappointments and overall i think i am pretty happy and lucky.

    If you cannot find that color using google - try sending Cathe a PM. She will not mention a competing company on this forum.
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    I have also heard that mother nature does not make mistakes. I beg to differ. My hair has always been a problem. Way too stringy and way too thin. No volume and no body. The "grey" I have now on my bio hair is much like the roots of the wig that Cathe is wearing. I will never have a nice silvery gray because people with the color I have it tends to stay that way. And, it is not a pretty color. Even if I had a full head of hair - I would not keep it that color. To me, my natural color is but one of mother nature's failures ir perhaps she was playing a joke:)

    That said, I have wigs now and they look 1000000 x better than my hair ever did. And I can be ready to go out in less than 15 minutes:)
  • The Graytful Head! A Look at My Favorite Wig--Jamison in ChromeRT1B!
    I know people who have gone completely gray and when I hear their age, I always have thought that they were older than what they actually were. On the flip side, a fellow bridge player just turned 80 and you could have pushed me over with a feather when I heard that. She wears more of a platinum blond and her face always has color.

    Shaded bisquit has that same dark root with a very silvery blond - and in some light the dark roots looked dominant and in other light, they just gave a shadow. Light make such a difference on wigs. I also feel like I look more tired in a gray wig. But, Cathe does not - she just looks great. But I personally prefer her in some other colors.

    Also - and this is tacky - but I remember saying at some point you choose between your body and your face, and my friend has chosen the face. I can say this because I have unwittingly done the same:)
  • Estetica Heather
    I would NEVER guess the Heather I got to be the same wig. I swear I think that these wig manufacturers have much more variation that you would expect. Again - perhaps if I had worked with it I could have gotten to look like Penny's, but as you know, if you fuss with them they are yours and this looked horrible on me. Looked like Barbie was having a bad hair day:)
  • Estetica Heather
    I tried that wig and hated it. So, it really depends on how it fits. It looked nothing like the way it looks on Penny. First off - I am used to heat defiant. The color of this wig was blonder than I expected and it was incredibly shiny. That said, it did not lay the way it does on Penny. I did not try to do much with it - so perhaps it had more potential than I thought. The bangs were all wrong for me. It is not a lace front as i recall.

    And - I find penny's comment about layering interesting as mine did not seem layered at all. Just horrible. But perhaps if I had washed it and tried styling it - but then I could not return it. Same with getting rid of the shine.

    So - goes to show you - it is perfect on Penny and I did not even consider keeping it.

    I mention this because I think you like heat defiant and this has a completely different feel and look for the fibers - at least in mine.