• Going Blonde Day
    I should have read this before sending my note. It should have read..”thank you for letting me vent”.
    I appreciate all of you. Thank you!
  • Going Blonde Day
    Thank you very much to all of my new friends and thank you for venting. I wanted to say to all of you that have experienced rude or unprofessional behavior at the hospital…..please report it. This is not acceptable..ever. Unfortunately now with our current situation going on people that work in the medical field know they can get away with this because they are not going to get fired…they are needed to badly. But in reality..this is not ok..ever!! They should be reported.
    I do not understand rude people and never will. I also try and surround myself with positive, kind and fun people.
    Thank you to all of you for your love and support. I love you all.
    Blessings to you all.
  • Going Blonde Day
    Hi Larry…..
    What a wonderful story. Loyal friends are so important in our lives.
    Negative people can bring you down so quickly.
    I am a Trauma Surgeon and I cannot tell you the snide..rude..and hateful remarks when the wig comes off while I am scrubbing up for surgery. Things are already tense because of a patient I am trying to save their life…then I get “crap” about my wig. Usually if I cannot get the problem solved before going into surgery…I just tell them to leave..I don’t want them in there. I am in charge so I can do that.
    I don’t understand the hate…after my surgery I clean up and my wig proudly goes back on and I go out and talk to the family.
    Our country is in trouble and we should be sticking together and supporting each other. So much hate. For the last year I have lived at the hospital….people coming in through the ER are rude..demanding and hateful. If they don’t get service right away..horrible language…I have never heard that F bomb so much. But the name calling starts. To think I get gossiped about so much about my wigs…I would think people have more things to worry about than my wigs. The sad thing is this is all hospital staff that gossips.
    Thank you all for letting me vent. It has been a while since I have been on here. I read these all of the time and Larry I have read so many of yours and share some of your heartaches. I just think that people are jealous of our beautiful wigs because usually people that make these comments…need a wig!
    Love you all…my fellow wig sisters and brothers!
    Dr Diana Schultz
  • HH wearer—but SC (synthetic curious)! :)
    HairLove. I agree with Linda. Welcome to the forum. There definitely is kindness on here. I too am looking forward to hearing from you. Sometimes I am away for a quick minute but will eventually get back to everyone.
  • HH wearer—but SC (synthetic curious)! :)
    HairLove...absolutely not!! On this forum we can say what is on our mind and the wonderful wig wearers on here can give advice as to what they have gone through. I have followed a lot of advice on here and it has worked wonderful. Good luck and please do not think any offense was taken ❤️
  • HH wearer—but SC (synthetic curious)! :)
    Hi Loti 1959...
    I do not know if you have done it to your synthetic wigs or not but the first thing out of the box they are very shiny. But if you take dry shampoo and spray the heck out of the wig, it will take every bit of that shine away. I wait about an hour or two..then shampoo the wig. No more shine. It works very well. There are different pros & cons about HH vs synthetic. I believe it is just a preference each of us have.
  • HH wearer—but SC (synthetic curious)! :)
    Hi HairLove...
    Unfortunately a lot of wig wearers can not afford the expensive price of HH. Yes the are nice and are just like wearing your former real hair plus a 1,000 other reasons, but as a Surgeon, I can afford HH but I prefer synthetic just because to me they are realistic Looking (I prefer Raquel Welch) and really easy to take care of. Also in surgery (I also wear a wig grip) because I wear a surgical cap, I just have a nurse help twist my hair and put it under my cap. The synthetic wigs are more versatile and quick to put on and take off on very short notice. Give synthetic a try! No one has ever known I wear a wig unless I choose to tell them.
  • So excited to be a new member!
    [Welcome from Montana. Wig wearer for about 6+ years.
  • Be Careful of Fake Wig Buying
    Hi Kathleen...Wigsis is a big rip off. My first wig I purchased from them was a scam. It was a ratty looking wig. I had a horrible nightmare trying to return it. They would not accept it. Never worn. I just kept it and donated it to a women’s cancer patients that have gone through chemotherapy. Please anyone reading this..please stay away from Wigsis. They are a fraud and they also do fraudulent advertising of wigs they do not sell. I thought I was buying an Iman wig...boy was I fooled. Be aware ladies!!
  • Best online wig brand for synthetic hair? Note: I like to wear 22 to 24 inches
    “Downtime” by Raquel Welch. This wig is about 22” long. Everyday I have someone completing me on how beautiful my hair is.
  • Same Wig, but Different
    I have had the same thing happen to Raquel Welsh “Down Time”. I have ordered 4 of the same wigs, same color. The last one is real thin at the bottom. When I wear separates. With this wig being in the $400.00 range is way to expensive to do this. It looks like I have thin hair at the bottom. I have only worn it 3 times.
  • Beware of

    I have also ordered from the company about 5 years ago and what a rip off. I tried to order another Iman Wig I had purchased from a shopping network 2 years before. I really liked this wig and when I researched whom else carried her wigs, this name sisterwigs showed up with the exact picture of the wig I had purchased 2 years earlier. What I got was a horrible cheap Halloween looking wig. When I wrote to them they said that the wig was non refundable even though I left all of the tags on. I spent $150.00 on that wig. I told them that this was not the wig I had purchased. That should have given me a clue. The one I bought from Iman direct was $300.00. I am glad Reginald that you said something because we need to get the word out there about this horrible company. They just rip people off. I had even called after getting a phone number and they could barely speak English and just hung up on me. I even gave them a horrible rating and warned people not to do business with them.
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    I am so with you. It is really a beautiful shade of blonde.
  • Ignite by JR in Laguna Blonde
    This wig is such a beautiful color. It is a great color on you.
  • I Need Help Ladies!
    Thank you so much ladies for the great tips. I am definitely going to try each one and find out what works best for me.
    Jayne-Where can I buy the It Stays and the Blue Walkers Lace tape? I am guessing the Blue Walkers lace tape is different than Jon Renau lace tape and used on different areas of the head to hold the wig down?
    Linda thank you for the valuable tip. I love Patti’s Pearls. I have watch her videos for different things on UTube. I will watch it. Thank you again. I guess it is true that “practice makes perfect”.
  • Have you ever been "CALLED OUT" on wearing a wig or hair piece?
    That should have read “people don’t think before speaking”. I should have read this before sending. “I am having my blonde moment”.
  • Have you ever been "CALLED OUT" on wearing a wig or hair piece?
    People are ignorant and just think before speaking. Fortunately I have never been asked that only you have beautiful hair. I answer with a thank you. I have different wigs I wear. We wig wearers just have to remember, “you can’t fix stupid”
  • Has anyone used heat on a wig when it says not to
    Thank you for your advice. I sure don’t want to learn from experience lol. This cost of his wig has gone up so ridiculously expensive. Even taking the best of care and not wearing it everyday, it still tangles very easy. I have been searching around other wig sites to see about finding other wigs.
    Thank you so much for your very good advice.
  • Has anyone used heat on a wig when it says not to
    Thank you everyone for your help!
  • Has anyone used heat on a wig when it says not to
    thank you Alice for the suggestion. I will definitely do it.
  • Has anyone used heat on a wig when it says not to

    Thank you Penny I will definitely try that. Any particular curlers to use?
    Such a great group of people. I love hearing feedback from everyone and great ideas. I have so many great ideas I have received from you. And by the way, you would so make such a fantastic model.
    Alex I just want you to know that I am new to this site but I just adore you and what you have to offer to this site. You have so much to offer to us ladies.
    I seem to always get these notices after the fact. They have been posted for a while. OK everyone, what do I need to do to keep updated with all of you beautiful "wig" ladies. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.
  • Outed AGAIN!
    Welcome DeniseJH! I too am new to this site. This forum was a fantastic idea that started. Great people with great ideas. We even have a Rooster in our henhouse that offers great and fantastic ideas. Thank you so much Alex.
  • I'm going to buzz my hair
    I wish we could all be there for you and hold your hand while you do it. Just note that we will be here in love and spirit for you....
  • photos
    You do look just like Priscilla! Beautiful eyes and makeup.
  • My Wonderful Hair... Last But Not Least
    Really a beautiful wig and looks good on you. You sort of look Lisa Rinna on QVC. Very nice.
  • Dating and wigs

    Melody, thank you for your great advice. I posted a comment for you but I didn't do it right. Now I did. I wanted to personally thank you.
  • Dating and wigs
    What great advice. Thank you. Believe me in these few reviews I am already getting my confidence back. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful great advice.
    I am so happy I found this site. Actually sent it to me. I just bought 3 wigs from them along with the wig care and a few tools. I did buy quality wigs. That is the only way to go. I have received such good service from this company. Again my thanks to all of you. I now have my "wig" family!! Hugs to you all.
  • Dating and wigs
    Melody, thank you for your advice. It makes sense what you are saying. Your advice is so much appreciated. Thank you.