• Hairmail Heather by Estetica!

    yeah, it's a shame so many of those photos have been removed. Maybe if you asked #shar she would repost them in the private area.
  • Got my wig -Stop Traffic!

    it really looks good on #shar also. Do a search here for stop traffic cocoa to see her picture.
    Both Shar and #A7X both look so much better in it than any reviews I've seen or stock photos!
  • Non HD version of JR Drew?

    I can't wait to see Minka on you! Maybe someday I'll feel brave enough to try a long wig again. If I do, I decided months ago (after seeing it on #Shar and #buckeyegal1963) it would be Minka!
  • Revisiting Spotlight Elite

    I think you look gorgeous and no one would ever dream that wasn't your own hair. As to the front bang area, have you tried spraying a bit of water on that area and then blending it together? Water works miracles at taming hair. Also, like #Shar W suggested above, maybe use a flat iron just on that front piece and curl just the ends backwards a bit. I absolutely cannot use those grip bands either. I usually put nothing under my wigs at all. I just pin my hair up and throw the wig on and go. Try that and see if your headaches go away.
    And yes, I change my mind daily about which wig I really love and which ones I hate!

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