• Describe color JR Martini
    thanks for the great info. I have never looked at Meg as I have only looked at HR - but I do like what I see of Meg. I have been wearing Heat which is longer, and Eve which is longer still.
  • Describe color JR Martini
    Hi - I am also a lurker:) That wig looks fantastic. I have been wearing Malibu Blonde but I am considering the switch to Martini - I do consider it more gray and I think it is getting to be time to switch as I come out of quarantine. I have been wearing heat friendly jon renau, and I notice that your wig is regular synthetic. Have you done something to bring down the shine? The pictures make it look less shiny than I would have expected. THx.
  • silicone sheet to hold wig
    i ordered the silicone sheet because it is worth a try. I wear JR wigs, and I am having "slippage" with Naomi which is a mono top, but not with another wig that is lace front but not a mono top. I don't like the glue if I can avoid it, and I also have hair. I hate wig grips as they give me a headache. The glue works, but it is a pain in the butt to use every day. I saw that the new RW wigs are sporting a silicone coating of some sort, so I am going to try cutting small strips to sew into my wig cap and see if this works.
  • bathing cap wig
    Any idea how much these cost? I did not see prices on the website. I have been wearing OLD wigs -but I do water aerobics rather than swimming so unlikely to some off. You can wear a survivor buff to secure as well. The sun is an issue so I always make sure my head is quite covered.
  • silver or blond?
    In this time of seclusion, I am watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Her hair is fabulous. So, I googled some pictures of her with her new haircut and her new color. She looks like a completely different person. I have come to the conclusion that gray/silver look is not for me at this time. One of the looks on Grace and Frankie loos like the color shaded biscuit. It is amazing to me how much different people look in different hair. Not much else to do these days.
  • silver or blond?
    I got it yesterday. I must say I far prefer the JR brand for texture and quality - but it is more expensive. I actually don't hate the color on me - but I think it is instant aging and my husband made a similar comment. The style is very choppy - but it is sufficient for trying out grey wigs. I don't think I will make the change at this point - but perhaps in a couple of years. I am keeping the wig - not that I have much choice - just to put on a grey one form time to time so see what I think. I have a strong preference for heat friendly and this is not one of those. However, I did feel that I could tolerate the shine on this one compared with synthetic from JR - but that could just be the color.
  • silver or blond?
    I think i actually artsy instead of hip. I dont look artsy in grey but i am still considering a beachy wave in white:) a completely different look for me. Just not sure i could pull it off.
  • silver or blond?
    Well - I ordered one this morning just to try the color. It was an inexpensive wig from Paula Young combined with a sale and free shipping. A different style for me as well. Calla in silver scarlett. It appears rooted and also - not sure if it is heat defiant which i normally prefer due to texture. But, for some reason I was drawn for that - and I was quite taken with one of the pics of actual clients wearing it in the reviews. So - I will give it a go as a possible - wear around the house wig or wear hiking.

    I really think grey and silver have a lot to do with your overall style - and I am not sure I am "hip" enough to pull off being grey - if that makes any sense. For example - I see people with long curly grey hair and they are fit and regardless of age, just carry themselves in a hip way. Then there are the greys that are more "set" and people just look frumpy - if that makes any sense. The blond can also be frumpy - but tends to be less so. Something about grey and not carrying yourself with confidence and being "hip" makes you look like you have just given up. Blond makes it look like you give a darn. At least that is my feeling when I see someone.

    So - Jane Fonda - well no one will think she has given up on herself. But me in a grey wig - not so sure.
  • How long after receiving a new wig do you wash it?
    I get several months out of my wigs. I wash as needed with henry margu shampoo and use fabric softener for the conditioner. I just leave them outside to dry. But - my wigs are about neck length and I think that this lasts longer than longer wigs. Also, perhaps your standards are different from mine. I actually prefer the wigs after a few wearings rather than out of the box. I do not treat mine delicately by any stretch. I shake them and I prefer they look a bit messy.
  • Perry or Girl Mono
    I am not sure that I think of it as "age appropriate" since I think your general style has a lot to do with what looks good. I have found that color is the most important factor. If the wig is more trendy - then the color for people like me should probably offset the trendiness - so wear it in a grey or perhaps a light blond. I try to see how the wig make my face look - and some styles simply do no lift the face - so people like me who have not had surgery and are experiencing aging (lol) just don't look as good in wigs that pull the eye down to the jaw line. Bottom line - age appropriate is whatever you feel comfortable in. I wish older people would start wearing more blue hair and purple hair and pink hair - what the heck not?
  • Advice needed please
    Hi Larry - based on your posts, I can tell that wigs are a big part of your life. That is great and it seems to work for you.

    For me, wigs are simply a means to an end and not worth discussing at a lunch or dinner or any social gathering. It is not that I am concerned about someone knowing I am wearing a wig, or even feeling bad about it. I wear wigs constantly and I am comfortable with that - but it is NOT a big part of my life. The only time I really concentrate on it is when I am getting a new one and I have to style it. Then, once done, it is just something I wear. If someone compliments me, I simply say thank you. If I had a nice dress and someone said nice dress, i would simply say thank you. I would NOT go into the origin of the dress, or why I chose it, or the cost, etc. Compliments are typically given without expectation of further conversation. My wigs are simply part of my apparel.

    I think a lot of people who post here are in a similar place to me - I have been wearing wigs for a while and consider myself transitioned.

    That said, I do appreciate that some people are still in transition and have that trauma that I did have a few years back. I come to this forum typically when I get an email from and I am curious to see any new posts. I especially like to see posts from the original posters - as it brings back memories. But I do try to help anyone that asks an on point question if I feel my experience can help.
  • Advice needed please
    i primarily wear my jon renau heat. Occasionally my jon renau naomi. Both are restyled and cut - i dont like them out of the box. I only like heat resistant (due to texture) and lace front. Heat is less expensive so i can change out more frequently that otherwise - but getting them the way i like them takes way too long. I dont wear the hairdo very often but i do like that wig. I just prefer heat as my everyday.
    I really wonder if they moderate this forum anymore because they used to flag posts with other wig company names. I check maybe once a week and enjoy seeing posts especially from names ii recognize. I always enjoy seeing your name:)
  • Advice needed please
    Don't know if you remember but i have seen pics of you in a couple of different wigs and you looked great:) It was back in the day when people posted pics before the big dust up. Glad the lunch went well. I miss the chats with the people who used to come to this forum regularly. This is basically the only place I discuss wigs. In my life - it is just something I need to wear thanks to my extremely thin hair and a terrible shape head. This make me look better - at least I think so:) But, i would not discuss my bras and I will not discuss adult diapers if I get to the point where I need those. This is just a tool to get on with my life - and it is relatively simple as long as I don't need a new wig.

    I completely agree with A7x in that a change is largely noticeable only to us. Others think -hmm - you look different and I cannot put my finger on why. Kind of funny really.

    Cheers. Please keep posting - I miss the posts from "old group" here. Remember ALEX? Whatever happened to him? And of course, Moonlitnight served as a moderator for a bit and it was taking so much time. Now - I think no moderator?
  • Cut by a lace front!
    Never had this happen either. I primarily wear Jon Renau - so perhaps the other brand has a sharper edge.
  • Advice needed please
    I had a friend who had a rule that medical talk at his house was limited to 15 minutes at the front end of the party. Why - because people usually like to talk about other stuff at a party. I cannot imagine your friends at a luncheon asking if you are wearing a wig. It would be rather rude after all. So - you could raise the issue but i am guessing that is not what you want. I NEVER discuss my wigs and it is not a burden to me. If i had to discuss them every time I saw someone - that would be a burden to me. So - to each his own path. Most people find other peoples hair to be a boring subject. Bottom line - very few people care. I don't care if people wear a wig. If someone looks good - either with or without a wig - I say you look good. I don't expect someone to fill me in on their new eyeshadow or that they wear fake eyelashes or that they have dyed their hair - unless I ask. I remember one time someone just in passing asked someone how they were doing - and the person went into a LONG diatribe about their health and what else was wrong in their lives. After the person was done with their story - I looked at the poor person who had asked how they were doing - and I said I bet that is the last time you make that mistake. He laughed. My point is this. We and our friends care about each other and hopefully their are there when you need them - but they don't need to hear every detail of your life - especially at an event. And believe me - whether or not you wear a wig to the party is a detail to them. I have to wear a wig all the time - but I refuse for it to become a huge part of my life. It is simply fixing my hair. Done. No need to fill anyone in on details unless they ask for them.
  • Advice needed please
    I just saw your post on wearing a pink highlighted wig. If you feel it will be a topic at the lunch and you are planning on “owning up” - i would consider wearing the pink one. For me - the worst thing is if someone feels sorry for me having to wear a wig - and the pink definitely puts a lighter spin on the discussion. Else - keep them guessing:)
  • Are you wearing a wig???
    People are understanding if men having a bald head - much less so of women. When was the last time you heard that HIS hair was his crowning glory.
  • Advice needed please
    When i first started wearing wigs it was after a rather long trip away. We normally leave summers and we had done some traveling before and after. When i returned - i could see people looking puzzled. No one asked if i were wearing a wig but several people told me i looked great. At least one person had come to the conclusion that i had plastic surgery:). A wig actually does make you look better. Since then i gave changed colors once and just got compliments on the new color. Each new wig looks a bit different but i am betting very few people notice. Everyone is more obsessed with themselves than my hair. If it has been a while - people will say you good or different but may not really know why. If you wear something really unusual - like RW if you dare - then it might be a topic but it would be a fun topic. A regular wig will take up no more than 5 minutes if anyone else's life. Just the way it is. But i can appreciate your anxiety - most of us feel it as well. They will just be happy to see uou after your absence.
  • Jon Renau Ignite colors
    When looking at jon renau colors - bear in mind that HD fibers show the colors quite differently from regular synthetic. I have also gound the blends are different from one wig to the next. Use the friendly return policy to try a color you think will work. Videos help a bit but monitors show differently. Good luck. Color is the hardest part.
  • Are you wearing a wig???
    I would never suggest getting in a car with someone you met online when meeting for the first time. Just unsafe.
    Now - the wig question - you raised his awareness of the wig possibility earlier in the evening.
    my guess is that he would not have noticed and certainly not have said anything if you had not raised the wig topic earlier. So - your wig may be just fine as is and it was only after unusual scrutiny that he noticed. I am married so i have not faced the dating with wig issue - but some on this forum have discussed it. Not sure how to avoid disclose if physical contact.
    I have been asked on two occasions about my wig - i am sure others suspect. My goal is for it to look as good as possible and as natural as possible. I also look at comfort. I cannot be bothered worrying about other’s suspicions but i also feel no need to confide in them. So i take compliments without comment and on the two occasions when asked i ignored the question and changed the subject. I think it is a rude question.
  • Help - New wig wearer - HD Synthetic Hair
    i use fabric softener when i wash my hd wig. Works for me and i wear HD jon renau. The wig - as it ages - does stay soft for shorter periods. That is just my experience.
  • Wouldn’t you know it!
    just want to point out that there are color differences within the same brand. For example, 12fs8 in a heat defiant wig is significantly different from 12fs8 in a regular synthetic. Even within heat defiant wigs, therefor one style v another - but those differences are more subtle.

    I had ordered a wig "early on" in 12fs8 that was not heat defiant and I hated the color. A couple of years late, I read that the color was different on heat defiant, order one of those, and love the color. I think that color is just always going to be trial and error until you get what you want.
  • Have you ever been "CALLED OUT" on wearing a wig or hair piece?
    My hair loss is genetic but has no real disease name. I agree that cancer survivors or alopecia patients have more of a story to tell that is met with empathy. I am not convinced that my story would be met with the same. I envision - everyones hair gets thinner as they age but they dont feel the need to cover it up - or someone saying it is vain to wear a wig or lazy. I just think the underlying reason we wear wigs can make it more difficult or embarrassing to discuss.

    If i say i have extremely thin hair / most people would not envision the degree of hair loss. People used to stare at my head before i started wearing wigs.

    So - i try to look as good as possible with my wig - i dont care if people suspect or know as long as they keep it to themselves.
  • How would you respond?
    Sorry to hear that your ex is not more supportive - but I am willing to bet that he does things that make him feel better about himself. Wig wearing has become normal for me after about 2+ years of doing it on a full time basis. I do go "naked" in the house with my biohair - but even then I tend to wear wigs at home to look and feel better. It is like I cannot stand to look in the mirror with my biohair. I think wigs are very convenient - and frankly - I wish I had made the change a lot sooner.

    no need to consult a psychiatrist on this issue in my humble opinion.
  • How would you respond?
    Curious if when you go in the pool are you worried about underwater or wind? I do water aerobics - so I tend to get the back of my head wet - but not totally underwater. I have one clip in each of my wigs. I have not had problems either in wind or doing water aerobics - but not sure how my old wigs would work if I went underwater or on a waterslide.

    Anyway - I used to get really bad sunburns on my head before wearing a wig - and since I always had extremely thin hair - it did not look good at the pool with my scalp showing. So - this is far better. No burnt head and i wear a wig that just looks windblown and undone - as I would wear my hair to the pool.

    The bottom get chlorine in it but since I use old wigs - I don't care.

    Fingers crossed but no problems so far.
  • Help us improve :)
    gosh- that is great that they are willing to do that. I love their wigs in general. I will pm - but basically i will be happy if those lot numbers match on future multiple purchases at the same time.

    Thanks for following up.
  • Help us improve :)
    i just uploaded the tags from my recent purchase. Notice that in addition to the style number - there is a second number on the left side of the tag.

    I believe this number represents the run number. When i used to order elsewhere - the person fulfilling the order said it was dye lot and they were careful to send from the same lot. There was never a color difference.

    In this past shipment - even my husband can tell the difference between the colors and believe me - that means it is noticeable.

    Interesting that JR says they dont have dye lots. What do they say this second number refers to? Even if they are style lot numbers - my guess is they work from the same blended hair - so basically dye lots.

    Can i in the future get the same style lots?

    Thanks for following up.
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  • great hair day!!!!!!!! LOL
    I know it is easier said than one - but you have to get to a point where you don't care about what some horrible person says. Most people in this world are kind and wonderful - but there is a segment that likes to put others down for whatever reason. The only way they can feel tall I think. I always try to assume that mean people have so many problems of their own that we should feel sorry for them rather than get upset.
  • Help us improve :)
    I just ordered and received 2 HEAT by JR wigs in 12fs8.

    As has been noted here in the forum and elsewhere - the colors on these wigs vary (sometimes significantly) based on dye lot. So - this time - I was clear when ordering that I wanted 2 wigs from the same dye lot (same run). Well - they are NOT from the same dye lot. And once again, the colors of the 2 wigs are quite different.

    So - I am hesitant to continue ordering from . Since both wigs are purchased at the same time - it is clear to me that you should be able to get the same dye lot - and frankly, I would rather wait for the next run rather than get 2 different color lots.

    I used to order elsewhere and they would get me the same dye lot - so I really will need some assurance going forward or I will order elsewhere. I am also going to post this issue in the general chat because I know others have the same issue.

    Hope something can be done to address this issue. One of my wigs is hardly rooted at all - and the other is. A real issue since I tend to rotate wigs.
  • Bleach/ammonia bath
    wow - never thought of that.