• Does anyone have a list of all the synthetic Raquel Welch wigs with a memory cap 3

    someone back there must be paying attention to the forum but there just doesn't seem to be the presence here like when #alex was here. I suppose we don't really need anyone but it was always nice to have Alex here too ask about some things to do with company policy and such
  • Gabor wig and travel bag

    yeah, not right. We used to have an administrator on the forum who would sometimes be our go between with the company. But, #Alex went to a different job within the company and we are left alone.
  • YouTube Review! Estetica Designs Finn! you know when wigs dot might make this style available on their site? I prefer to purchase here, but I have it sitting in my cart on another site.
  • Hello again

    we recently discovered that some members photos were being used in advertising and on cards being sent out with wig shipments. There were many of us who were uncomfortable with this happening without our knowledge. Some members left and many stopped posting. Thankfully all of our members are back home again!
    This has resulted in a new private area of the forum being created where members are the only people who can see the photos and no photos there will be used for any kind of advertising. It is a totally safe place to post.
    If you go to the area titled Private you can read the response from the company's CEO that #alex posted. Please check over there and read it.
  • Heeereā€™s Minka

    I'm not sure it counts on the outlet site. We should ask #Alex about it.
  • Do you keep your tags intact?

    one of out members here was actually trying to donate some wigs not long ago and was having a problem trying to find anyone who would take them unless they were new.

    Ooops....had to come back to correct this as #Alex just posted the address of a place where you can donate gently used wigs. So, yes, keep the tags in if you plan to donate!!

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