• Shaded bisquit

    the only person I know who wears that color is #Moonlitnight and the only other color she liked was Belletress Chanpagne with apple pie I think
  • Plain Brown Wrapper

    the last package I received was addressed from wigoutlet dot. And I had a notification from UPS stating they would be delivering a package from wigoutlet. Did I care? Absolutely not! I never even thought about it until I read your post. Why would I care that the person scanning my package would know that someone somewhere in Las Vegas was getting a wig? And actually, whoever did scan it would never have even noticed where it was from. These are just people doing a job they aren't sitting and inspecting every box they scan. And the young kid that bought it to my doorstep? He was just in a hurry to leave it on the porch and get back to his truck to finish up his deliveries. He never would have even taken a second glance at it. And why should he?
    If I lived in a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business, like #Moonlitnight does, then maybe it would bother me.
  • Ellen Wille "Open "

    I am trying to remember the name of that wig model, but not having any success. I think #Moonlitnight probably knows.
    We seriously do have to be careful when watching wig reviews. I've often wished that every reviewer would list her head measurements on her YouTube site. It took me a long time to realize that short wigs would never look the same on me as they do on Deb. This is simply because of head measurements. I can tell better what length a short wig will be on me by looking at Heather's videos. Her face shape in most of her videos is much rounder than mine but her head measurements must be closer to mine than some of the reviewers. Also, Shannon from Canada wigs must have similar measurements to mine. After a while you figure out whose videos to watch. Now, like I said before, I pay more attention to the posted measurements of whatever wig I'm looking at. The side measurement which is usually most important to me begins right about the tab and, since the tab usually hits a little higher on me then on women with a smaller ear-to-ear measurement, I need a little longer-length there.
    Godiva's wigs are all actually wigs made by a different brand with the original brands tag replaced with Godiva tags. I'm not sure which wig Sheila is, but a lot of the Godiva wigs are Noriko brand or Rene of Paris and can usually be bought cheaper from them than from Godiva.
    I am so hoping you find a style you love soon. It can get so expensive trying to find the right one. And 2 days is definitely not long enough to decide if you want to keep one or not! Maybe you can sell some of your mistakes on Ebay or on The Wig Hub. Several of us here do that. Even if you don't recoup all of your money you also don't lose all of it!
    We are going to find you a wig!!
  • Ellen Wille hair colours

    where do you live? I know that #Moonlitnight, who lives in Canada, can't see some videos from cyster wig site nor can she order from there anymore. Some weird new policy they have.
    This is probably why you are getting the 402 error.
  • Wig hairline damage. Suggestions please

    well, your hair color is beautiful ! Does the #56 color match well? I totally agree with you on hating selfies! Like moon says I think they distort my nose.
    Am loving the idea of you and #Moonlitnight singing to your hair!
  • Wig hairline damage. Suggestions please

    Hi and welcome to the forum! I have no answer to your problem or for #Moonlitnight. But, just wanted to welcome you here and hope you visit with us often! What color are you wearing in your profile picture? Very pretty!
  • Adhesive

    it may be exactly what #Moonlitnight just are not accustomed to seeing yourself with so much hair or such thick hair. It may be that you will need to have it thinned out a bit to suit your face better. I totally believe that a wig that is too thick for your face is one of the things that makes a wig look wiggy. Since you've already put glue on the wig lace you might want to try soaking the wig in fabric softener and then rinsing it out. I normally dry my wigs upside down but, since you want to tame yours down a bit I wouldn't do that. Washing is usually enough to make a wig calm down a bit. Maybe if you posted a picture of yourself in the wig here we might be able to better understand what's going on with it and what you might do. Good luck
  • New wig wearer, best way to wash your unit

    #Moonlitnight bought blaze, I think. I don't believe she has received it yet, though. I am sure she will comment here as soon as she has it!
  • Sister site

    they do say on their site that some of the items will have been washed and restyled. It is possible that you are smelling products used in that process.
    I believe it was #Moonlitnight who has said she has received RW wigs that smelled of perfume. Maybe someone else.
  • Estetica Bay

    oh gosh yeah. My sister and my daughter both like Kona and that helped me., along with all of you guys here. It was just so different from anything I'd worn before. Now my daughter wants me to try styling my own hair like that!
    I'm going to try United on again today. It really is a pretty wig. If it doesn't look horrible I'll post a picture later
    Was it you or #Moonlitnight who talked about trying Ocean? I see Taz is selling one she used for a video.
  • Columbia By Belle Tress

    just use the hashtag or pound symbol before the name #moonlitnight

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